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A Special Message for Human Design Projectors

I so appreciate your support and feedback for the Projector Empowerment Program.  If you resonate with the message in the free teleclass “4 Things Human Design Projectors Must Know to Live Like Royalty” but can’t afford to participate in the support program because of finances, watch this video.  It’s important for Projectors to support each other so that we can all live the most empowered version of ourselves and become prosperous.  The Projector Empowerment Program is growing, and I have plans to include you all.  Watch this video to get encouragement and direction on how to keep in touch and continue to grow as the program grows.

Human Design Projectors Get Coaching and Mini Readings

Two wooden mannequins pushing puzzle pieces togetherThe Projector Empowerment Program is evolving! We’re beginning to incorporate mini Human Design readings and coaching into our meetings.  Some of our calls are more educational, and we talk about specific topics such as invitations, working orself-care.  But Projectors have lots of questions  about how to apply all this stuff they’re learning to their specific issues.  Our first brave participant for this coaching/reading/question and answer format had this to say about her experience:

“I loved doing my session with our PEP group today. It felt so good to hear how others in the group had similar feelings and challenges. I loved the feedback I got from you and others in the group.  Before our call, I had a sense of my problem. But as we talked and looked at the different parts of my chart, it became much clearer what my issues were. The solutions we all came up with were really helpful. “
Do you have questions about how to live as a fully empowered Human Design Projector? Not sure where to start?  You can start with the free teleclass “4 Things Human Design Projectors Must Know to Live Like Royalty”, and then consider joining the awesome, wise and wonderful members of the Projector Empowerment Program.

Mindset Affirmation for Human Design Projectors – New Beginnings

Karen Curry, my teacher and author of “Understanding Human Design”, just posted this week’s Evolution Report.  We were in a cycle of struggle most of the year, while discovering what’s worth fighting for.  Now we are in a cycle of new beginnings.  She says in the video that it is important now to pay attention to your thoughts and mindset.  This will influence what unfolds in this time of new beginnings.

Even before I got Karen’s video update I was feeling this energy very strongly.  I’ve noticed that my mind has recently opened to thinking about new possibilities for my personal and work life.  This is no easy feat for a Human Design Projector with a defined head and ajna, but over that last few days I’ve begun to see new ways that I could go about creating a better work environment in my home, and also other possibilities for deepening business and social connections which I hadn’t seriously considered before.  Have you felt the shift of energy in your life too?

Of course for a Projector, the ideas are just ideas until there is an invitation to make a big shift.  And it sounds like we are just starting this cycle of new beginnings, so there is time to define and refine what is really wanted.  There is time to clarify and build the energy around your intentions.  A good way to do that is to anchor your focus with an affirmation.  Try this one on for size:

“I am open to new invitations which nurture and affirm the true me”

What affirmation can you formulate to keep your mindset open to a new beginning?

Human Design Projectors Talk About Deconditioning, Open Energy Centers and Sleeping with Generators

heads togetherI love it when Human Design Projectors put their heads together.  The collective wisdom just expands and before you know it everyone walks away feeling illuminated and inspired.  Today’s Projector Empowerment Call   was so much fun for that very reason. After laying a little groundwork about deconditioning and talking about how conditioning happens through the open energy centers, we segued a bit into what exactly is an invitation.  … because you know we Projectors have the strategy to wait for invitations…. I think this is going to be an ongoing topic which will be refined over time.  Talking about Human Design Strategy is always pertinent when talking about deconditioning, and that’s what made our segue perfect too.  The deconditioning process happens by becoming aware of and experimenting with strategy.  It’s not an overnight thing.  In fact all Human Design teachings say that deconditioning happens over the course of 7 years.  It’s a process which happens at the cellular level and it takes about 7 years for all the cells to turn over and for you to create essentially a new human body.  I’m giving you the highlights here, but it’s all in the recorded call and the written handout which was available to the Projector Empowerment Program members.

Then we turned our attention to the issue of sleeping with Human Design Generators.  It’s a hot topic because most, if not all, Projectors are intimate or at least friendly with Generators.  Many are married to, or dating them.  When Projectors sleep with Generators they are subject to the conditioning field of the Generators’ defined sacral center.  That sacral motor runs all night long and it can leave a Projector feeling exhausted and out of sorts in the morning.  I shared some ways that I cope with sleeping with my Generator husband, and other members of the group shared their insights and wisdom as well.  We talked about how important it is to discharge that energy from not only our open sacral centers but from all open centers.  It is vital for Projectors to discharge energy which builds up in the open centers.  Otherwise the deconditioning process becomes a messy, confusing and often physically uncomfortable ordeal.  At the end of our call I shared a meditation I do to discharge and balance energy in my open and defined centers.  Others in the group also shared ways that they discharge and rebalance themselves.

We are truly a group with a lot of experience.  Although I have some things to share about the Human Design experience, everyone in the group has something to share from their own design about their life experience.

Thinking of joining us?  Read about it Here.  Or check out what life is really supposed to be like for Human Design Projectors Here.

We would really love to have you!