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The Power of Gratitude for Human Design Projectors

This is Thanksgiving week in the United States.  This time of year is the kick-off to a season which is either potentially magical or potentially dark and depressing.  For sensitive Human Design Projectors, who are constantly absorbing the energies of others around them, it can be particularly challenging.

Isn’t it synchronous that this season of celebration and potential stress, starts with a day which is focused on gratitude?  Gratitude is a high vibrational experience which uplifts and connects the hearts of humanity.  It is the grace which transforms the hearts (and the auras) of humans in a very profound way.

As a Human Design Projector, you are a powerful being of influence and attraction.   Your aura penetrates others and can literally influence them to reorganize themselves on very deep levels… and you don’t even have to do anything but be yourself… but emit the frequency that is authentically you!

It’s so important to stay clear and buoyant (especially during this season of high exchange) as you emit the magic that’s inside of you.  As always … strategy, authority, self-care, and silence when appropriate, are the guidelines of the day.  Then try adding an extra dose of gratitude to fortify your field.  Sit back and observe what happens!  How much more centered, empowered and loving do you feel?

Here is a little meditation that you can do to raise your frequency by activating gratitude and appreciation in your energy field.  Never ever underestimate the strength of your aura. You affect others, because you are here for others.  You can’t avoid it, but you can embrace it and emit the highest frequency possible for your benefit and the benefit of those around you.

The Power of Silence for Human Design Projectors

SilenceWe all talk about how important it is for a Human Design Projector to wait to be recognized before speaking so as to not waste their precious energy.  It is is one thing to talk about being silent and it is another thing altogether to actually practice and see the results. Over in the Bitterness to Joy Facebook group there has been some discussion about what happens when a Projector practices the discipline of silently watching and waiting. Here is an exchange I had with one of the group participants as she shared the results.

C Wrote:  

“…I’ve been self contained, smiling and doing ‘lots’ of listening lately. I’ve been so quiet at work for weeks now. It has been difficult but the payoffs are great. I’ve had two very shy colleagues come up and compliment me, out of the blue. They radiated warmth and sincerity, it meant so much. Going against my exuberant nature felt awful at first but now I am getting used to it and I am finding the benefit of NO frustration because I’m not being ignored or rejected. I can’t be if I’m not saying much. … Also, I am liking myself more and looking more ‘inward’ for rewards, rather than outwards, from others. Confidence, a ‘quiet’ confidence is way up.”

My Response:

“…awesome practice! The great conundrum for Projectors is to be self-contained while also being here for others. I think that since we are naturally here for others, through the nature of our auras, the discipline of self containment adds to the power of our auric presence. It’s kind of a slippery balance between not being able to know ourselves fully, and embracing the preciousness of what we exude enough to contain it and wait. It’s kind of like what I said in the profiles class about the projection field of the 2. Same is probably true for Projectors in general. When we pull the energy in by waiting, watching and being in a stance of receptivity, it creates a dynamic which pushes the energy out in a very powerful and attractive way. C… I think you’re seeing this power in how your aura managed to bring some very shy people out of their shells.”

I kind of doubt … that you have abandoned your exuberance altogether, and I’m wondering how you see your potency now that you have adopted this discipline?”

C’s Answer:

re: the shy colleagues, it was also a reminder of how scary, or overwhelming the old, more exhuberant and intellectual self could be , maybe other projectors too, to the quieter, more shy generators of the world.

My Reply:

“We do not know our own strength”

You are truly more powerful than you know, and your ability to affect others often requires no words!  How is your experiment with silence and waiting going?  Please share with us in the comments box…

Human Design Projectors and Profiles

hexagram logoYour profile (or your learning style) tells you so much about your style for interacting with and learning from the world around you.

When the profile is not fully understood, you may unintentionally stifle your life expression, and place harsh judgements on yourself.  This may keep you from clearly seeing the beauty of your unfolding role on the planet.

As Projectors, we spend a lot of time waiting.  So it is important to understand and embrace the way we approach our day to day experiences, and ultimately how this approach colors the emergence of our authentic path and purpose.

In this class we will explore the 6 lines which make up 12 possible profiles of the Human Design system, in the context of what it means to be a Projector energy type.

What You Get from Taking this Class:

  • A deeper understanding of your personal profile, which will enhance the quality of your observations of your general approach to your environment.
  • A feel for how you’re designed to relate to other people, approach challenges and to learn about yourself and the world.
  • Add more depth to your framework of self-exploration as you deepen your personal experiment with your Human Design blueprint.
  • By becoming aware of how you are designed to engage with others and move through your life, you will cultivate a deeper level of compassion and acceptance for yourself… and other people.

“Projectors and Profiles” 

One Hour Recorded Video Class


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*Included in the “Bitterness to Joy” program