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One Thing That Gets in the Way of Projector Invitations

At the first of the year I made a commitment to myself to experience more creativity, adventure and flow in my life.  And last week I got an amazing invitation which allows me to express these intentions and share its fruits with others.  I don’t know why invitations which bring everything together in my life still astound me.  Perhaps it is the Generator conditioning that keeps telling this isn’t the way things work for most people.  I know that many of you struggle with the invitation issue, so each time I hear of someone getting a great invitation or I get one, I like to go back and retrofit how they came about.  During the latest retrofitting session aimed at this invitation I discovered something crucial which gets in the way of Projectors getting great invitations. I call it “limiting my possibilities by thinking I know myself”…. or “putting myself in a box of so called self knowledge”.

This invitation involves music, healing, meditation, improvisation… something very different yet somehow related to the soul mapping of Human Design.  I had been thinking along those lines for a while, but my idea (which I kept to myself) was extremely limited compared to the brilliance of the idea of the beloved Generator whose aura I showed up in for him to respond to me and invite me to collaborate.  When I kept my “box” to myself and didn’t force my limited idea of what I thought was right for me onto the world, the giddy, life-giving, soul-soothing perfect invitation came gushing forth. …. almost by surprise!

It’s not just the box or the limitation which gets in the way of the Projector invitation.  It’s thinking that I know myself when I don’t really.  This example illustrated that completely.  No one can know the Human Design Projector… and the Projector can’t really know him/herself.  We live in a projection field from which we peer out and observe the individuals in our world.  It’s the mind that thinks it knows what’s best when it doesn’t.  This recent invitation made that clear.

This video from Devin at  confirmed my epiphany and may explain some things to you.