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Projector’s Survival Study Group

Human Design Projectors – The Projector’s Survival Study Group is starting in January. This is an affordable way to move beyond survival to thriving as your true Projector self.  Watch the video and see if this is right for you.  Read more information here.

Addicted to DIY – Sacral Conditioning Revealed

Woman Leaning Over the Engine Bay of a Car --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

I immediately tried to fix it myself. This is called sacral conditioning.

In the past few weeks I have come face to face with my own Human Design Projector conditioning in a very real and obvious way.  Take a look around this lovely website.  In the past I would have put this together myself, but since it is ultimately planned as a membership website where you can sign up and get access to exclusive content, I decided to outsource.  Then something went terribly wrong. I have a lovely site here for you, but if you tried to sign in after you register, you wouldn’t be able to get to any of the private content that’s waiting here for you.  I got scared and that’s what triggered my addiction to DIY that I got from my sacral conditioning.

I was doing so well with this old longstanding compulsion to do things on my own.  After I went through what I call “wordpress hell” earlier this year, I decided it was time to leave the complicated stuff to the experts.  So this time I thought I was handling this project more wisely when I turned it over to someone else.  But when the results didn’t work out like I had planned (partially because I wasn’t clear) I immediately jumped in and tried to fix it myself.  This is what I’m calling the “DIY addiction”.  It’s that need to push and push with energy that you don’t have, to make something happen on your own.  It comes from what is known in Human Design as sacral conditioning.  We Projectors have trouble knowing when enough is enough, when to surrender and let someone else do the work, because we don’t have consistent access to the sacral energy that guides the direction of work.  In addition, the ones who love and raised us often have sacral motors.  They would have the energy to push and work at something and do it themselves, and they also conditioned us to think we could do the same thing.  They probably also know better than a non-sacral being when it’s time to stop and let someone else do it. I was conditioned into my DIY addiction by my very resourceful Depression era Grandmother.  She had the gift of being able to turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse, and she was also probably a Manifesting Generator.  I’m a Projector with a 3/5 profile.  So I can experiment around and try a whole bunch of stuff, and usually I can get whatever I’m trying to fix to work…. but at what cost?  And that’s what I realized when I finally accepted and acknowledged my addiction to doing it myself.  In an attempt to try and save money and time, it really did cost me a lot of potential income and stress to try and fix it myself.  In the time that I was working on this site (which didn’t help at all) I could have been talking to you.  I could have been launching a new program.  I could have been resting and allowing my creative juices to flow into my plans of how I’m going to serve you next.

Well I’m finally back.  It took some time to recover.  The stress alone sapped a good chunk of life-force out of me. I have some new found wisdom about sacral conditioning and how it shows up as the compulsion to fix things on my own.  But the registration process for this site still isn’t fixed.  So that leads me to the number one lesson that all Projectors must learn in order to be successful…. ta da…. PATIENCE!!!!!!!!  We have to be patient when waiting for invitations and we have to be patient when relying on others to help us.  This is where I get to learn the second and third most important lessons for Projectors…. Clarity & Trust!  This whole experience has given me more clarity about what I want to see happen for you here, and now I must trust that it will get done in the way I have communicated.

How does your sacral conditioning show up?  Do you have the compulsion to do it yourself?  Tell me about it here…..

If you’re wondering if you can sign up for any of the membership programs which are offered the answer is a definite YES!  We’re still using the old systems, so when you sign up and pay for one of the programs, I will be there to make sure you get access to all your membership features. .  You can’t yet get into this specific site but you can still get what you need to grow and be supported!

4 Things Human Design Projectors Must Know to Live Like Royalty

Thanks for ordering this free teleclass.  The information in this recording will give you a glimpse of how life for a Human Design Projector can really be.  Enjoy this recording and be sure to participate with us via our blog posts!

More personalized support is available to you through the Empowerment Mentoring Group.

Getting Started in the Empowerment Mentoring Group

1.  Set Up Your Profile

  • Go to the Members link at the top of the page.
  • Click on your name.  From there you can change your password and enter any information that you want other members to know about you.  Only paid Empowerment Mentor Group members can see your information.

2.  Check out the Member Resources

  • Go to the the Empowerment Group Resources link at the top of the page.
  • When you click on the link you will see all the resource pages including the archived calls.
  • Click on “read more” to get access to the recording links

3.  Sign up for the Facebook forum

  • Eventually we will move to an online forum on this site, but for now we’re still on Facebook.
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4. Read the Membership Guidelines

5. Cancelling Your Membership

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Membership Guidelines

How to Get the Most from the Projector Empowerment Program

The main purpose of the Projector Empowerment Program is for you to get the community of support and resources which assist you in becoming a more empowered Human Design Projector. You will find here an incredible archive of recordings and learning resources to inspire and enlighten you.  You will also have access to the ongoing, ever-evolving, live interaction with other Projectors through our teleconferences and private forum.

Your responsibility:
Show up, and immerse yourself in what you need.

Your membership is recurring, meaning that you will be automatically charged again for the number of months you agreed to when your previous membership has expired unless you take steps to cancel your membership.

You must make sure you cancel your recurring membership if you do not wish to continue.

To cancel your recurring membership:

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Please note:

If you cancel your recurring membership and come back, you’ll need to sign up at the current price. The original price you paid may not be available.

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Be Respectful, Supportive and Kind

The Projector Empowerment Program is a POSITIVE, SUPPORTIVE space that is here to empower every person who is here.  Your path may not always be lined with roses.  Some days you may feel downright yucky and exasperated.  That’s alright.  You are encouraged to be real so that you are supported as the yuckiness passes.  You are encouraged to be yourself without being disrespectful, unsupportive or unkind to the other members.

Here’s How You Can Give Your Best:

  • Harassment is not tolerated
  • Put-downs and derogatory comments not tolerated
  • Harsh language directed AT any one else is grounds for dismissal
  • You are encouraged to be social with the other group members as is appropriate and desired by all parties. However, we are not a dating service. No social or sexual harassment of any kind will be tolerated.

The Projector Empowerment Program is a positive, friendly membership group.  Let’s keep it love-filled and drama-free!

Other Important Guidelines to Make Your Experience in This Group Absolutely Awesome

Attend Live Meetings with a Clear Head

When we come together on our live calls we form an sacred circle. I ask that you attend with a clear head and refrain from taking drugs and alcohol prior to coming on the calls.


Open-Hearted Acceptance
The forum is also a sacred space.  It’s a place to come to connect with others in a mutually accepting way.  Miscommunication can happen when you’re conversing in cyberspace.  When this happens please approach the situation with compassion, awareness and open-hearted acceptance.


Everything You Share Here in the Projector Empowerment Group is Confidential… Unless you have given me written permission to share it.

All member conversations are private. I will sometimes re-package a portion of material from our meetings for non-group members. This is always done MINUS THE SACRED CONVERSATION!  Everything that is said by you is edited out of the “public” version of these recordings.  This is done to protect your privacy while also providing Projectors who are not able to be members an opportunity to get the nuts and bolts information which they also need.  They are never privy to the level of support you get by being vulnerable on our calls.

In the spirit of keeping sacred conversation sacred, I ask that you do not reproduce, steal, or share any content or conversation that anyone else has shared in this group without their express written permission.

Everyone here needs to feel absolutely safe in sharing deeply and honestly about their lives.

Your Content Is Only Viewable by Other Group Members.

All forum posts and recordings are private and only registered Empowerment Group members have access to them. The general public will not be able to see what you post in the forum or hear what you say on the live calls. Only registered Projector Empowerment Group members can view your content and listen to what you say in the calls.


Things that Seem Like No-Brainers but I Have to Mention Them Anyway

No Illegal Content

Obviously, it’s not to post porn, spam, pirated material or other illegal content here.

Copyright Infringement

It is absolutely not okay to share or sell the written and recorded materials you get in this group with anyone else.  All materials are © Sandy Freschi, all rights reserved.

If you infringe on my copyright, I will immediately cancel your membership without warning or refund.

Promoting Your Business and Services

The wonderful and wise person that you are is probably offering some awesome stuff that other members may benefit from.  Eventually we will have a marketplace as part of our forum.  Until then please be mindful that this group is not a bulletin board for businesses, but rather a positive community of Human Design Projectors focused on mutual growth and support.

That said, please do mention what you do in a graceful, non-pushy way if it will benefit the group.  If you have questions about what is appropriate and what is not you can contact me at

Here are things that are an absolute no-no:

1. No Spamming

2. If you have a Multi-Level Marketing business do not recruit your downline from this group.

3. If you are part of an Affiliate Program you can post a link with your forum profile in as you would a website address.

6. Do not solicit members for donations or investments for business or personal use.

What Happens If You Don’t Honor these Guidelines:

For minor infringements you will be issued one warning.  If you continue, you will be banned with no warning and no refund will be provided.

For a major infringement, you will be banned immediately and no refund will be provided.

All decisions are final.



Projectors Path to Success – Bonus Call

October 30, 2013 – Projector Empowerment Bonus Call – 2 Hours

If you are discouraged or confused about following your strategy to wait for invitations it could be that you’re not clear about how to wait or how and when to act to bring about the success at each phase of your journey.   You may not even be aware of where you are along your journey to success. There are some actions you can take in certain phases of your journey which take you further down the road to success without violating your strategy of waiting.  There are some actions which are ESSENTIAL to take to make sure you get to the next phase of your journey.

Health Challenges

November 20, 2013 – Health Challenges: A Very Informative and Inspiring Interview with Member Sue Sullivan.

Sue shared her experiences of recovery from an auto immune illness from the Human Design Projector’s perspective.  This interview is packed with inspiration for not only dealing with health issues but also for living life to the fullest as a Projector.


Projector Bitterness

October 16, 2013 – Projector Empowerment Call

Bitterness is the emotional theme of Human Design Projectors.  This call addresses this theme, what causes it, and how to get over it.  Members talk about their experiences with bitterness and the tools and techniques they use to deal with bitterness in their own lives.


Managing Projector Emotions

October 2, 2013 Projector Empowerment Call

Members talk about emotional definition and openness as it pertains to Human Design Projectors.  They were given an overview of the common dynamics in relationships between emotionally open and emotionally defined people.  Emotionally open Projectors explored strategies to deal with the emotional wave of others.

Recording Part 1:

Recording Part 2:

Deconditioning & Sleeping

September 5, 2013 – Projector Empowerment Meeting

Your sleep strategy and all your self-care strategies can be fine tuned when you understand the role that your open energy centers play in your conditioning.  Members explored the essentials of Human Design Projector self-care from the perspective of your open centers.  A special segment was devoted to sleeping with Human Design Generators.


Open Energy Centers & Conditioning