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Moving Day!

If you’ve been exploring this site, you have probably noticed that some of the links have been redirected over to a new website.

If you have been thinking about signing up for the Projector Survival Kit don’t panic! You will be redirected to my new website where you can sign up for the Human Design Kit. The Human Design Kit contains everything you would’ve received in the Projector Survival Kit plus more!

Today I sent out an email to those people who are already following me. Thought you might also want to know what the heck is happening. Here is an excerpt from the email that went out today….

Over at, I have been sharing my wild Projector ride into and out of a brief but illuminating career in real estate. The experience left me with a confidence and drive that I didn’t have before. And now I’ve returned to my passions of Human Design and healing in full force.

It feels so good to be home!
It feels so good to focus exclusively on serving with my passions!

This newfound confidence has inspired me to reach deep within my heart and take some risks. Maybe it’s a new wave of planetary consciousness that has strengthened my resolve and put the wind beneath my wings. Regardless of the cause, the result is a small but powerful shift in direction, whose outcome  is not yet fully known.

Here’s what I know so far…

It’s time to bring all of my followers together, regardless of energy type.

So by 11:00 pm tonight, Wednesday May 17th, the Human Design Projector email list will merge with the folks on the list.

Don’t worry. You will still have access to the Projector website for another year, and I will continue to post Projector-centric material there from time to time. There will also be special places and programs for Projectors on the new website.

Here’s what will change…

  • You will receive newsletters and periodic updates from Projector news and updates will be included in the newsletter. From time to time you may receive an email that is exclusively for Projectors.
  • You will continue to get invitations to group gatherings and classes. Some of them will be exclusively for Projectors and some will be for all design types.

I completely understand if this is not your cup of tea. There are no hard feelings if you choose to unsubscribe before or after the move. You can do that by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of this or any other email.

And if you happen to get an unwanted email from when you thought you had unsubscribed, please understand that it was not done on purpose. Please don’t send hate mail if this happens! Just quietly unsubscribe again and you will be free of us for good.

There are a couple of things I want to tell you about before we move!
I want you to be the first to know about two exciting new things that have just happened.

  1. My regular set pricing on Human Design consultations is suspended for the next 6 weeks! Instead, you are invited to experiment with me as we try on a temporary sliding fee scale. If you would like to get one to one assistance, but have been struggling to come up with the money, this is the time to get involved.
  2. Karen Curry Parker, Author of “Understanding Human Design”, wants to do a customized webinar just for us!
    • She has created a new cutting edge program to heal and shift the consciousness on the planet called Quantum Alignment. As she introduces her multi-faceted approach, which has at its forefront Human Design, she is keenly interested in reaching out to people like us who are here to guide the change that is happening on the planet.
    • If you decide to stay with us (here in email cyberspace), you will have a chance to offer your input on what you would like Karen to explore with us. And of course, you will be invited to attend and participate.

I hope you will continue to be part of our community as we expand to include some of the other design types that we are here to play with. If not, it has been a sincere pleasure to serve you.

Much Love and Many Blessings

When an Invitation Ends – The Beloved Trickster

Last week my invitation to be on a real estate team ended. I have been considering what to tell you about this experience which would be useful to your own journey. After much reflection, it seems that the place to start is to tell you that the end of an invitation is not the end of the world. When an invitation begins well, it can also end well.

When an invitation begins well it can also end well.

If you have ever correctly entered into an invitation and were left scratching your head when it ended, please don’t waste your time (and precious energy) wondering what happened. And by all means, don’t blame yourself or the others involved.

As I was processing this with a very wise Projector (thank you Saeri!), she mentioned the trickster energy that can come into play when you enter into a correct invitation. Sometimes when you go in, it looks like you’re going in to get a certain thing. When you get there it turns out you’re there for an entirely different purpose. If you’re wise to the trickster energy, you can stay unattached to the outcome, and it makes for a much smoother ride.

In this case, the trickster dangled the promise of making a good income (in a way that is correct for me) in front of my face. It looked like that was where I was going. Although my splenic authority resonated deeply with the invitation, I suspected that there was more to the purpose of the experience. I felt it. However my mind would’ve been reluctant to take the bait (and would’ve tortured me with its monkey mind gyrations), had it not been set up in a way that met its expectations. The trickster comes to trick the mind into going along for the ride.

Had the trickster not come to draw us (me and my team mates) into this experience, I would’ve retreated back to my home office, still clueless about a few things that I dearly needed to experience. I would not have received the wisdom that my 3/5 profile is destined to discover. And I would not have some crucial pieces of clarity to share with you and others.

So after a wild year-long ride through the world of the mainstream, what did I get from this experience? There is so much richness here that I hardly know what to share now and what to save for later, so that you are not overwhelmed. I got three main things from my adventure in the real estate world that I would not have gotten by sitting behind my desk at home.

  1. I got a window into the the mainstream generator work world, and came to a deep understanding of what sacral beings must do to have satisfaction in their career. Their systems are challenging, complicated and labor intensive…. and they like it that way!
  2. With regard to sacral beings with a lot of individual circuitry (as my team mates were), I developed a deep appreciation for the struggles that they face. The system is designed for conformity and is stacked in the favor of success through homogenized practices. I watched them struggle between what is truly correct for their individuality and the tried and true practices of the business tribe. In the end what worked for their individuality did not work to sustain the team.
  3. Most importantly I gained a powerful new confidence in the magic of who I am. I felt first hand, what works (and doesn’t work) when it comes to connecting with others. I discovered that the people whom I’m here for already recognize and trust me. They will come to me, regardless of what I do or how I do it. I had insight about this prior to the real estate adventure, but now I that I’ve seen it in action, it’s imbedded in my cells.

So dear Projector, this has been the most liberating and empowering journey yet! Thanks for following my adventures. There is more to come for sure. In the meantime I am returning to my desk in my home office (and to my orchard, and also to some minor new invitations) to gather everything I have learned and channel it back into serving you.

Working with Manifesting Generators

The Train Sometimes Leaves the Station Without All the Cars

When I think of these past 6 weeks of being on a new real estate team with two Manifesting Generators, it reminds me of a quote I once read from Ra Uru Hu about the relationship between Projectors and Generators. It went something like this…

(paraphrased) – Once the Projector is invited into a relationship by the Generator it is up to the Projector to grow and nurture the connection.

This bit of insight from Ra has been my guiding light since entering into this team. It has been a great ride so far with lots of twists and turns, brief pauses to reflect and changes in direction.

The team leader (we’ll call her Amy) is a pure Manifesting Generator, meaning that she has the 34/20 channel which runs directly from the sacral center to the throat.

Her husband (we’ll call him Scott), is the administrative person and back up buyer’s agent. He is a Generator with manifesting tendencies. He doesn’t have the 34/20 channel of a pure Manifesting Generator. He has the 12/22 from the solar plexus to the throat. The difference in their energies is palpable. Scott is very laid back. He’s charming and great with clients, but only wants to have contact with them when he is in the mood. … This is a typical 12/22 trait … which is why I am now the primary buyer’s agent. Amy is much more energetic, not only because of the 34/20 channel which brings work energy to the throat, but also because she has all of her other motors, the root, the solar plexus and the will center defined.


When we started our journey together we decided to try to do certain things consistently for a limited amount of time. In pure 3/5 profile style (which we all have) we approached our first hundred days together as an experiment in developing new routines and finding our unique way of supporting each other as a team. Consequently we discovered much that hasn’t worked, like a regular daily routine where we do the same thing in the same place with each other among other things.

The main thing I learned right away is how to roll with the quick changes that a Manifestor Generator can make. During our first week together I got a text from Amy as I was going out the door to our regularly scheduled daily morning time in the office. She was letting me know to come dressed and ready to participate in a promotional video. This was the first I heard of it. She apparently decided in her head that it would be a great day to do a video, but was moving so fast that she hadn’t told anyone… not me and not even Scott! It was Scott who reminded her that she was “leaving the station without all the cars”.  I’m really flexible, so this was no big deal for me. I just put on some extra blush and rushed out the door. Amy was very apologetic when she realized what she did.

This experience was a defining moment for me in understanding how a Manifesting Generator truly works. She hadn’t intentionally skipped a step. She just responded so quickly to the opportunity to shoot the video that it seemed to catapult her forward before she had a chance to bring everyone else along. She didn’t mean to leave the station without all the cars. Her engine just lurched her ahead.

So much has changed on our team in these few short weeks we have been together. We let go of most of our original experiments. We have switched some of the business that we started out associating with. We quickly discovered that the routine that we agreed to try wasn’t working form us. Much to my relief and Amy’s too, we no longer feel that we need to keep regular office hours. Amy’s routine was always to work from home, and so was mine. We also gave up the office space, preferring to meet in coffee houses where we can relax and feel free to chat without interruptions.

The biggest challenge I had when some of these routines began to shift, was feeling like I was staying connected and informed. After several cancelled “regularly scheduled” team meetings, I needed to speak up about how I felt and help guide the process of how and when we meet into a more workable format. For us that no longer meant every Tuesday at 10:00 am. It means meeting over coffee on a day and time that feels good for all of us several times a month. In between, we text, email and call to keep each other informed as we’re each doing our thing for the team.

The 34/20 channel of the Manifesting Generator is part of the individual circuitry of the Human Design chart. Amy has this along with other gates which assist me in feeling empowered when I’m around her. As we concluded our meeting today she commented on how much more free she feels without all of the restrictions that “the experts” wanted her to try as a team leader. She feels free to be who she is and work in the way that feels authentic to her.  I echoed her feelings with my appreciation for having that freedom as well. I am free to set my own schedule and work in spurts… as I am designed to do. And now that I have provided some gentle guidance about what I need in order to feel connected to the team, I feel even more secure in my freedom.

BTW I am still very much involved in Human Design Life Coaching. As I learn and grow from my experiences in real estate I’m also getting clearer about the focus of my coaching work. If you want to know more about where I’m headed and how you can ride along, check out Harmonious Work & Life

IMBOLIC , the Projector, and ROI – Human Projector Experience







Dear Fellow Projectors:

I’ve been meaning to write you for a while- but I guess it wasn’t “time” yet. Lol.

As synchronicity would have it, Sandy and I connected (on Imbolic (more on that later) and caught up. We discussed our recent “professional” shifts and the “projector” challenges we both (many of us I imagine) share.

As we spoke (or rather-chatted on Messenger) I felt that sweet energy to write a piece about my own journey as of late (it’s been brewing for a while)- and then I vowed to send her an article. How fabulous it was for me when I then read her new article about ROI (Return on Investments)!!!!- WOW –did that hit home and felt like a beautiful segue/affirmation into my own musings.

As many of you know, I am an artist, teacher and Expressive Arts Therapist and a lover (read: student/teacher-champion ) of all things Astrology/Myth and Human Design. Back in 2012 my whole world (mostly professional –but it all collides doesn’t it ?) collapsed. I had just recently discovered Human Design ,and as I’m apt to do- DOVE into that Human Design rabbit hole wholeheartedly. I discovered that I am an emotional projector (5/1)(throat,G,solar and root defined) AND I discovered how much de-conditioning my being would need before this “strategy and authority “ business would make any sense. All the while- my position as Art Director/Art Teacher (in a public charter school) was being pulled out from under me…..

Concurrently, Mighty Chiron (the wounded healer) was just then transiting my natal chart. In retrospect , it was absolutely NECESSARY and a GREAT BLESSING- but that was only for me discover much later in hindsight –of course!

Chiron for those of you who may be unfamiliar , is a centaur/asteroid discovered in 1977 and metaphorically represents where we have been deeply wounded – AND where we (thru Chiron’s wisdom) now have the capacity to heal. He “returns” in our chart (to the place where he was when we were born) around the age of 48-49. In my astrology chart Chiron sits in my second house (house of values) in Pisces. Now the REALLY cool thing is in my Human Design chart He sits in Gate 37 and makes a channel with all my Gate 40 mojo (Uranus and Pluto !!!) . When Chiron returns to our chart AND makes a channel with an otherwise “dangling gate” that center then becomes DEFINED. So, all of the sudden (well- not really –but you know what I mean) I had a defined ego-heart center.

I hit the de-conditioning aspects HARD (despite being warned not to) as I had 2 very powerful Foundational Readings (cuz, one just isn’t enough for me- LOL), learned about my asteroid Goddesses in my chart from the brilliant Kim Gould (having multiple readings with her), had my first PHS session AND had just had an astrological reading with the wonderful Caroline Casey !! Needless to say I spent a whole lot of money – which was exactly what I wanted to do. I INVESTED heavily on the front end of all of this. But, my reasoning was that I could spend the money because I had a secure job (teacher salary on top step + a masters pulls in about 65K here). Admittedly, I was (and still am working on this) not very money savvy. I come from a family of very money savvy GENERATORS, but for me, money was never a motivator to do anything –it was just a means to an end- mostly to afford all the cool internal investigations I wanted to invest in (ok and have great clothes and hair products- LOL) Did I mention that I am also a single mom –whose ex never contributed to the fiscal (or emotional) well-being of me and my son? (that’s another story- for another time.).

So then it happened (like literally on the Ides of March). I found out that my Principal was going to eliminate my position. Without boring you with the grisly details- let’s just say there was a LOT of underhand maneuverings, and I eventually did seek the advice of a lawyer (which then helped to “buy” me a year before I was eliminated)-

BUT from a projector lens here’s what really happened:

The “invitation” I was originally given (back in 2003) from the charter school was from the first Head of Schools, and he definitely sought me out. Like- actually approached me (in the playground one day as I was picking up my son)to head up the Arts Department (which did not yet exist –as the school was the first charter school here in RI) This was before I knew anything about my “projector” wiring -BUT the invitation DID feel good (sort oflol). What is even more interesting for me NOW (14 years later)- is how even back then, there was something disconcerting about the whole thing. It had this “too good to be true” ring to it. We all later found out that our fearless leader was sort of a conman /emperor with no clothes sort of a deal. He left his position (in the dark of the night) ,and the woman who became his successor (who became my new boss) inherited me – as a Director of an Arts program that she really had no interest in supporting. You get the gist- I was energetically un-invited – in a BIG way.

Now at this point I was making good money- but I had major bills and student loans to pay, and my kid was in his own adolescent horrible funk (AND he went to the school that I now taught at and he was ALWAYS “in trouble” .) Everyday I prayed, journaled , did tarot spreads, meditated – YOU NAME IT – I DID IT. But I was perpetually pushing up that heavy (read: BITTER) boulder of absolutely NO RECOGNITION despite everything I was doing to bring the arts to our kids and beautify our school (which by the way- I DID DO AN AMAZING JOB- lol). Oh- and just to make this oh so very poignant-I later discovered that the asteroid Sisyphus is exactly conjunct my Pallas Athene in my Eighth House (other peoples’ money- and SECRETS) in Gate 32 (making a channel with my Design South Node)- and when all this metaphoric shit was hitting the fan- He was actually conjunct my Sun (gate 44) in my progressed chart. (that IS definitely grist for the asteroid article mill I am contemplating..)  

Ok. You all get the point. So, for a good 7 years I tried and tried to be the “good generator” despite my true projector nature. I was tired and sad and very bitter. But if you had said that to me 10 years ago I would have balked at that “bitter” word as that is one thing I (and so many of us projectors and WOMEN) in general are trained NEVER TO BE- or admit to being. I was laid off in 2013, and I was sure the PERFECT invitation was right around the corner…..It wasn’t. BUT here’s the GIFT. With no juicy invitations- I learned (ever so painfully sometimes) how to take responsibility for my own JOY and well-being. I was forced to truly WALK my TALK and everyday I went to my favorite café and created art and sipped on good coffee. EVERYDAY. Slowly (“slowly, went the sloth”…) that bitter barbed –wire energetic fence surrounding my auric field (THANK YOU Sandy for your Bitterness to Joy class – that barbed-wire imagery stuck with me (no pun intended – lol- yes, I crack myself up ) began to dissolve.

Friends and family generously assisted me financially and I slowly, slowly discovered my “inner authority/genius” that of course was there all along (#Dorothy) . I’m not going to say it was easy. I’m not going to say I still don’t have occasional backslides into bitterness- BUT I will say this (unequivocally) WAITING has become my friend.

ALL that ‘INVESTING” in myself- my art, my process, my studies (I am a 5/1 profile after all- I gotta go deep (or go home) – PAID OFF.

Imbolic is the cross-quarter ancient Celtic celebration of MidWinter. The Goddess in her Brigit/Inventor/sacred story-teller SELF has awoken from her winter slumber and will soon be emerging as Spring (of course here in the Northern Hemisphere). Metaphorically , I feel Imbolic to truly represent the projectors’ journey. We are awakened and preparing to emerge (with those juicy invitations) – like Spring herself who calls forth the blooming and growing after months of waiting. The ground beneath is not inert , but rather just gathering energy and wisdom – NOR are we projectors –“inert” as we are waiting. We are, when in our authentic nature- waiting in a state of JOY and creative activities. For me- that creative passion comes out in my journals, paintings and musings- we are all unique. Our only “job” is to discover what gives us joy and then –do it. And then- the juicy invitations and recognitions FIND US.

I am currently still creating art and now am the Assistant Manager at Blick Art Supplies in Providence, RI. The store that I work at is literally across the street from the café that I spent (and still spend) everyday (for 2 years) journaling in. I never in a MILLION years could have predicted (or thought I would even desire) this current career trajectory. Turns out- I LOVE selling art supplies(for now) to people. Turns out- I’m really quite good at it. Turns out I don’t miss teaching little kids at all AND without any pushing or prodding, I’ve already been “recognized” by my new “employer” as they chose me for their “Artist Serving Artist” program and even filmed me- you can see it on my newly designed website.  Crazy, huh?

So, there you go- a tiny snippet of my conscious projector journey thus far. I am very grateful for all you fellow projectors (Judi, Sandy, Sandi, Lynne, Monica and Maria –just to name a few) who have encouraged and supported me (in all kinds of wondrous ways) – we surely need each other – now, more than ever. I invite you all to check out my new website (thanks to Judi Spiers for building the framework and Maria Lyra for bringing my vision into an amazing virtual reality) you can find me at :

ROI – My Phrase for 2017

MH900363514Every year, as I contemplate the energies at the beginning, a word or phrase comes to me which contains a theme. This theme is my reference point for how I align the perception of my experiences for the next 12 months. My phrase this year is particularly significant to me as a  Human Design Projector, because it points to the need to develop a deeper awareness about how to manage my personal energy and resources.

ROI – Return on Investment

When this term first came to me back in December, I thought it was all about business. As it turns out ROI applies to all aspects of life. As a Projector who is aware of her human design, the practice of considering the return on my investment of energy and focus is proving to be quite valuable.

Now that I have a career in the mainstream world that puts me in contact with the public on a regular basis, I’m finding it essential to consider my ROI in times when I’m tempted to push too hard or resist the cues from my body to rest. Like a lot of Projectors, I will often feel the need for a nap or a break in the afternoon. When the body speaks and I give myself permission to honor it, I get a significant return on my investment. The rest time multiplies my energy for the balance of the day. My head is clearer and I can be present to the things that are most important. If I ignore my body’s message to rest, the return on my investment is poor. I usually become increasingly unproductive and cranky as the day wears on.

ROI in Business for Projectors

Have you noticed that things that work for others in business don’t seem to work as well for Projectors? When the inconsistent energy to work is coupled with not having motorized energy to speak and be heard, it would seem that, as Projectors, we are at a disadvantage in the traditional business world. At first glance it would seem so, but here’s what I’m discovering…

Less is more than enough when you’re in the right environment with the right people.

At the first of this year I joined a small real estate team with the right people who have the motorized energy to do the heavy work of “lead generation”, selling, paperwork etc. That’s not to say that I don’t do anything. When a qualified buyer is ready to purchase a home I get to do what I do best as a buyer specialist … guide the home purchasing process so that my clients get the best deal and have the smoothest transaction possible. As a Projector, I’m the advisor and guide … for our buyers and also for the two Generators on the team. My job is to…

  • Master the home purchasing system
  • Ask the right questions
  • Provide the best guidance to achieve the goal (of the buyer and the team)

So before I engage in any activity with my team, I ask myself three questions to insure that I get a good return on my investment of energy

  1. Is this mine to do?
  2. Is this the right time to do it?
  3. Is this the most efficient way to do it?

As challenging as it is to avoid succumbing to the voices of “You should be doing more” in my head, I have managed to stay in the waiting and preparation space, so that I don’t waste my energy before it’s time to use it.

In this first month on my team I have spent a lot of time clarifying my role, so that my undefined G center doesn’t take on what’s not mine to do… and my undefined will center isn’t tempted to get in the middle of stuff just to prove that I’m valuable.

In the promotion and marketing arena, much of my time and energy has gone to discerning who I need to connect with to build my own presence and credibility. Not every networking group is for me. Not every business person or potential buyer is going to see me and value me for what I bring to the table. And as a 3/5 Projector, I am probably going to meet the right people by bumping into them or being introduced by the team.

My team and I have also spent a significant amount of time reviewing and streamlining our work processes… clearing out clutter, refining our tracking and communication systems, reviewing software that may enhance efficiency.

Here is a subtle dynamic that I just realized which relates to communication and invitation. Because I get first right of refusal to work with buyers, I am essentially being invited into each transaction by my team.  In other words when someone comes to our team for help in purchasing a home, I am asked whether or not I want to work with that buyer. This enables me to use my splenic authority to discern whether or not it feels correct for me. Believe it or not, I did turn down an invitation, because my spleen wasn’t feeling it. That’s not how I consciously processed the experience in the moment, but that was actually the process I used. The reason I’m sharing this experience is because it sheds light on an important quality of a correct invitation… The people who are inviting you accept you and your decisions without pressure or judgement. In spite of all of the potential mind chatter that threatened to arise within me when I turned down the buyer, there was no judgement from my team. My decision was fully respected.  

One thing that really helped me to understand how to work more efficiently in alignment with my energy type, was a BG5 Career Consultation. I had a very valuable private session with Barbara Ditlow, a Certified BG5 Consultant who is also a Realtor. She gave me some terrific advice, which was based in what she saw in my Human Design Chart. Although I had already ordered and studied the full BG5 report and taken the Foundation Course, her detailed reading and wise counsel really helped me cement in some pieces to make my career approach more powerful.

As Projectors, our best ROI is virtually guaranteed when we follow our strategy of waiting, watching and being invited into things which are correct for us according to our authority. Beyond that, there is also a need for us non-sacral beings to be mindful of how we use and invest the energy that we have at our access.

So dear Projector…

Are you clear about what is yours to do?

Do you have a good feel for the correct timing of your actions?

Are you using your energy efficiently and effectively?

You’re invited to leave comments about your insights on ROI here. Or contact me if you want to refine your energy management skills (I do still do private consultations)


Want to know more about BG5 and your career? Go Here…

My Projector Career Experience and the Direction of This Blog

CB055359It has been a while since I posted here. As a Human Design Projector with no throat definition, my ability to express myself in verbal form is inconsistent at best. In 2016 I surrendered to that, and just allowed myself to post when the energy was truly there to do it.

I surrendered to a lot of things about my design (and the direction of my life) in 2016, and it lead me to a clearer understanding of how you can be better served through this blog. Many of you have been talking to me over the past few years about your money and career concerns. To be honest I didn’t have much to offer you in the way of personal wisdom, because I was in the midst of discovering a lot of things that didn’t work. My 3/5 profile portrays me as one who discovers all those things that don’t work so that I can share practical solutions with others. That also leads others to misinterpret or project upon me the expectation that I have the answers. This simply is not true… as those of you who have known me for a while have probably come to discover.

What is true is that I do have experiences which could benefit you. I have been reluctant to share for fear that I might be burned at the stake when whatever I was trying was not working out. But it doesn’t serve the exchange of our energies to keep these experiences (for better or for worse) to myself. So in 2017 I am trying a new experiment. I am going to share with you some of the things that are going on in my work and business life, so that you … if you have been asking … can get a picture of how this 3/5 Splenic Projector with the Right Angle Cross of Service bumps through life’s career opportunities via invitation.

What Happened in 2016

Prior to 2016 I was working hard to try and figure out how to grow an online Human Design coaching practice as a solo practitioner. My endeavor was accompanied by a lot of ups and downs in income, an inconsistent voice and vision, and a struggle to maintain my energy without overworking. I knew that the Generator model for building business was not going to work for me, but at times I was in a big quandary as to how to do this business of mine in a way that is correct for a Projector. As a result of this dilemma, much of my time in front of the computer was fraught with the paralysis of just not knowing what to do next. Have you ever been there?

At the same time, there were family pressures to make more money. I left a steady income (although it was a relatively low income for my skill) of doing massage, to pursue my dream to serve others in a different, less physically demanding way. My husband and I had also been talking about building a new home for a while, and this project would require both of our incomes. When I left massage (the second time around… I left it once and then came back to it.) I really felt that the money would come through my online business passions. It didn’t … not to the level that was needed. And I found myself working harder than a Projector should to keep this dream alive. Much to my husband’s frustrations, we would not build our home in 2016, because my income was not at the place where it needed to be to take the next step.

At the end of 2015 my husband suggested that I would probably be good at selling real estate… He encouraged me to try it to see if I could make enough money to help us get over the hump of new home construction. Initially my ego was offended, and my mind had a field day with this new possibility… “How could he not see that my true love and dream is to be of service to others with Human Design and coaching?”  “My gifts are not like others”… my ego said. “How dare he suggest that I do something different  than the way I think I should do it”…

But here’s what I learned about how my defined head and ajna can work against my splenic authority. I tend to have a lot of pre-conceived notions and fixed ideas about who I think I am. My undefined G center indicates that nothing could be farther from the truth. Yet these notions somehow make me feel secure … It’s like I think I have a fixed identity or something. Then, in comes the small still voice of the spleen. It is truly a primal instinctive response with a split second trigger. When my husband made the suggestion of using my talents in a different way, my head raged on with thoughts of how I was being misunderstood. And while the thinking part of me clung stubbornly to its own ideas, beneath the surface my spleen spoke quietly. It almost felt as though my ears perked up. If I had been a bunny in the woods you could have seen it happen. For just a second or two his suggestion / pre-invitation caught the attention of my instincts. There were no words with this response, just recognition that this was important.

So then my mind conceded, as long as certain conditions were met. It’s funny how the mind needs conditions in order to feel in control. If I did it I would have to go with a certain real estate agency … one that I recognized years ago as a place that I would want to work if I ever got into real estate. (I guess that real estate had been on my unconscious bucket list for a while). I would need to be well trained and well supported. I would continue with my Human Design and coaching work. I would not enter into it unless there was a clear invitation. The last condition was true knowing and recognition. The rest of it was monkey mind blah blah.

For Projectors, opportunities need to be facilitated and invitations need to be direct. My husband was willing to foot the bill for my training, licensure and expenses as I got up and running. A real estate agent I bumped into a while back facilitated the opportunity for me to be interviewed by his agency (which was my agency of choice). A direct invitation did come during that interview. My splenic authority spoke when I felt recognized, and I recognized that this was a good place for me.

But I was also very aware that I was being invited into the training ONLY… not necessarily into the work. Much of 2016 was a huge education in observing the integration all of my skills, knowledge and gifts. I learned to streamline my coaching business, and actually made just as much profit as I did the year before with a lot less effort and worry.  On top of that, I actually sold some houses! I was using my coaching skills in a different and rewarding way to help people purchase a home. And I was sharing Human Design with those agents who wanted to know about it.

Then the tide began to shift in the early fall, and that invitation to learn started to fade. After I sold two homes, I had a really clear idea of what wasn’t working for me in the real estate arena. The lead generation … I still cringe at the word generation, and the paperwork were both draining me. Actually I wasn’t doing much lead generation, because it simply wasn’t correct for me to do it in the way I was trained. I was confused about how to attract people who wanted to buy homes from me in a way that I could use my energy correctly. In fact I didn’t “generate” those two clients who bought the two homes I sold. They were referred to me by another agent. That felt good, but wasn’t a reliable way to create income. Those opportunities are hit or miss unless you’re on a team which does a lot of the lead generation for you. The other aspect of the real estate business that exhausted me was the pressure of getting the paperwork right as you go through a transaction on your own.  If I was to stay in the business, someone would need to to position me so that clients could easily invite me. And then I would need to be free of the exhausting drudgery of paperwork. It’s kind of a tall order right? Keep reading to find out what happened.

As an aside to the real estate story, around the same time that I was getting clear about my future in real estate, I was invited to take the BG5 Business Institute Foundation Training. The training illuminated a lot about how I’m designed to have a career. It also helped me to become very clear about what I needed in order to thrive in the real estate profession.

So back to real estate … I waited and watched for the kind of support I knew I needed. I wanted to be on a team… the right team with the right people and the right Projector-friendly business model. I didn’t see it. Most teams are highly driven versions of the “make it happen, work, work, work” environment that would catapult a sacral being with lots of motors into millionaire real estate status. So I avoided that option like the plague. But those teams which were seemingly laid back were not giving me the time of day. I know now that when an invitation isn’t forthcoming the worst thing that I can do it to try an engineer one.

My motto… If there’s no invitation there’s nothing to do… just wait and be ready.

Just when I was seriously thinking of giving up my license, the right invitation to join a team came! Remember that up to that point I had only had an invitation to learn. Now I needed an invitation to contribute and collaborate. And that’s where I am today… preparing to join a brand new, very small team, whose primary motive is to cultivate an environment where everyone earns a sufficient income and is able to enjoy their lives.

The Direction of This Blog

So what does all of this have to do with the direction of this blog? It seems like there may be things that I can share from my experience… for better or for worse … which may help you in your career journey. So you may be reading a lot on this blog about how a Projector thrives in the mainstream business of real estate.

I may also share some things I’m learning about the online world of business. My online business grew tremendously in 2016 in visibility and stability. New awarenesses are emerging about how to best use my energy.. how to put in less work effort and receive more abundance. There are many take-aways from this journey in two business worlds that I really want to share with you.

You will also begin to get more information about my experiences with the BG5 program. At this point I feel like I want to continue moving toward becoming a certified BG5 consultant. It is such a practical way to share the wisdom of Human Design. But it’s not going to happen overnight. Eventhough I still do Human Design readings and my coaching is often focused on career and business, I am nowhere close to being qualified to provide the service of a BG5 consultant. So if you want to be illuminated, as I was, about how you can have career success as a Projector, you can get started by either taking the foundation training or order your Success Code Report.

When the Sacral Leaves the Home

hot-airThis past month was a longer than usual exploration of what it’s like to live in my own frequency without the sacral being in my life. My husband, who works away from home, was gone for an extended period of time. I usually start to notice that my energy flags at about two and a half weeks into our separation. By the third week it can feel like I’m limping to the finish line of our reunion. It’s like someone deflates a balloon inside of me, and there’s very little energy to physically keep going.

So needless to say, as three weeks stretched into five, life began to get interesting.  It felt like I had no buffer from burnout. And the more I moved between my own frequency and the outside world, the more I felt the need to isolate. The more I isolated myself, the less energy I had. It was a vicious cycle that gave me much pause to reflect upon the Projector / Generator relationship. It is such an essential dance for many reasons…

There is a certain balance and rhythm that comes with having a Generator in the home… or at least my beloved generator.  For one thing, I have some external cues to tell me when enough is enough. I have someone who checks on me when I haven’t surfaced from my office in a while… even if it’s just to remind me to eat. I have the other to focus upon … the one other who is my partner and my support. And this keeps me grounded.  And what really stands out as I write this is the amount of protection the Generator aura seems to provide. I’m not exactly sure how to describe it. The Generator’s aura is enveloping by nature. Perhaps it envelops the Projector’s aura and buffers it from other external influences. This is just a theory that is worth feeling into and exploring.

What have you noticed about the Generator(s) in your life? Does their aura feel protective to you?

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Three Key Mistakes that Projectors Make

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Career Success for Projectors

Of all the concerns that Human Design Projectors have, probably the most pressing one is how to have a successful career when you are designed to wait for invitations. It’s easy to say that success is the natural outcome when Projectors follow their strategy and listen to their decision making authority, but the real life translation of that into fulfillment and a sustainable income  is not so easy to realize in the work world as it is set up today.

If you listened to the “Wise About Work” recording that you received in the Projector’s Starter Kit, you got some clues about the Projector’s unique approach to work. Hopefully you can use that information to create a more authentic work / life balance. There is another great resource that you must explore if you want to understand how success comes to you in today’s work world. It’s an amazing report based in Human Design and translated in plain English, called the BG5 Career Design Report.

I ordered the complete report, (there are shorter ones available, but the complete report is well worth the $89) and it shifted me into a new level of confidence. I have been doing Human Design readings and studying my own chart for a while now, and even with what I already know about myself and the chart, this report still managed to enlighten me in a whole new way. I think it is the “plain English” way in which it is written that makes it so powerful. Anyone… not just those of us who geek out on the mysterious Rave bodygraph … can get practical value right away and begin to apply it in meaningful ways.

The BG5 Business Institute also provides career and business analysis services, as well as training to become a business consultant. This is a real breakthrough in making Human Design practical. And it really can give you a better understanding of how to have a successful career as as a Projector.