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Why Human Design Projectors Should Sleep Alone

Woman Turning Off AlarmDarn that open sacral! … And whatever other open energy centers the Human Design Projector has… If you’re a Projector who hasn’t had a good night’s sleep in ages, take a look at who you’re sleeping with.  If you share a bed with a Human Design Generator or Manifesting Generator your open sacral may not be getting the rest it needs to discharge all that energy you took in during the day.  A Generator’s sacral motor runs all the time, and even in your sleep you are prone to Generator conditioning.  What’s Generator conditioning?  It’s what happens when a Projector stands or sleeps next to a Human Design Generator.  The Projector takes in the energy of their defined sacral and amplifies it.  In the waking world, you will look like you have more energy than just about anyone else to get work done… at least for limited periods of time.  When you’re sleeping you’re obviously not working, so this excess work-force energy that you take in from your defined sacral friend, just continues to build up in your open sacral.  So when you awaken it can feel alike you never slept at all.  So what’s a Projector to do?  The best advice is to sleep alone.  What if you don’t want to sleep alone.  Well I’ve found some ways where it is possible to sleep with a Generator which I’m going to share in the next Projector Empowerment Call on September 5th 2013.

Your sleep strategy and all your self-care strategies can be fine tuned when you understand the role that your open energy centers play in your conditioning.  So sleep is just one self-care topic we’re going to discuss on September 5th.  We will explore the essentials of Human Design Projector self-care from the perspective of your open centers.  If you’re familiar with the standard list of do’s and don’ts for Projectors….

  • Sleep alone
  • Spend time alone in nature
  • Work less
  • Rest more
  • Exercise when you feel like it
  • Be mindful of your eating habits when around Generators

you won’t want to miss the discussion about how your open centers and the definition in others can affect your health and well being.

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Self-Care and Your Open Energy Centers

September 5th, 2013

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Work Like a Projector (Human Design)

work like a projectorOver in the private “Projector Empowerment Group” Facebook forum … we’ve been discussing Projector Lifestyle Guilt.  When you get really good at living your strategy amazing things happen.  But one thing that keeps Projectors from really going for it… or in our case Waiting for It … is the guilt over not working like the generator dominated world works. As one member of the Projector Empowerment Program put it,

“…The Projector lifestyle is what I’ve been wanting. Intuitively, I have known, long before I found Human Design, that it fits me. But I feel guilty trying to create more in my life without doing it in a worker bee fashion which I’m now convinced I can’t do any way.”

Can you relate to this? I know I can.  There is a certain way Projectors can work to maximize their energy and attract big invitations to do more of what they want to do.  We discussed this on our group call which was entitled “Work Like a Projector and Leave the Guilt Behind.  If you missed it you can catch the recording and the written material when you enroll in the Projector Empowerment Program.

When you turn off the generator conditioning that says you have to be like a “worker bee” to get stuff done success is inevitable.  But real success… the type of success that scoops you up and carries you down the path of deep fulfillment and great financial abundance …. often eludes even the most committed Human Design Projector.  It’s like there’s a self-imposed glass ceiling keeping you from reaching your ultimate dreams. Only that ceiling is made of guilt… not glass.

One of the main things we discussed in the “Work Like a Projector” group call is the difference between how Generators and Projectors are designed to work.  I just want to share this quick overview with you, because it is so important to know about when you are shifting your mindset to make a living in the Human Design Projector way.  This is an excerpt from the written guide that the members of the Projector Empowerment Program received when they were on the call.

How Generators Work How Projectors Work
  • My life is about finding meaningful work
  • If I’m not working I’m not being productive
  • I can work long and hard as long as I love what I’m doing
  • I’m at a loss if I’m not working consistently to make a living
  • Rest is something you do after a hard day of work
  • Play is a reward for working hard
  • My work is about living a meaningful life
  • Not working makes me more productive in the long run
  • When I love my life I can work hard in brief spurts at something I love to do
  • My invitations for making a living find me when I find my authentic life
  • Rest is something you do to prepare for an intense spurt of work
  • Play is essential to attract and be ready for big invitations to do my life’s work

You can see how the two approaches to work are so divergent.  It’s so important for Projectors to know how they’re wired differently than 70% of the population.  And when you see how Generators are wired to work vs how you are wired to work, you can also see where you have been mislead (by well meaning Generator people who raised you perhaps) in the way you can create the type of career success that you want.  You can see how when your gut tells you to play more and relax more, you may feel guilty about it or even judge yourself as being lazy.

There is no need to feel guilty about doing what works best for you! And yet so many Projectors do.  They often try hard to fit into the Generator work model while all along deep down inside they know it isn’t for them.  They often try so hard that they wear themselves out.  Or…. they try to do it the Projector way and fall short on money because they don’t have all the information and support to show them how to do what’s correct for them in a way that brings them financial abundance.

Are you feeling that guilt that comes with your attempts to live the “Projector Good Life”?

Are you reading this and wondering how you can make a living if you have to wait for invitations?

In theProjector Empowerment Program we discuss these issues and we support each other to be the authentic and powerful Projector beings that we really are.  It’s not too late to learn how to “Work Like a Projector and Leave the Guilt Behind”.  Just enroll in the Projector Empowerment Program and get started right away.

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How Projectors Can Recognize Good Invitations

InvitationWe had our first Projector Empowerment Call on August 8th and I was blown away by the energy. As one of the members put it: “Wow, the energy really picked up pretty easily and quickly and was really high at the end!

Our topic was invitations… How to recognize good ones. I shared some information and examples about the ins and outs of good invitations (which can be found in the pdf handout on the membership page), and then everyone else jumped in. It was an evening of ideas, real life examples, food for thought (and practice) and clarity.

Invitations are essential for success as a Projector.  We can’t do without them.  It’s like getting a big break into your true life.  When you follow your strategy to wait for them you start to attract them with relative ease.  Sometimes the good ones aren’t easily recognizable.  Sometimes you can dismiss an invitation which is really right for you.  And all too often, because at first the are far and few between, you accept invitations which aren’t right for you.

Do you know how to recognize a good invitation which honors the real you and your energy levels?  Have you ever accepted an invitation which seemed like a good idea at first and ended up draining you?

It’s not too late to get really good at finding and accepting the right invitations that allow you to use your Projector magic.  The recorded call and worksheet are archived on our special private membership page.  When you join us in the Projector Empowerment Program you will have access to this and so much more.

So this is your official invitation to join us.  We had so much fun and were so productive and uplifted by this first call that we would really love to keep the love, learning and collaboration alive by sharing it with you!

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