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Human Design Projector Holiday Experiment

20141221_203528 The holiday season with its increased social activities is a perfect time to experiment with Human Design.  If you have been learning about yourself as a Human Design Projector for a while, you know how important it is discover how you feel by yourself vs how you feel among others … especially if you have a lot of open energy centers.

My Generator husband and I have been enjoying a visit from my Manifesting Generator stepdaughter (who normally lives with her mother).  At the same time my Manifesting Generator stepson with three motors to his throat and a bad case of Senior Year of High School Angst, is visiting his mother for the holidays. This is not our usual way to spend the holidays.  We usually have both of the kids or not.  But this different arrangement has resulted in great observations about my Projector energy and my relationships with the sacral beings in my life.

Here 2 things I have discovered:

  • The stress and discord in my house the past few months was not mine.  Hallelujah!  It was the result of the conditioning that my husband (who is a Generator with 6 open centers) and I (a Projector with 5 open centers) were receiving from his very defined son.  I’m not placing blame, just observing.  As soon as he left we both relaxed.
  • Sacral energy can be delicious when you’re in the right conditioning field.  My husband and I both share some delightful electromagnetic connections with my stepdaughter.  Her presence activates us in ways that uplift us (especially me) and allow me to ride along under the influence of the sustainable energy to have fun.


    Early Christmas on the Winter Solstice

Projectors are designed to be conditioned by others.  It’s how we know the other so that we can guide them when invited.  I believe we’re also here to enjoy our lives and perhaps even balance the planetary vibrations with that joy we embody (just a personal theory).  It’s all about the right people.. the right sacral energy … the best feeling connections which make the difference between a Projector who struggles and a Projector who thrives.

You may have already observed the differences in your energy field when you are around your Generator loved ones.  If not, this time of year will give you ample opportunity!


The Manifesting Generator unwrapping gifts while trying not to draw attention to herself.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember about your observations is the necessity to spend time alone.  This allows you to feel your personal energy independent of others.  And when you step into the influence of another’s auric field, the difference will be unmistakable.

Enjoy your experiments and your holiday season!

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Living Your Design Awakening Program for Projectors & Manifestors Starting December 13th

What do Human Design Projectors and Manifestors have in common?  Both energy types have no definition in the sacral center.  This makes both the Projector and Manifestor type prone to exhaustion when trying to sustain the energy to work.  Are you ready to start living your design and stop being exhausted?

Following your strategy and listening to your decision making authority will help you to live correctly in ways that honor your energy, and the “Living Your Design Awakening Program for Projectors & Manifestors” will help you refine your Human Design experiment.

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This 8 session webinar series will cover:
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This series runs from 12/13­/14 to 1/4/15 at 18 GMT (Saturdays & Sundays).  The live 90 minute calls will be recorded. Learn about how to work with your Human Design in the way that Ra Uru Hu taught it!

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Living Your Design With Andrea Abay-Abay

In December, Andrea Abay-Abay , a 3/5 Emotional Projector who is affiliated with the International Human Design School (IHDS), will be teaching an online version of the “Living Your Design” course.  Living Your Design (LYD) is an introductory course which empowers you to live according to your true nature.

If you are ready to discover the awarenesses which awaken you to your Projector nature, this course will assist you in the transformational process of becoming truly you.  In addition, you will get the opportunity to look at the charts of those closest to you.  By seeing yourself and others with different eyes you can come into your relationships with a new and transformative perspective.

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