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How to Know When You’re Being Conditioned

Here is a great video from Zeno (a Human Design Projector) about how to recognize when you’re being conditioned.  She starts by talking about how to recognize conditioning in the heart / will center and makes some suggestions about how to deal with it. Zeno brings up a very valuable question in this video.

“How are you reacting to being conditioned?”

Conditioning is a fact of life.  We are all conditioned, either by others or by the transits, all the time.  Awareness of how you are reacting to being conditioned is a key to successfully dealing with the Projector not-self theme of bitterness.  Mismanaged conditioning is a huge source of pain for all Human Design types.  And for Projectors it can fuel bitterness to the point where it throws you out of balance with your true nature.

In the Bitterness to Joy Program you get to explore how you are reacting to conditioning  in your life (past and present) in order to understand how it is fueling your bitterness.  

Is bitterness keeping you from your joy?

You’re invited to join us for the Bitterness to Joy Program!

Wait for an Invitation – Zeno Speaks about Human Design Projectors

Questions always come up in our Projector Teleconferences about the strategy of waiting for invitations.  The black and white guideline that Projectors must wait for an invitation before  taking action can often create more confusion than clarity.  The bottom line is that when you are able to observe yourself in relation to others, the clarity about how and when to wait… and why you are waiting becomes clear.

The explanation provided in this video by Zeno about waiting provides some information for you to find your own clarity.  Zeno of Zen Human Design is a mental Projector with a defined throat.  She was one of the original U.S. students of Ra Uru Hu, and as the result of observing how the instruction of Human Design changed from the original she developed her own clarity about understanding the Human Design Chart.

You’re Invited to the Projector’s Survival Study Group

copy-copy-Sandy-Freschi-Mandala-cropped.pngDo you have questions about strategy, work, health, relationships? Get them answered and move into your Projector success with the “Projector’s Survival Study Group”.

The next group starts March 18th. Come and join us!
Read more about “The Projector’s Survival Study Group” HERE

One Thing That Gets in the Way of Projector Invitations

At the first of the year I made a commitment to myself to experience more creativity, adventure and flow in my life.  And last week I got an amazing invitation which allows me to express these intentions and share its fruits with others.  I don’t know why invitations which bring everything together in my life still astound me.  Perhaps it is the Generator conditioning that keeps telling this isn’t the way things work for most people.  I know that many of you struggle with the invitation issue, so each time I hear of someone getting a great invitation or I get one, I like to go back and retrofit how they came about.  During the latest retrofitting session aimed at this invitation I discovered something crucial which gets in the way of Projectors getting great invitations. I call it “limiting my possibilities by thinking I know myself”…. or “putting myself in a box of so called self knowledge”.

This invitation involves music, healing, meditation, improvisation… something very different yet somehow related to the soul mapping of Human Design.  I had been thinking along those lines for a while, but my idea (which I kept to myself) was extremely limited compared to the brilliance of the idea of the beloved Generator whose aura I showed up in for him to respond to me and invite me to collaborate.  When I kept my “box” to myself and didn’t force my limited idea of what I thought was right for me onto the world, the giddy, life-giving, soul-soothing perfect invitation came gushing forth. …. almost by surprise!

It’s not just the box or the limitation which gets in the way of the Projector invitation.  It’s thinking that I know myself when I don’t really.  This example illustrated that completely.  No one can know the Human Design Projector… and the Projector can’t really know him/herself.  We live in a projection field from which we peer out and observe the individuals in our world.  It’s the mind that thinks it knows what’s best when it doesn’t.  This recent invitation made that clear.

This video from Devin at  confirmed my epiphany and may explain some things to you.

What Human Design Projectors Do While Waiting for Invitations

Hello and Happy New Year to all the Human Design Projectors in the house! The Human Design New Year brings influences which will challenge Projectors to become more empowered, but the temptation is there to initiate and act without an invitation.This video addresses the biggest question Projectors ask about their strategy to wait for invitations.  Watch and get some insight on how to make your waiting less frustrating and more productive.


Projector’s Survival Study Group

Human Design Projectors – The Projector’s Survival Study Group is starting in January. This is an affordable way to move beyond survival to thriving as your true Projector self.  Watch the video and see if this is right for you.  Read more information here.

Human Design Projector Professions – Making a Living Part 1

Hey there it’s Sandy Freschi, Professional Life Coach and Human Design Specialist. And I just want to spend a few moments with my beloved Human Design Projectors, because one of you had a really great question. So I’m going to answer this question in several parts, and first of all I’ll let you know what the question is.

You asked, “if Human Design Projectors have to wait to be invited how do we earn a living?”

And that is a fabulous question. And I’m sure if you have Joss started down your path of learning how to live as a human design projector, and learning to practice your strategy, this may be your number one question. Because many of you are finding that you’re in the wrong jobs. We’re not built as projectors to do the 9 to 5, 40 hour a week grind. And so if you been doing that for a long time and you know instinctively it doesn’t work, and you have gotten that confirmation by finding out you are a projector, you’re probably asking

“What in the world do I do from here to earn a living?”

Well in this video I’m going to just give you a few ideas about what you can do. So as you know, Human Design Projectors are here to manage guide and direct others. I was listening to a lecture by Ra Uru Hu the other day, the founder of human design, talking about the difference between guiding and leading as it pertains to Projectors.  And the differentiation he made is that we are not really here to lead in the traditional sense where we are at the top of the chain of command so to speak, and to order people around. If you’ve tried that before you know that it doesn’t work very well, and if it does work  you’re  probably exhausted by the time you were done doing it. So when we’re talking about managing and guiding and directing, we’re talking about doing it from a place of helping other people find their truth, then helping other people find their directions. We are really good at seeing the big picture and knowing exactly what needs to happen in a situation or what a person needs to do to get to where they want to go. The caveat to that is that we have to be invited to let them know that. So when you’re in a profession where you can do that you’re automatically be invited to do that, as long as your continue to be aware of how you are communicating through your energy field, how you’re affecting people by  your energy field and you honor that and you don’t push.

So here are some great career ideas for Projectors.

Number one on the list is coaching, and I love coaching. I just love coaching because I don’t have to find the answers for people because I recognize that people have their own answers. Those answers just need to be brought out in ways that the person can use. So that’s what coaching is all about in terms of helping other people and guiding and directing them.

You can also be a consultant. If you have an expertise in something you can use that to consult with other people to help them get a handle on what they’re trying to achieve through your own expertise. And then of course they invite you in when they hire you to consult with them and tell them what needs to be changed and what they need to do.

Healing is the other profession that is really great for Projectors, because most of us are very open and our energy fields, and we take people in very deeply and we know what they’re about. And when we get really good at managing our own energy we have a transformative effect on other people, and a healing effect. When you couple that with mastery in a healing technique or two then you’ve got a really great combination to help guide people to a better place of wholeness and health. So that’s another thing that you could possibly do.

Of course you could also have a traditional managerial position in a company as an employee, and that would work really well also as long as you have the expertise to feel that you’re managing in, and you’re given the leeway to honor the ups and downs of your energy so that you can replenish. For instance, if you’re a manager and you have your own office then you can close the door to get away from other people so that you can discharge all that energy that you picked up and rest a little bit between your different tasks. So that’s another thing of course that Projectors can do to earn a living.

I’ve also seen Projectors as… I also know a few projectors who are fabulous actors, very talented actors and artists. Of course this is on the fringe of nontraditional and it may not bring you immediate financial reward. But if it’s something you have a gift at it something you must pursue at least on some level.

So the key to finding a career or a way to earn a living as a Projector is to find what you really love and go very deeply into it.… And to study it… And to… Embody it… And live it and breathe it…

Now when I was a massage therapist I had a very vibrant and thriving massage business. One of the secrets of my success, (even though I wasn’t fully aware of living my projector strategy, and a lot of times I was following the generator model)… But one of the things I credit to my success of there is that I didn’t immers myself in massage techniques that really put me a cut above in terms of skills of everyone in my area.

So when you approach a job, whether you’re an employee or whether you’re becoming an entrepreneur or are an entrepreneur, that’s something to keep in mind. When you go deeply into what you love and you bring that out and share it with others people will naturally flock to you because they will know that you have the answers. And they know that you can help them find the answers for themselves.

So here’s your assignment for today…

Sit down and take about 5 minutes, and just make a list of all the possible things you would love to do. Now take out the whole issue of how much does it pay or would people pay for this and all of that. Just make a list of all those things that you would love to do… in terms of work, in terms of what you would love sharing, in terms of what your gifts and talents are. And then choose one or two that are at the top of your list and ask yourself how you can begin to do those things or move toward those things in your life… regardless of whether or not you’re working at those things now.

So that’s my tip for today or that’s my answer for this question for today. I know that some of you are really struggling with finances, so in the next video I’m going to talk a little bit about how you survive for naturally as a projector while you’re waiting for that great invitation. So until the next time go ahead and do the assignment, leave a post on my blog or e-mail me and let me know what you came up with. I look forward to hearing from you and I look forward to talking to you again real soon!

A Special Message for Human Design Projectors

I so appreciate your support and feedback for the Projector Empowerment Program.  If you resonate with the message in the free teleclass “4 Things Human Design Projectors Must Know to Live Like Royalty” but can’t afford to participate in the support program because of finances, watch this video.  It’s important for Projectors to support each other so that we can all live the most empowered version of ourselves and become prosperous.  The Projector Empowerment Program is growing, and I have plans to include you all.  Watch this video to get encouragement and direction on how to keep in touch and continue to grow as the program grows.

Mindset Affirmation for Human Design Projectors – New Beginnings

Karen Curry, my teacher and author of “Understanding Human Design”, just posted this week’s Evolution Report.  We were in a cycle of struggle most of the year, while discovering what’s worth fighting for.  Now we are in a cycle of new beginnings.  She says in the video that it is important now to pay attention to your thoughts and mindset.  This will influence what unfolds in this time of new beginnings.

Even before I got Karen’s video update I was feeling this energy very strongly.  I’ve noticed that my mind has recently opened to thinking about new possibilities for my personal and work life.  This is no easy feat for a Human Design Projector with a defined head and ajna, but over that last few days I’ve begun to see new ways that I could go about creating a better work environment in my home, and also other possibilities for deepening business and social connections which I hadn’t seriously considered before.  Have you felt the shift of energy in your life too?

Of course for a Projector, the ideas are just ideas until there is an invitation to make a big shift.  And it sounds like we are just starting this cycle of new beginnings, so there is time to define and refine what is really wanted.  There is time to clarify and build the energy around your intentions.  A good way to do that is to anchor your focus with an affirmation.  Try this one on for size:

“I am open to new invitations which nurture and affirm the true me”

What affirmation can you formulate to keep your mindset open to a new beginning?