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The Drudgery of Work – How to Be Wise About It

As a Human Design Projector you are not here to work like most other people.  Projectors have an undefined sacral center so the energy for work comes and goes.  And because of this, even the simplest activities can turn into drudge work under certain circumstances.  By drudge I mean those activities which bore the crap out of you so much so that you wish they would just do themselves.  They are the ones that you dread because they suck the life out of you.

stressfulA lovely Projector asked about how she can deal with drudge work .  If you find that there are times when you just don’t want to do “it” … whatever it is … you get what she means by drudgery.

If you’re doing hard, physical labor you need to know that most Human Design Projectors are not equipped to do this on a continuous basis.  That open sacral center may fool you into believing you can when you’re around a bunch of Generators, but do this too often and you may find yourself flat out exhausted.  Even the most tenacious Projector will eventually succumb to exhaustion from amplifying all of that Generator sacral energy in their undefined sacral center.  That said, the flipside advantage of the Projector’s undefined sacral is the eventual ability to become wise about how, when and what to do about work.

So here’s what I invite you to do the next time you’re faced with a mind numbing or body draining task.  Start to play with how you can become wise about dealing with the drudgery.

#1 – Can you get out of it?  Well if you have a hamper full of dirty clothes and no one to wash them for you, you probably have to do it.  That’s just a tiny example.  If you’re in a job that’s draining the life out of you it’s a whole different story.  It’s entirely possible that no amount of wise management will keep you afloat and you might have to jump ship. (this is where strategy and authority come in)

Ok if you can’t get out of the mundane, here are some things to consider when you’re experimenting with wisdom about work:

  • Drudge work is “drudgyer” if you haven’t taken care of yourself.  If you’re tired because your self-care is suffering everything is harder.  You run out of energy quicker.  You have less tolerance for even the smallest of tasks that you don’t want to do.
  • You don’t have to do everything yourself.  Even the busiest Generators delegate stuff that they don’t want or can’t do … just to save them time.  Delegating saves a Projector precious vital force energy!
  • Procrastination can become a fine art when you are following your own timing.   You may discover that some things don’t need to be done at all, or something shows up to make it easier. Of course if procrastination is creating more stress it may not be wise to use it.
  • One Projector’s work is another Projector’s joy.  Drudge work can sometimes be a matter of perspective.  When joy is your guide the unavoidable work gets done easily. Perhaps every Projector resonates deep down inside with the bit of wisdom that says “If it ain’t fun don’t do it”.  But what if you can’t get out of it and you aren’t in a position to delegate it?  Is it possible to make it fun with a joyful incentive?  Here’s an example…
My kitchen floor needs to be washed.  Whenever I can, I hire someone to come and do it.  Lately I haven’t deemed it possible, so I put it off.  So today I got a little “joyful incentive”… my husband informed me that he’s sending me 4 lobsters for my birthday which will be here on Friday.  I immediately got excited about having friends over for dinner and voila!… the energy for washing the floor showed up!
Of course I’ve been laying low and conserving energy for the past few days and have planned a
day off after my “clean the kitchen floor and host a dinner party extravaganza”. That’s how I’m
becoming more wise about work …
How about you?  How are you becoming wise about work?

Is Barack Obama a Burnt Out Human Design Projector?

Human Design Barack Obama

Barack Obama August 4, 1961 7:24 p.m. Honolulu, HI

As we enter into the end of the summer, a time when long awaited vacations are typically taken, it seems the President of the United States has met with much criticism for taking time out as tensions in the world and at home heat up.  Photos of Barack Obama’s golf swing pepper the media, fueling criticism that this president is lazy and ineffective in his approach to the many crises which potentially threaten the U.S..  In spite of the fact that he has taken markedly fewer vacation days than any other modern day president, it doesn’t seem to Improve upon the widespread perception that he is not doing his job.  Could it be that the lack of vacation time is actually working against him?

Regardless of your political feelings about President Barack Obama, there is much that can be learned from observing this 6/2 Projector’s experience.  So I’m going to put a few observations out here which are pertinent to all Human Design Projectors.

Unsustainable Work-Force Energy

In essence, the Projector’s purpose on earth is to guide and direct the people who actually have the sacral energy to do sustainable work in the world.  A Projector’s workflow needs to incorporate lots of space and time to recharge themselves, because it’s not about putting the nose to the grindstone for the Projector.  It’s about lightening up to let the innate wisdom that the Projector embodies surface and unfold.

We live in a world where 70% of the population has sustainable sacral energy to do the day to day, nose to the grindstone work.  That’s what they’re here for.  And if they are in work that’s right for them they can continue to do that work day after day, week after week, year after year with no problems.  It will actually energize them.  But it’s because the majority of people have this ability that our collective belief systems reinforce the idea that everyone must work relentlessly in order get something accomplished.  If you’re built that way it works for you.  If you’re not, you ultimately bring something else to the world that the sacral beings don’t have… a wisdom about what is worth working for, and how to go about doing it in the most beneficial ways.

As an open sacral being, Mr. Obama (as well as other Projectors) need their down-time. When the Projector doesn’t get the time to relax and play they get very burned out.  This burnout isn’t something that is easy to come back from.  It has the potential to affect the Projector at very deep physical and emotional levels.  Now here’s the interesting catch 22. Often the Projector knows deep down inside what they need in order to do their best.  But if they’re in a traditional situation which expects them to show up day after day and keep working and working and working like everyone else they may be reticent to honor their own needs.  If they’re caught doing what’s right for them by taking a break when others are working, they’re often heavily criticized for it, judged as lazy, and in many cases deeply resented.  And if the Projector keeps working in the way everyone else is working they ultimately become burned out and ineffective.  This subjects them to more criticism and judgement.

Is that what’s happening here?  What do you think?

Open Energy Centers and Burnout

The ability to take breaks from work is essential for the Projector, especially one who has as many open energy centers as Barack Obama.  All of those open energy centers are taking  in and amplifying energy from other people.  With this much openness, the potential to fry yourself out is huge!  This president is absorbing a multitude of influences from other people and the environment around him … work behaviors, fears, varying ideas and opinions .. just to name a few.  When Projectors don’t have sufficient alone time to discharge all this energetic “stuff”, they don’t ever fully get back to themselves and the true wisdom within them. They start to act like those around them in intensified ways.  And eventually they just crash.

Do you think this President is in the midst of a crash?

Energy Comes With the Right Invitations

Projectors are here to manage, guide and direct others when invited.  If ever there was a position of leadership for managing, guiding and directing, it is the office of the president of the United States.  The issue of invitation is, in my opinion, the most fascinating thing about Barack Obama’s presidency.  Half of the American population invited him to be president and the other half dramatically opposed him.

When Projectors enter into large things which require a lot of time, energy and commitment they need to be invited into it.  The more formal the invitation the better.  And just because the Projector was invited doesn’t mean that it’s the correct invitation.  The correct invitation recognizes and upholds the innate gifts that the Projector has and sets the stage for them to use those gifts for the benefit of those who invited him.  Inherent in the invitation are the resources, support and sustenance to carry out that role.

So did he enter into he presidency in the correct way?  Was he really invited?  Is this the correct invitation for him?  And does he truly have the support that the right invitation would afford him to be a success at his work?

Of course there are other markers in Barack Obama’s Human Design chart which are very specific to him and the dynamics that he is here to live out.  But the issues discussed in this post today can set up any Projector for burn out.  So as you read this and get your own insights about potential burnout and the presidency, ask yourself how you may be experiencing these issues in your own life.

Are you a burnt out Projector?  What dynamics contributed to your burnout?  What issues in this post do you see in your own life?

You are invited to share your insights and comments on this blog post.  Remember that this is a forum for the empowerment and support of Human Design Projectors.  Political opinion and inflammatory comments will be deleted.

Here is a thorough look at Barack Obama’s Human Design chart by

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Human Design Projector Professions – Making a Living Part 1

Hey there it’s Sandy Freschi, Professional Life Coach and Human Design Specialist. And I just want to spend a few moments with my beloved Human Design Projectors, because one of you had a really great question. So I’m going to answer this question in several parts, and first of all I’ll let you know what the question is.

You asked, “if Human Design Projectors have to wait to be invited how do we earn a living?”

And that is a fabulous question. And I’m sure if you have Joss started down your path of learning how to live as a human design projector, and learning to practice your strategy, this may be your number one question. Because many of you are finding that you’re in the wrong jobs. We’re not built as projectors to do the 9 to 5, 40 hour a week grind. And so if you been doing that for a long time and you know instinctively it doesn’t work, and you have gotten that confirmation by finding out you are a projector, you’re probably asking

“What in the world do I do from here to earn a living?”

Well in this video I’m going to just give you a few ideas about what you can do. So as you know, Human Design Projectors are here to manage guide and direct others. I was listening to a lecture by Ra Uru Hu the other day, the founder of human design, talking about the difference between guiding and leading as it pertains to Projectors.  And the differentiation he made is that we are not really here to lead in the traditional sense where we are at the top of the chain of command so to speak, and to order people around. If you’ve tried that before you know that it doesn’t work very well, and if it does work  you’re  probably exhausted by the time you were done doing it. So when we’re talking about managing and guiding and directing, we’re talking about doing it from a place of helping other people find their truth, then helping other people find their directions. We are really good at seeing the big picture and knowing exactly what needs to happen in a situation or what a person needs to do to get to where they want to go. The caveat to that is that we have to be invited to let them know that. So when you’re in a profession where you can do that you’re automatically be invited to do that, as long as your continue to be aware of how you are communicating through your energy field, how you’re affecting people by  your energy field and you honor that and you don’t push.

So here are some great career ideas for Projectors.

Number one on the list is coaching, and I love coaching. I just love coaching because I don’t have to find the answers for people because I recognize that people have their own answers. Those answers just need to be brought out in ways that the person can use. So that’s what coaching is all about in terms of helping other people and guiding and directing them.

You can also be a consultant. If you have an expertise in something you can use that to consult with other people to help them get a handle on what they’re trying to achieve through your own expertise. And then of course they invite you in when they hire you to consult with them and tell them what needs to be changed and what they need to do.

Healing is the other profession that is really great for Projectors, because most of us are very open and our energy fields, and we take people in very deeply and we know what they’re about. And when we get really good at managing our own energy we have a transformative effect on other people, and a healing effect. When you couple that with mastery in a healing technique or two then you’ve got a really great combination to help guide people to a better place of wholeness and health. So that’s another thing that you could possibly do.

Of course you could also have a traditional managerial position in a company as an employee, and that would work really well also as long as you have the expertise to feel that you’re managing in, and you’re given the leeway to honor the ups and downs of your energy so that you can replenish. For instance, if you’re a manager and you have your own office then you can close the door to get away from other people so that you can discharge all that energy that you picked up and rest a little bit between your different tasks. So that’s another thing of course that Projectors can do to earn a living.

I’ve also seen Projectors as… I also know a few projectors who are fabulous actors, very talented actors and artists. Of course this is on the fringe of nontraditional and it may not bring you immediate financial reward. But if it’s something you have a gift at it something you must pursue at least on some level.

So the key to finding a career or a way to earn a living as a Projector is to find what you really love and go very deeply into it.… And to study it… And to… Embody it… And live it and breathe it…

Now when I was a massage therapist I had a very vibrant and thriving massage business. One of the secrets of my success, (even though I wasn’t fully aware of living my projector strategy, and a lot of times I was following the generator model)… But one of the things I credit to my success of there is that I didn’t immers myself in massage techniques that really put me a cut above in terms of skills of everyone in my area.

So when you approach a job, whether you’re an employee or whether you’re becoming an entrepreneur or are an entrepreneur, that’s something to keep in mind. When you go deeply into what you love and you bring that out and share it with others people will naturally flock to you because they will know that you have the answers. And they know that you can help them find the answers for themselves.

So here’s your assignment for today…

Sit down and take about 5 minutes, and just make a list of all the possible things you would love to do. Now take out the whole issue of how much does it pay or would people pay for this and all of that. Just make a list of all those things that you would love to do… in terms of work, in terms of what you would love sharing, in terms of what your gifts and talents are. And then choose one or two that are at the top of your list and ask yourself how you can begin to do those things or move toward those things in your life… regardless of whether or not you’re working at those things now.

So that’s my tip for today or that’s my answer for this question for today. I know that some of you are really struggling with finances, so in the next video I’m going to talk a little bit about how you survive for naturally as a projector while you’re waiting for that great invitation. So until the next time go ahead and do the assignment, leave a post on my blog or e-mail me and let me know what you came up with. I look forward to hearing from you and I look forward to talking to you again real soon!

Work Like a Projector (Human Design)

work like a projectorOver in the private “Projector Empowerment Group” Facebook forum … we’ve been discussing Projector Lifestyle Guilt.  When you get really good at living your strategy amazing things happen.  But one thing that keeps Projectors from really going for it… or in our case Waiting for It … is the guilt over not working like the generator dominated world works. As one member of the Projector Empowerment Program put it,

“…The Projector lifestyle is what I’ve been wanting. Intuitively, I have known, long before I found Human Design, that it fits me. But I feel guilty trying to create more in my life without doing it in a worker bee fashion which I’m now convinced I can’t do any way.”

Can you relate to this? I know I can.  There is a certain way Projectors can work to maximize their energy and attract big invitations to do more of what they want to do.  We discussed this on our group call which was entitled “Work Like a Projector and Leave the Guilt Behind.  If you missed it you can catch the recording and the written material when you enroll in the Projector Empowerment Program.

When you turn off the generator conditioning that says you have to be like a “worker bee” to get stuff done success is inevitable.  But real success… the type of success that scoops you up and carries you down the path of deep fulfillment and great financial abundance …. often eludes even the most committed Human Design Projector.  It’s like there’s a self-imposed glass ceiling keeping you from reaching your ultimate dreams. Only that ceiling is made of guilt… not glass.

One of the main things we discussed in the “Work Like a Projector” group call is the difference between how Generators and Projectors are designed to work.  I just want to share this quick overview with you, because it is so important to know about when you are shifting your mindset to make a living in the Human Design Projector way.  This is an excerpt from the written guide that the members of the Projector Empowerment Program received when they were on the call.

How Generators Work How Projectors Work
  • My life is about finding meaningful work
  • If I’m not working I’m not being productive
  • I can work long and hard as long as I love what I’m doing
  • I’m at a loss if I’m not working consistently to make a living
  • Rest is something you do after a hard day of work
  • Play is a reward for working hard
  • My work is about living a meaningful life
  • Not working makes me more productive in the long run
  • When I love my life I can work hard in brief spurts at something I love to do
  • My invitations for making a living find me when I find my authentic life
  • Rest is something you do to prepare for an intense spurt of work
  • Play is essential to attract and be ready for big invitations to do my life’s work

You can see how the two approaches to work are so divergent.  It’s so important for Projectors to know how they’re wired differently than 70% of the population.  And when you see how Generators are wired to work vs how you are wired to work, you can also see where you have been mislead (by well meaning Generator people who raised you perhaps) in the way you can create the type of career success that you want.  You can see how when your gut tells you to play more and relax more, you may feel guilty about it or even judge yourself as being lazy.

There is no need to feel guilty about doing what works best for you! And yet so many Projectors do.  They often try hard to fit into the Generator work model while all along deep down inside they know it isn’t for them.  They often try so hard that they wear themselves out.  Or…. they try to do it the Projector way and fall short on money because they don’t have all the information and support to show them how to do what’s correct for them in a way that brings them financial abundance.

Are you feeling that guilt that comes with your attempts to live the “Projector Good Life”?

Are you reading this and wondering how you can make a living if you have to wait for invitations?

In theProjector Empowerment Program we discuss these issues and we support each other to be the authentic and powerful Projector beings that we really are.  It’s not too late to learn how to “Work Like a Projector and Leave the Guilt Behind”.  Just enroll in the Projector Empowerment Program and get started right away.

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