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When an Invitation Ends – The Beloved Trickster

Last week my invitation to be on a real estate team ended. I have been considering what to tell you about this experience which would be useful to your own journey. After much reflection, it seems that the place to start is to tell you that the end of an invitation is not the end of the world. When an invitation begins well, it can also end well.

When an invitation begins well it can also end well.

If you have ever correctly entered into an invitation and were left scratching your head when it ended, please don’t waste your time (and precious energy) wondering what happened. And by all means, don’t blame yourself or the others involved.

As I was processing this with a very wise Projector (thank you Saeri!), she mentioned the trickster energy that can come into play when you enter into a correct invitation. Sometimes when you go in, it looks like you’re going in to get a certain thing. When you get there it turns out you’re there for an entirely different purpose. If you’re wise to the trickster energy, you can stay unattached to the outcome, and it makes for a much smoother ride.

In this case, the trickster dangled the promise of making a good income (in a way that is correct for me) in front of my face. It looked like that was where I was going. Although my splenic authority resonated deeply with the invitation, I suspected that there was more to the purpose of the experience. I felt it. However my mind would’ve been reluctant to take the bait (and would’ve tortured me with its monkey mind gyrations), had it not been set up in a way that met its expectations. The trickster comes to trick the mind into going along for the ride.

Had the trickster not come to draw us (me and my team mates) into this experience, I would’ve retreated back to my home office, still clueless about a few things that I dearly needed to experience. I would not have received the wisdom that my 3/5 profile is destined to discover. And I would not have some crucial pieces of clarity to share with you and others.

So after a wild year-long ride through the world of the mainstream, what did I get from this experience? There is so much richness here that I hardly know what to share now and what to save for later, so that you are not overwhelmed. I got three main things from my adventure in the real estate world that I would not have gotten by sitting behind my desk at home.

  1. I got a window into the the mainstream generator work world, and came to a deep understanding of what sacral beings must do to have satisfaction in their career. Their systems are challenging, complicated and labor intensive…. and they like it that way!
  2. With regard to sacral beings with a lot of individual circuitry (as my team mates were), I developed a deep appreciation for the struggles that they face. The system is designed for conformity and is stacked in the favor of success through homogenized practices. I watched them struggle between what is truly correct for their individuality and the tried and true practices of the business tribe. In the end what worked for their individuality did not work to sustain the team.
  3. Most importantly I gained a powerful new confidence in the magic of who I am. I felt first hand, what works (and doesn’t work) when it comes to connecting with others. I discovered that the people whom I’m here for already recognize and trust me. They will come to me, regardless of what I do or how I do it. I had insight about this prior to the real estate adventure, but now I that I’ve seen it in action, it’s imbedded in my cells.

So dear Projector, this has been the most liberating and empowering journey yet! Thanks for following my adventures. There is more to come for sure. In the meantime I am returning to my desk in my home office (and to my orchard, and also to some minor new invitations) to gather everything I have learned and channel it back into serving you.

Can there be a Sub Type of Human Design Projectors that Need a Different Strategy?

Surfer on a WaveAre you confused about Human Design Projector strategy to wait for invitations? Does it seem that waiting hasn’t gotten you very far? Has it seemed to work better for you to initiate action rather than to wait? One reader had a question about this which sparked a conversation which brought up some other aspects about Human Design which are not generally known. Here is the question and response.

Question: I recognise so much in this about myself, but there is ONE big issue that makes me wonder if any of it is true, if this one thing does not feel right. That is: I am 46 now and have had to make many major decisions in my lifetime, from divorce to travelling the world, from moving houses and countries and jobs.. yet none of these would have happened if I had waited for an invitation…

So my life seems so full of evidence that I had to make big decisions, because waiting would have never helped me…

Can there be a subtype of projectors that need a different strategy??? Maybe because of a different soul mission?

Response: I understand your hesitancy to embrace the Human Design system because the strategy to wait for invitations doesn’t seem congruent with what has worked for you. When Ra Uru Hu added the concept of strategy and authority to the system, it was in an attempt to make it more simple, practical and understandable for people.  HD offers a framework for experimentation so that you can discover and be who you really are. So there is nothing you have to do with it beyond following your own discoveries. That said,  there may be many different factors in your individual chart which make it seem like initiating action works better for you than waiting for invitations.

Let’s first look at the concept of an invitation. In general, when you are acting on your own behalf you don’t need an invitation from other people. In other words when you are taking action to take care of yourself, you really only need to do it in correct timing. Evelyn Levenson, of Human Design for Success, talks about the feel of an invitation being like an energetic opening. I will also add that there is an element of recognition involved…. you recognizing that the other who is inviting you is recognizing you for who you really are. There is also a sense of support in the form of energy to do what you need to do. When you are taking correct action to take care of yourself the support may just come in the form of the energy or motivation to take the next step. When the correct action requires the support of others they are usually there offering it to you.

The truth is that we all live imperfect lives where we sometimes have to take leaps of faith. Your history and experience with these leaps will tell you whether or not they truly worked for you. In looking back, only you can know if the path might have been more supportive if you had waited.

You asked “Can there be a subtype of projectors that need a different strategy???” – When looking at your birth chart through the lens of traditional Human Design, the answer would be no. All Projectors need to wait to be invited for the big things in life (the things that require the support and cooperation of other people).

That being said, there are other types of charts which will give you a different understanding of how you are designed to take actions. For instance, Eleanor Haspel-Portner or Unified Life Sciences developed from the Human Design System a multidimensional understanding of the body graph. By running charts for people at key developmental dates, she maps out the mental, spiritual, emotional and physical dimensions of a person’s design.  This could make a difference in the type of strategy you use when you are engaging different aspects of yourself. A Generator friend recently told me that she discovered that her spiritual design is actually a Projector. This made perfect sense to her, because she feels more like a Projector at those times when she is doing spiritual work.

If you are still working to grasp the basics of Human Design, take care not to go off on tangents which will mentally distract you from feeling your own inner prompts. However if your inner cues are telling you one thing while “the system” is telling you something else, it is worth exploring other avenues of information … as long as you end up trusting yourself more deeply.

Another factor that affects your feeling that it’s better to initiate action are the transits. For example, a while back, the 34/20 channel was activated in the energetic transits that affect all of us. This is a classic Manifesting Generator channel.  It made many Projectors feel extra energized or extra exhausted. If you don’t have definition in the gates and channels which are activated in the transits you are open to the conditioning of those energies. You take them in and amplify them so that it feels like they are you. We all are affected by the conditioning of the transits, and at times they allow us temporary access to certain energies themes that we don’t innately have.

There is one other possible factor I want to point out that has to do with the defined will center.  It seems that Projectors with a defined will center have a lot of energy to initiate actions because of their consistent access to willpower. I have also observed that Projectors who have a defined will center with either the gate 21 or gate 45 defined (the two gates that make up the channel which connects the will center to the throat), tend to act more like Manifestors. This is only my observation and hasn’t yet been corroborated with others. I call this “being one gate away from being a Manifestor”. We tend to feel the conditioning in an undefined gate very strongly when the gate next to it is defined. In cases concerning the will center to the throat, the “not-self” experience appears to be almost inescapable.

So I hope I haven’t overwhelmed you with all of this information. If you feel like initiating action works better for you, it may be because of these or other factors. Keep listening to yourself and discerning who you truly are v.s. who you have been conditioned to be. This is the point of studying your Human Design. In the end it’s your trust in yourself that determines how you move through life.

Afterthought – Individual circuitry would also create a feeling that you have to do it alone. People with a lot of individual energy in their charts may feel alone because they aren’t individual circuitrydesigned to fit in with others. They’re designed to do their own thing and beat their own drum of mutation. As a Projector, this could be particularly challenging when you also need other people to facilitate opportunities for you. The gift, if you do have a lot of individual energy as a Projector, is that the more you are your own unique, individual, mutative self, the more you attune your frequency to be recognized for what you’re here to offer to others.


An Autumn Note for Human Design Projectors

Happy Autumn!  Happy Harvest!  

The days and nights here in East Tennessee are becoming deliciously cooler, and the leaves on the trees in the mountains are showing hints of the orange, red and gold coloring which will soon turn into a spectacular display of the kind of art that only nature can create.

Our collective focus in the Northern Hemisphere is beginning to turn to reaping the harvest of the year’s efforts and endeavors.  Where have you placed your energy this year?  What is unfolding for you as a result?

As a Human Design Projector you may not always be able to see the clear connection between the correct focus of your energies and the fruits you receive as a result.  We are (in general) designed to accomplish more by pushing less.  And somehow invitations come when we haven’t pushed to get them, but have instead prepared by cultivating a life of joy, filled with endeavors which deepen our passions and call the best out of us.

Such a thing has happened again … right on time … here in my little world.

My good friend who started a massage school about 3 years ago finally decided that she can’t do it all, and she invited me to teach the business course for her students. When I told her about how each student can benefit from knowing about their Human Design … before they spend a bunch of money on marketing and start up strategies which may not work for them … she was doubly thrilled about our new collaboration.

We had our first conversation about this before the start of her first class a few years ago.  And I see now that the timing could not have been any better for me to start now!  She needed to be ready to release and trust.  And I needed to have a little more Human Design experience (to add to the massage business experience) to really create an awesome, one of a kind course for this particular group of people. 

Many Projectors ask the question “How long does it take to get one of those “big” invitations?”.  Of course there is no answer to the question.  It probably has much to do with the nature of the invitation that is looking for you, and the preparation required to align with yourself and the system you are here to use to guide others. So if you’re asking how long it takes to receive a great invitation, try taking your focus off the desire for the invitation and instead put it on your desire to follow your bliss and live your passions.  

You never know what delightful opportunities will show up at the right time in the right way. … Be Ready!

Is Barack Obama a Burnt Out Human Design Projector?

Human Design Barack Obama

Barack Obama August 4, 1961 7:24 p.m. Honolulu, HI

As we enter into the end of the summer, a time when long awaited vacations are typically taken, it seems the President of the United States has met with much criticism for taking time out as tensions in the world and at home heat up.  Photos of Barack Obama’s golf swing pepper the media, fueling criticism that this president is lazy and ineffective in his approach to the many crises which potentially threaten the U.S..  In spite of the fact that he has taken markedly fewer vacation days than any other modern day president, it doesn’t seem to Improve upon the widespread perception that he is not doing his job.  Could it be that the lack of vacation time is actually working against him?

Regardless of your political feelings about President Barack Obama, there is much that can be learned from observing this 6/2 Projector’s experience.  So I’m going to put a few observations out here which are pertinent to all Human Design Projectors.

Unsustainable Work-Force Energy

In essence, the Projector’s purpose on earth is to guide and direct the people who actually have the sacral energy to do sustainable work in the world.  A Projector’s workflow needs to incorporate lots of space and time to recharge themselves, because it’s not about putting the nose to the grindstone for the Projector.  It’s about lightening up to let the innate wisdom that the Projector embodies surface and unfold.

We live in a world where 70% of the population has sustainable sacral energy to do the day to day, nose to the grindstone work.  That’s what they’re here for.  And if they are in work that’s right for them they can continue to do that work day after day, week after week, year after year with no problems.  It will actually energize them.  But it’s because the majority of people have this ability that our collective belief systems reinforce the idea that everyone must work relentlessly in order get something accomplished.  If you’re built that way it works for you.  If you’re not, you ultimately bring something else to the world that the sacral beings don’t have… a wisdom about what is worth working for, and how to go about doing it in the most beneficial ways.

As an open sacral being, Mr. Obama (as well as other Projectors) need their down-time. When the Projector doesn’t get the time to relax and play they get very burned out.  This burnout isn’t something that is easy to come back from.  It has the potential to affect the Projector at very deep physical and emotional levels.  Now here’s the interesting catch 22. Often the Projector knows deep down inside what they need in order to do their best.  But if they’re in a traditional situation which expects them to show up day after day and keep working and working and working like everyone else they may be reticent to honor their own needs.  If they’re caught doing what’s right for them by taking a break when others are working, they’re often heavily criticized for it, judged as lazy, and in many cases deeply resented.  And if the Projector keeps working in the way everyone else is working they ultimately become burned out and ineffective.  This subjects them to more criticism and judgement.

Is that what’s happening here?  What do you think?

Open Energy Centers and Burnout

The ability to take breaks from work is essential for the Projector, especially one who has as many open energy centers as Barack Obama.  All of those open energy centers are taking  in and amplifying energy from other people.  With this much openness, the potential to fry yourself out is huge!  This president is absorbing a multitude of influences from other people and the environment around him … work behaviors, fears, varying ideas and opinions .. just to name a few.  When Projectors don’t have sufficient alone time to discharge all this energetic “stuff”, they don’t ever fully get back to themselves and the true wisdom within them. They start to act like those around them in intensified ways.  And eventually they just crash.

Do you think this President is in the midst of a crash?

Energy Comes With the Right Invitations

Projectors are here to manage, guide and direct others when invited.  If ever there was a position of leadership for managing, guiding and directing, it is the office of the president of the United States.  The issue of invitation is, in my opinion, the most fascinating thing about Barack Obama’s presidency.  Half of the American population invited him to be president and the other half dramatically opposed him.

When Projectors enter into large things which require a lot of time, energy and commitment they need to be invited into it.  The more formal the invitation the better.  And just because the Projector was invited doesn’t mean that it’s the correct invitation.  The correct invitation recognizes and upholds the innate gifts that the Projector has and sets the stage for them to use those gifts for the benefit of those who invited him.  Inherent in the invitation are the resources, support and sustenance to carry out that role.

So did he enter into he presidency in the correct way?  Was he really invited?  Is this the correct invitation for him?  And does he truly have the support that the right invitation would afford him to be a success at his work?

Of course there are other markers in Barack Obama’s Human Design chart which are very specific to him and the dynamics that he is here to live out.  But the issues discussed in this post today can set up any Projector for burn out.  So as you read this and get your own insights about potential burnout and the presidency, ask yourself how you may be experiencing these issues in your own life.

Are you a burnt out Projector?  What dynamics contributed to your burnout?  What issues in this post do you see in your own life?

You are invited to share your insights and comments on this blog post.  Remember that this is a forum for the empowerment and support of Human Design Projectors.  Political opinion and inflammatory comments will be deleted.

Here is a thorough look at Barack Obama’s Human Design chart by

Why Play Is Important for Human Design Projectors

sleep-330869_640For the past few weeks on my  Coaching With Sandy blog and on my Facebook page, the talk has been about play.  This is such an important topic for Human Design Projectors.  Did you know that play is like the lifeblood in our veins?  If it were the air we breathed we would all be functioning at our best and living those “royal” lives that we’re here to live.  Let’s get honest.  For all the conditioning that our open sacrals have sustained throughout the years… not to mention the other open centers which cause us to work hard to please others, prove our worth, make our point, or any other number of things … if it were just us Projectors in a room together we would probably all admit that deep down inside we’ve known all along that we were not put on this earth to work hard.  And if we were together long enough we would eventually abolish work as it’s known today and discover a way to make play a primary means of financial support.  Ok stand up and cheer now if you’re ready to play for a living!

I don’t mean to preach to the choir here, because I know that so many of you are already comfortable with the concept of play.  Some of you are even playing for a living.  Woo Hoo!  Big Cheers!  But for the rest of you who may still be struggling with making the shift into the almost insufferable strategy to wait (usually for long periods of time) for a big life-changing invitation, playing more and working less could actually be your saving grace.  Play rejuvenates the spirit, gives the mind a rest and opens up opportunities for deeper social connections.  It’s so essential to the well being of everyone, but for Projectors it holds a special role.  Play makes the waiting way more enjoyable and facilitates your own self discovery.  In other words, when you play you discover more about what you love.  You will be naturally inspired to go deeply into those loves and passions … ’cause that’s just how we roll… And when you go deeply into what you love you’re getting yourself ready for fabulous invitations and recognition.   Play also puts you in tune with the synchronicities which arise from your inner rhythm.  And it’s the synchronicities which put you in the right place at the right time to meet your people who are looking for you… your people who recognize you, adore you, and support you in countless ways.  So playing isn’t just something that a Projector does to kill time while waiting for an invitation.  It’s what gets you in touch with your true nature.

Woman Walking on Treadmill --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

It can be a challenge, when you’ve been on the Generator treadmill for a while, to make the shift into making play a priority.  Invite yourself to try it everyday… a little at a time… Consciously make room for it.  Give yourself permission.  When you give yourself permission to play you give yourself permission to be you!

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Guest Post – Does Anyone Really Believe This Stuff?

You know how Human Design Projectors really light up when they get invitations?  Did you know that we also light up when giving them?  I was minding my business on Facebook… I mean like literally doing some business postings … when I received an invitation to Like the page “Human Design Projector”.  I love invitations and this one lit me up, so I went over there and liked the page.  I perused some of the posts and discovered a bunch of links to articles which looked really good.  But when I clicked on them they actually took me back to an error page on this site!  Imagine how confused I was at first.  I hadn’t written them, but I really really wanted to read them.  I posted an inquiry on the Human Design Projector Facebook page and got a comment back from the author who had since moved on.  Turns out he was the prior owner of this very site!  He graciously posted the articles for me to read, and I loved them so much that I invited him to allow me to give them a home here on the site where they originally lived.

This is the first of those articles.  Please enjoy, be inspired and know that you are not alone!

questionDoes Anyone Really Believe This Stuff?

Written December 31, 2011 by Ethan Emerson

Throughout my life of 31 years as I write this post, I’ve come across many helpful systems and tools that have allowed me to grow and transform my life in ways I never dreamed possible. Many who have witnessed just the last 3 years of my personal transformation have just been in awe of all that I have accomplished and have said that they have never seen ANYONE accomplish the growth I have in such a short period of time, or even in one lifetime. I’m thrilled to be recognized and acknowledged for my progress, and that recognition is the fuel for my fire!

… and yet it’s completely not-self, all the recognition is not me, nor is it real. All I did was act like a Generator, go-getter to get this, get that, accomplish this and that, for what? And who cares? Meaningless praise… for someone I am not.

With that said, I want to address an important question that comes up often, not just in reference to the Human Design System, but any system, concept or tool that has any hint of other-worldliness to it. By other-worldliness I simply mean that which cannot be scientifically measured and unanimously agreed upon in the scientific community.

The question is about BELIEF. Many people say they don’t BELIEVE in Human Design, or they don’t BELIEVE in astrology. My point of view is that when I’m presented with a system, strategy or tool – if it works for me I’ll use it, and if it doesn’t work for me I won’t use it. I don’t need to believe in something for it to work or not work. I simply need to try it – test it – and it either works or it doesn’t.

I usually find a balance between utilizing different elements of many systems. I’ve never found a tool that I believe to be true. I simply don’t believe in constructs to start with. I believe my truth, and that’s all there is. And even that is ever changing.

There are aspects of Human Design that I don’t resonate with, one being that I don’t take for a fact the statement that it takes 7 years for everyone to decondition themselves since the day they begin learning about HD, because one does not need to be consciously aware of the HD system to begin deconditioning. I’ll give you one example. I have a friend who is a Projector whose design is 90% identical to my own. We share more than we don’t share. She is beginning her deconditioning process alongside me, and yet before she learned about HD from me, she had no label to apply to her experiences. She still hasn’t had any interest in learning about HD, and yet, inherently inside of her is the intuition to make decisions as an emotional authority Projector. She does it better than I do. I’m the one learning from HER and she doesn’t even know anything about Human Design.

I did a great deal of deconditioning prior to even knowing Human Design existed, so when I got my chart read it was fun listening to aspects of the way I used to be, knowing consciously that I have truly transformed my life in ways that most people struggle with for a lifetime.

Back to science for a moment…

When something is accepted as undeniable concrete scientific fact, people don’t need to directly experience it to believe it. In fact, there are many instances where people have directly experienced something yet still believed the opposite just because science said it was true.

The best example of this is when Galileo suggested that the Earth revolved around the Sun. The Catholic Church along with all of their followers believed the Sun revolved around the Earth. Prior to the church admitting their mistake, people were experiencing the Earth revolving around the Sun yet believed it was the Sun revolving around the Earth.

What we believe is not necessarily true; what is true doesn’t require belief in order to be experienced. Galileo’s story proves how easily we can be experiencing a reality we don’t believe to be true.

Do you believe in God? Do you believe in Jesus? Do you believe in aliens? Do you believe in telekinesis? Do you believe in psychic powers? Do you believe in the Tarot? Since God, Jesus, Aliens and Telekinesis aren’t unanimously agreed to actually exist by the scientific community and can’t be be proven in a way that satisfies the scientific community, belief in all of these things depends exclusively on a person’s direct experience.

Did you know that no one has ever seen an atom? I know, it sounds crazy but it’s true. Since the atom is the foundation for much of science, does that mean all of physics and Quantum Physics are to be declared inaccurate? Perhaps. But not necessarily. Just because an atom cannot be seen doesn’t mean we don’t experience the effects of interacting with the atom.

Just because it was not visible to everyone on Earth back in Galileo’s day that the Earth revolved around the Sun doesn’t mean they didn’t experience the effects of such reality. In fact, everyone experienced the effects of the Earth revolving around the Sun – they just attributed it to a different cause. Saying the Sun revolved around the Earth didn’t change anything but the words out of their mouths. The effects remained the same. The reason for those effects mattered not.

Scientists all agree that the atom exists despite never having seen one – they agree only by experiencing the effects of interacting with something they can’t see, but call an “atom. “All of us believe in atoms, too. We are interacting with something unseen that we call an atom. Call it an atom, magic, or call it God – either way, the point is that even hardcore science that is agreed upon by every sensible being on this planet is based upon belief. We can’t see it, but we believe it exists.

I find the atom paradox quite entertaining, as the scientific community and the religious communities all have one thing in common: both believe in something they consider to be the foundation of life, yet neither has ever seen it. One calls their building block of life the “atom” while the other calls theirs “God.”

In the end, belief is utterly unimportant. Finding what works for YOU in YOUR LIFE is all that matters. Whether you do or don’t believe in Human Design doesn’t matter. Many tools and systems exist in this world in order to help us gain a clear understanding of who we are – and no matter which systems and tools you use, all that matters is that you live a life that is pleasing to you!

One Thing That Gets in the Way of Projector Invitations

At the first of the year I made a commitment to myself to experience more creativity, adventure and flow in my life.  And last week I got an amazing invitation which allows me to express these intentions and share its fruits with others.  I don’t know why invitations which bring everything together in my life still astound me.  Perhaps it is the Generator conditioning that keeps telling this isn’t the way things work for most people.  I know that many of you struggle with the invitation issue, so each time I hear of someone getting a great invitation or I get one, I like to go back and retrofit how they came about.  During the latest retrofitting session aimed at this invitation I discovered something crucial which gets in the way of Projectors getting great invitations. I call it “limiting my possibilities by thinking I know myself”…. or “putting myself in a box of so called self knowledge”.

This invitation involves music, healing, meditation, improvisation… something very different yet somehow related to the soul mapping of Human Design.  I had been thinking along those lines for a while, but my idea (which I kept to myself) was extremely limited compared to the brilliance of the idea of the beloved Generator whose aura I showed up in for him to respond to me and invite me to collaborate.  When I kept my “box” to myself and didn’t force my limited idea of what I thought was right for me onto the world, the giddy, life-giving, soul-soothing perfect invitation came gushing forth. …. almost by surprise!

It’s not just the box or the limitation which gets in the way of the Projector invitation.  It’s thinking that I know myself when I don’t really.  This example illustrated that completely.  No one can know the Human Design Projector… and the Projector can’t really know him/herself.  We live in a projection field from which we peer out and observe the individuals in our world.  It’s the mind that thinks it knows what’s best when it doesn’t.  This recent invitation made that clear.

This video from Devin at  confirmed my epiphany and may explain some things to you.