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Projector Community Call – May 2016

Topics: Manifestor/Projector Relationships, The Will Center in Relationships, Challenges of the Open Throat, Split Definition and Splenic Authority, Is the Uh Huh / Un Un Response only for Generators?,  How does marketing and branding relate to Projector’s lifestyle model?, Projectors and Sleep and more….

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Can there be a Sub Type of Human Design Projectors that Need a Different Strategy?

Surfer on a WaveAre you confused about Human Design Projector strategy to wait for invitations? Does it seem that waiting hasn’t gotten you very far? Has it seemed to work better for you to initiate action rather than to wait? One reader had a question about this which sparked a conversation which brought up some other aspects about Human Design which are not generally known. Here is the question and response.

Question: I recognise so much in this about myself, but there is ONE big issue that makes me wonder if any of it is true, if this one thing does not feel right. That is: I am 46 now and have had to make many major decisions in my lifetime, from divorce to travelling the world, from moving houses and countries and jobs.. yet none of these would have happened if I had waited for an invitation…

So my life seems so full of evidence that I had to make big decisions, because waiting would have never helped me…

Can there be a subtype of projectors that need a different strategy??? Maybe because of a different soul mission?

Response: I understand your hesitancy to embrace the Human Design system because the strategy to wait for invitations doesn’t seem congruent with what has worked for you. When Ra Uru Hu added the concept of strategy and authority to the system, it was in an attempt to make it more simple, practical and understandable for people.  HD offers a framework for experimentation so that you can discover and be who you really are. So there is nothing you have to do with it beyond following your own discoveries. That said,  there may be many different factors in your individual chart which make it seem like initiating action works better for you than waiting for invitations.

Let’s first look at the concept of an invitation. In general, when you are acting on your own behalf you don’t need an invitation from other people. In other words when you are taking action to take care of yourself, you really only need to do it in correct timing. Evelyn Levenson, of Human Design for Success, talks about the feel of an invitation being like an energetic opening. I will also add that there is an element of recognition involved…. you recognizing that the other who is inviting you is recognizing you for who you really are. There is also a sense of support in the form of energy to do what you need to do. When you are taking correct action to take care of yourself the support may just come in the form of the energy or motivation to take the next step. When the correct action requires the support of others they are usually there offering it to you.

The truth is that we all live imperfect lives where we sometimes have to take leaps of faith. Your history and experience with these leaps will tell you whether or not they truly worked for you. In looking back, only you can know if the path might have been more supportive if you had waited.

You asked “Can there be a subtype of projectors that need a different strategy???” – When looking at your birth chart through the lens of traditional Human Design, the answer would be no. All Projectors need to wait to be invited for the big things in life (the things that require the support and cooperation of other people).

That being said, there are other types of charts which will give you a different understanding of how you are designed to take actions. For instance, Eleanor Haspel-Portner or Unified Life Sciences developed from the Human Design System a multidimensional understanding of the body graph. By running charts for people at key developmental dates, she maps out the mental, spiritual, emotional and physical dimensions of a person’s design.  This could make a difference in the type of strategy you use when you are engaging different aspects of yourself. A Generator friend recently told me that she discovered that her spiritual design is actually a Projector. This made perfect sense to her, because she feels more like a Projector at those times when she is doing spiritual work.

If you are still working to grasp the basics of Human Design, take care not to go off on tangents which will mentally distract you from feeling your own inner prompts. However if your inner cues are telling you one thing while “the system” is telling you something else, it is worth exploring other avenues of information … as long as you end up trusting yourself more deeply.

Another factor that affects your feeling that it’s better to initiate action are the transits. For example, a while back, the 34/20 channel was activated in the energetic transits that affect all of us. This is a classic Manifesting Generator channel.  It made many Projectors feel extra energized or extra exhausted. If you don’t have definition in the gates and channels which are activated in the transits you are open to the conditioning of those energies. You take them in and amplify them so that it feels like they are you. We all are affected by the conditioning of the transits, and at times they allow us temporary access to certain energies themes that we don’t innately have.

There is one other possible factor I want to point out that has to do with the defined will center.  It seems that Projectors with a defined will center have a lot of energy to initiate actions because of their consistent access to willpower. I have also observed that Projectors who have a defined will center with either the gate 21 or gate 45 defined (the two gates that make up the channel which connects the will center to the throat), tend to act more like Manifestors. This is only my observation and hasn’t yet been corroborated with others. I call this “being one gate away from being a Manifestor”. We tend to feel the conditioning in an undefined gate very strongly when the gate next to it is defined. In cases concerning the will center to the throat, the “not-self” experience appears to be almost inescapable.

So I hope I haven’t overwhelmed you with all of this information. If you feel like initiating action works better for you, it may be because of these or other factors. Keep listening to yourself and discerning who you truly are v.s. who you have been conditioned to be. This is the point of studying your Human Design. In the end it’s your trust in yourself that determines how you move through life.

Afterthought – Individual circuitry would also create a feeling that you have to do it alone. People with a lot of individual energy in their charts may feel alone because they aren’t individual circuitrydesigned to fit in with others. They’re designed to do their own thing and beat their own drum of mutation. As a Projector, this could be particularly challenging when you also need other people to facilitate opportunities for you. The gift, if you do have a lot of individual energy as a Projector, is that the more you are your own unique, individual, mutative self, the more you attune your frequency to be recognized for what you’re here to offer to others.


Success for Projectors

Sacred Lotus Flower Healing EnergyMy friend and colleague, Evelyn Levenson, has a mission to help as many Projectors as possible to shine and thrive.  She is offering a brand new course for Human Design Projectors and the people who love them, called “Success for Projectors” Evelyn has an extensive background in both the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds.  And as a certified Level 4 Human Design Specialist and Projector energy type, she has a thorough working knowledge of what it takes for our energy type to realize the success we are here to have.

Evelyn is offering a course which starts March 10th that you don’t want to miss…

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If you ARE a Projector, or you LOVE a Projector, you’ll learn in this course:
  • The role, purpose and vital importance of Projectors
  • How to make decisions and take actions correctly – it’s tricky for Projectors!
  • Wealth and business strategies that work for Projectors
  • Relationship issues specific to Projectors…. and how to improve them
  • Health, balance, self-care and resiliency for Projectors

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Powerful Intentions for Projectors Workshop

Are You Confused about How or if Human Design Projectors Can Set Goals and Still Stay True to Their Experiment? 

Powerful Intentions for ProjectorsProjectors, have you been struggling with surrendering and waiting while you feel like other energy types have more power than you to create and attract great things in their lives? This is a common complaint of Human Design Projectors who have become bitter about their circumstances. If you identify, you probably feel like the world is ignoring you while it goes around choosing Generators and Manifestors to do the great things you want to do!

You don’t have to be a victim to your strategy to wait for invitations!

In fact your aura is so powerful that the law of attraction works so much better for you than the law of action!  The problem is that you may either be tempted to take premature action in the wrong direction to attract, or you may not be taking the actions that are necessary to be attractive to what is correct for you.

There is a fine line between action and attraction for Human Design Projectors.  The Generator model of attracting and responding doesn’t work for Projectors.  The guideline of the strategy to wait for invitations is helpful, but there is so much that you can do in the waiting space which would make your journey much more empowered and meaningful.

You are invited to explore the ins and outs of attraction, intentions and goals with other Human Design Projectors…

  • Participate in a visualization / meditation to activate your inner power, raise your frequency, and deepen your relationship to your design.
  • Discover when traditional goal setting techniques can be useful and when they get in your way.
  • Get the opportunity to become clear about the inner actions you can take to enhance your Projector experience.
  • Learn from the experiences of other Projectors.


“Powerful Intentions for Projectors”

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Happy New Year to Human Design Projectors

Happy New Year! .. or pre – new year … Did you know that the Human Design New Year doesn’t start until January 23rd? This could be welcome news if you’re feeling out of sync with what you’re “supposed” to be doing at the beginning of the year.

If you’re feeling pressured in any way to start something new, let’s take some of the pressure off with a tiny shift in perspective which is meant only for Human Design Projectors …

When there is no invitation there is nothing to do!

In other words, if the energy isn’t there to start the new thing or to do the next thing, then it’s not time to do it yet.  It’s time to prepare by doing what would nourish your energy and fuel your inner passion while you wait.

So relax.  Dream a little bit. Get your house in order by letting go of anything that’s getting in the way of your freedom and joy. And fortify your energy so that you’re ready when it’s time to start.

Oh and celebrate! … where you’ve been, where you’re going, and your intentions for how you will enjoy the ride ….

Want to come to a celebration for new intentions? You are invited to attend the Awesome Intentions Celebration 2016 … (Free for all – Open to all Human Design energy types)

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Planning, Preparation and Surrender – A Human Design Projector Conundrum

Last month I did a video about my favorite planners, and I got some comments from Projectors who are questioning the value of planning as they engage with their Human Design experiment. This is a question worth exploring. So let’s examine the concept of planning in the context of surrendering to your design.

It would appear that the act of planning directly conflicts with the need to surrender to your Human Design.  After all, according to the revelation of Ra Uru Hu, the thinking aspects of us ride along in the vehicle of our physical form, and they are not here to tell the form what to do. As Human Design Projectors, it’s particularly dangerous to allow the mind to call the shots. When we do that, we often end up burning ourselves out in ways that throw us off our trajectory of attraction and invitation.  As non-sacral beings, it can be especially hard to recover from physical burnout once it happens.  Believe it or not, planning could actually help you prevent burnout.  But it has to be done in a conscious and detached way.

There is a saying which vividly illustrates the relationship between planning and surrender…

“Man plans. God laughs”

man plans god laughsNowhere is it more true than when you surrender to your design.  Often you “think” you’re going in one direction, and when you order your life around it things change.  When you are really aligned with your truth and living authentically, these changes stop being catastrophic and instead become catalyzing.  They may not look like the endpoint that you expected, but they are always harmonious with and supportive of your deepest soul urges.

So what’s the point of planning if you’re riding the wave of change and surrender?

Before exploring this question, let’s first clarify a couple of things about planning.

  1. What I’m about to say may mean more to you if you have a lot of logic in your design or if you are wired to interact with the world in a more linear way.  So take what resonates and leave the rest. Let it inspire you, and use it to help you become a better observer of your personal experience.
  2. When we talk about planning, we are not necessarily talking about the linear concept of setting immovable goals and devising a single “minded” plan to get there.  We are talking about creating space for the growth of an inner relationship with yourself which helps you expand into a more meaningful experience of your life.  In this context, your plan employs a goal as a signpost, without attachment to the actual literal attainment of it.

What’s the point of planning?

We operate in a world where manifestation usually comes through some sort of action. If you have been living your Projector experiment for a while, you know that much of the action that you take is internally focused.  You know that the more you engage in the things that you enjoy, the more vibrant and attractive you become to others.  The more you work on your self-care, the easier it is to stay out of bitterness, and to discern the feel of your own authority.

But a lot of this inner activity is often judged by the outer “homogenized” world as pointless and ineffective.  And if you’re not careful to stay aligned with what’s correct for you, you will slip back into the illusion that you must do a whole bunch of stuff “out there” to make something manifest.  Yes there are outward things that Projectors can and must do, when the correct invitation is there with the support that is needed to do what you have prepared for (by doing your inner work).  But none of that happens until it’s all lined up inside of you.

So the point of planning is to prepare for the outer doing when it is time to do it.  When you sit down to plan, do it with emphasis on your inner goals for aligning to your true nature.

Here are some things you can consider which may be helpful for your Projector planning process…

How do I create space to hear my inner guidance more clearly?

What self-care habits can I develop which will increase my vitality?

What is meaningful to me, and how can I open up to experience more of that in my life?

What systems am I called to master to manage, guide and direct others?

What is the process for mastering that system?

What do I need to do to be my own best friend?

While you are waiting, plan to strengthen your relationship with yourself.  Plan for space to hear yourself, feel yourself and observe yourself. Plan for sustainability in ways that are correct for you.  And most of all, plan for the inevitability of change… not to control the outcome, but to ride the crest of the wave through surrender.

Here is the post on my coaching site where I shared the video on planners. if you are interested in watching it:


The Power of Gratitude for Human Design Projectors

This is Thanksgiving week in the United States.  This time of year is the kick-off to a season which is either potentially magical or potentially dark and depressing.  For sensitive Human Design Projectors, who are constantly absorbing the energies of others around them, it can be particularly challenging.

Isn’t it synchronous that this season of celebration and potential stress, starts with a day which is focused on gratitude?  Gratitude is a high vibrational experience which uplifts and connects the hearts of humanity.  It is the grace which transforms the hearts (and the auras) of humans in a very profound way.

As a Human Design Projector, you are a powerful being of influence and attraction.   Your aura penetrates others and can literally influence them to reorganize themselves on very deep levels… and you don’t even have to do anything but be yourself… but emit the frequency that is authentically you!

It’s so important to stay clear and buoyant (especially during this season of high exchange) as you emit the magic that’s inside of you.  As always … strategy, authority, self-care, and silence when appropriate, are the guidelines of the day.  Then try adding an extra dose of gratitude to fortify your field.  Sit back and observe what happens!  How much more centered, empowered and loving do you feel?

Here is a little meditation that you can do to raise your frequency by activating gratitude and appreciation in your energy field.  Never ever underestimate the strength of your aura. You affect others, because you are here for others.  You can’t avoid it, but you can embrace it and emit the highest frequency possible for your benefit and the benefit of those around you.

The Power of Silence for Human Design Projectors

SilenceWe all talk about how important it is for a Human Design Projector to wait to be recognized before speaking so as to not waste their precious energy.  It is is one thing to talk about being silent and it is another thing altogether to actually practice and see the results. Over in the Bitterness to Joy Facebook group there has been some discussion about what happens when a Projector practices the discipline of silently watching and waiting. Here is an exchange I had with one of the group participants as she shared the results.

C Wrote:  

“…I’ve been self contained, smiling and doing ‘lots’ of listening lately. I’ve been so quiet at work for weeks now. It has been difficult but the payoffs are great. I’ve had two very shy colleagues come up and compliment me, out of the blue. They radiated warmth and sincerity, it meant so much. Going against my exuberant nature felt awful at first but now I am getting used to it and I am finding the benefit of NO frustration because I’m not being ignored or rejected. I can’t be if I’m not saying much. … Also, I am liking myself more and looking more ‘inward’ for rewards, rather than outwards, from others. Confidence, a ‘quiet’ confidence is way up.”

My Response:

“…awesome practice! The great conundrum for Projectors is to be self-contained while also being here for others. I think that since we are naturally here for others, through the nature of our auras, the discipline of self containment adds to the power of our auric presence. It’s kind of a slippery balance between not being able to know ourselves fully, and embracing the preciousness of what we exude enough to contain it and wait. It’s kind of like what I said in the profiles class about the projection field of the 2. Same is probably true for Projectors in general. When we pull the energy in by waiting, watching and being in a stance of receptivity, it creates a dynamic which pushes the energy out in a very powerful and attractive way. C… I think you’re seeing this power in how your aura managed to bring some very shy people out of their shells.”

I kind of doubt … that you have abandoned your exuberance altogether, and I’m wondering how you see your potency now that you have adopted this discipline?”

C’s Answer:

re: the shy colleagues, it was also a reminder of how scary, or overwhelming the old, more exhuberant and intellectual self could be , maybe other projectors too, to the quieter, more shy generators of the world.

My Reply:

“We do not know our own strength”

You are truly more powerful than you know, and your ability to affect others often requires no words!  How is your experiment with silence and waiting going?  Please share with us in the comments box…

Human Design Projectors and Profiles

hexagram logoYour profile (or your learning style) tells you so much about your style for interacting with and learning from the world around you.

When the profile is not fully understood, you may unintentionally stifle your life expression, and place harsh judgements on yourself.  This may keep you from clearly seeing the beauty of your unfolding role on the planet.

As Projectors, we spend a lot of time waiting.  So it is important to understand and embrace the way we approach our day to day experiences, and ultimately how this approach colors the emergence of our authentic path and purpose.

In this class we will explore the 6 lines which make up 12 possible profiles of the Human Design system, in the context of what it means to be a Projector energy type.

What You Get from Taking this Class:

  • A deeper understanding of your personal profile, which will enhance the quality of your observations of your general approach to your environment.
  • A feel for how you’re designed to relate to other people, approach challenges and to learn about yourself and the world.
  • Add more depth to your framework of self-exploration as you deepen your personal experiment with your Human Design blueprint.
  • By becoming aware of how you are designed to engage with others and move through your life, you will cultivate a deeper level of compassion and acceptance for yourself… and other people.

“Projectors and Profiles” 

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