Being Wise About Being Busy

The Gate 34 and What That Means for Human Design Projectors

Have you been  busier than normal lately?  Are you in a cycle of busy … busy … busy … crash?  It’s not unusual for Projectors to have incredible bursts of energy which sets them up for a crash. The undefined sacral center gives us the capacity to amplify the work energy of our Generator friends with the sacral motors.  And because all that work energy doesn’t belong to us, we can’t sustain it.   We push ourselves further than is good for us and then we crash.

If you have been working with your precious Projector energy for a while you are well aware of this dynamic and have probably refined your self-care practices to a fine art.  But there is something in the Human Design transits which can still make you vulnerable to burning out your body by being overly busy.

If you aren’t familiar with what I mean by transits, here are some resources which will fill you in. They came from a conversation that we had on one of our Projector community calls back in September:

gate 34 transit March 31The Gate 34, which is known as the gate of power, is currently transiting Saturn.  It has been for a while and will continue until almost the middle of June.  The gate 34 is one half of the 34/20 channel, which is the classic channel for Manifesting Generators.  The 34/20 is the sacral’s direct energy link to the throat.  If you have ever been around a 34/20 Manifesting Generator you know how much multitasking, step skipping, gotta get it done energy they exude.  The gate 34 is like the direct outlet for the strong sacral motor energy that they embody.  By itself the gate 34 carries the theme of busyness.  So what does it mean when the gate 34 is in the transits?  It means that the theme of being busy is affecting all of us, regardless of energy type.  And when you do not have a sacral motor that desire to be busy can really wear you out.  To understand how it may be affecting you, take a look at your personal Human Design Chart.

Is the gate 34 undefined in your personal chart?  You are likely to experience this transit quite strongly.  Remember that the lack of definition in your chart allows you to take in the influence of that particular energy and amplify it.  So if you have had problems sleeping, or feel an extra push to get things done, it could be the amplified experience of the gate 34 which is creating the pressure.  You may also find that you have extra energy or extra desire to multitask right now.  And if you are around your friends with sacral motors this energy can be particularly intense.  So take great care of yourself during this powerful transit.

Do you have the gate 34 defined in your personal chart?  You may not experience much of a difference in the push to be busy, because you already embody the tendency to be a multitasking person on the go, especially when you are around sacral beings.  The busy … busy … busy … crash cycle may be a part of your daily experience.  And hopefully you have learned the hard way about the importance of resting, discharging energy, and waiting for the right invitations.

There is a great opportunity with this transit to become wise about being busy and being powerful.  The taskmaster influence of Saturn on the gate 34 pushes us toward mastery as we examine if we are using our energy and power in ways that truly serve us.  Projectors are here to become wise about how work can be done in efficient ways which bring order and fulfillment to our lives and the lives of others.  As you journey through your experience of the gate 34 for the next few months, I invite you to consider how its pushy, busy, power inducing influence is affecting your life.  Pay attention to how you are leveraging your energy.  Observe how you experience your own sense of power and whether or not that brings you closer to your life’s innate desires.  Reflect on where you can stop, rest and make space for the openings and invitations to emerge which call forth your wisdom in very powerful ways.