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Three Key Mistakes that Projectors Make

Calling all Projectors (and those who love them!)

Are you ready for a new perspective and some radical answers on how to get your Projector* life to work better?

Are you tired of struggling and feeling like you just don’t fit in with the Generator-driven world around you?

Can you even imagine what it would be like to heal the burn out and overwhelm and truly THRIVE in your life?

Are you hungry to share your gifts and true brilliance with the world, but you don’t know what they are or how to do that?

Join Human Design Specialist, best-selling author, and fellow Projector
Evelyn Levenson, M.B.A.


“3 Key Mistakes Projectors Make that Keep Them Struggling,
Overwhelmed, and Burned Out . . .
And How to Avoid Those so You Can Finally THRIVE!”

You’ll learn:

  • Your Bigger Purpose for being here, beyond the basic Projector role of guiding the energy of others
  • The 3 levels at which Projectors are designed to function in the world
  • How you can be effective and “sustainable” at all 3 levels
  • How to avoid the 3 Key Mistakes that most Projectors make, so you can finally THRIVE!

It’s time for Projectors to step into our full power, connect with our gifts, and fulfill our vital role on this planet!

We are important and NEEDED, but we must learn how to operate effectively.

Come learn what to do — and what NOT to do — to claim your Success, Recognition and Impact in the world!

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Success for Projectors

Sacred Lotus Flower Healing EnergyMy friend and colleague, Evelyn Levenson, has a mission to help as many Projectors as possible to shine and thrive.  She is offering a brand new course for Human Design Projectors and the people who love them, called “Success for Projectors” Evelyn has an extensive background in both the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds.  And as a certified Level 4 Human Design Specialist and Projector energy type, she has a thorough working knowledge of what it takes for our energy type to realize the success we are here to have.

Evelyn is offering a course which starts March 10th that you don’t want to miss…

… If you would you like to learn how you can be more effective, more successful, more joyful AND more resilient in your life…
… If you struggle and feel different…
… If you wish there were answers for how to make your life work better
If you ARE a Projector, or you LOVE a Projector, you’ll learn in this course:
  • The role, purpose and vital importance of Projectors
  • How to make decisions and take actions correctly – it’s tricky for Projectors!
  • Wealth and business strategies that work for Projectors
  • Relationship issues specific to Projectors…. and how to improve them
  • Health, balance, self-care and resiliency for Projectors

Click below to learn more about this powerful new Course-and pick up your free 1-page handout with INSIGHTS to help Projectors shift their mindset and embrace their magnificence!

Remember this class starts March 10th!

Powerful Intentions for Projectors Workshop

Are You Confused about How or if Human Design Projectors Can Set Goals and Still Stay True to Their Experiment? 

Powerful Intentions for ProjectorsProjectors, have you been struggling with surrendering and waiting while you feel like other energy types have more power than you to create and attract great things in their lives? This is a common complaint of Human Design Projectors who have become bitter about their circumstances. If you identify, you probably feel like the world is ignoring you while it goes around choosing Generators and Manifestors to do the great things you want to do!

You don’t have to be a victim to your strategy to wait for invitations!

In fact your aura is so powerful that the law of attraction works so much better for you than the law of action!  The problem is that you may either be tempted to take premature action in the wrong direction to attract, or you may not be taking the actions that are necessary to be attractive to what is correct for you.

There is a fine line between action and attraction for Human Design Projectors.  The Generator model of attracting and responding doesn’t work for Projectors.  The guideline of the strategy to wait for invitations is helpful, but there is so much that you can do in the waiting space which would make your journey much more empowered and meaningful.

You are invited to explore the ins and outs of attraction, intentions and goals with other Human Design Projectors…

  • Participate in a visualization / meditation to activate your inner power, raise your frequency, and deepen your relationship to your design.
  • Discover when traditional goal setting techniques can be useful and when they get in your way.
  • Get the opportunity to become clear about the inner actions you can take to enhance your Projector experience.
  • Learn from the experiences of other Projectors.


“Powerful Intentions for Projectors”

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*included in the “Bitterness to Joy” program *

Human Design Projectors and Profiles

hexagram logoYour profile (or your learning style) tells you so much about your style for interacting with and learning from the world around you.

When the profile is not fully understood, you may unintentionally stifle your life expression, and place harsh judgements on yourself.  This may keep you from clearly seeing the beauty of your unfolding role on the planet.

As Projectors, we spend a lot of time waiting.  So it is important to understand and embrace the way we approach our day to day experiences, and ultimately how this approach colors the emergence of our authentic path and purpose.

In this class we will explore the 6 lines which make up 12 possible profiles of the Human Design system, in the context of what it means to be a Projector energy type.

What You Get from Taking this Class:

  • A deeper understanding of your personal profile, which will enhance the quality of your observations of your general approach to your environment.
  • A feel for how you’re designed to relate to other people, approach challenges and to learn about yourself and the world.
  • Add more depth to your framework of self-exploration as you deepen your personal experiment with your Human Design blueprint.
  • By becoming aware of how you are designed to engage with others and move through your life, you will cultivate a deeper level of compassion and acceptance for yourself… and other people.

“Projectors and Profiles” 

One Hour Recorded Video Class


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*Included in the “Bitterness to Joy” program