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Wait for an Invitation – Zeno Speaks about Human Design Projectors

Questions always come up in our Projector Teleconferences about the strategy of waiting for invitations.  The black and white guideline that Projectors must wait for an invitation before  taking action can often create more confusion than clarity.  The bottom line is that when you are able to observe yourself in relation to others, the clarity about how and when to wait… and why you are waiting becomes clear.

The explanation provided in this video by Zeno about waiting provides some information for you to find your own clarity.  Zeno of Zen Human Design is a mental Projector with a defined throat.  She was one of the original U.S. students of Ra Uru Hu, and as the result of observing how the instruction of Human Design changed from the original she developed her own clarity about understanding the Human Design Chart.

Is Barack Obama a Burnt Out Human Design Projector?

Human Design Barack Obama

Barack Obama August 4, 1961 7:24 p.m. Honolulu, HI

As we enter into the end of the summer, a time when long awaited vacations are typically taken, it seems the President of the United States has met with much criticism for taking time out as tensions in the world and at home heat up.  Photos of Barack Obama’s golf swing pepper the media, fueling criticism that this president is lazy and ineffective in his approach to the many crises which potentially threaten the U.S..  In spite of the fact that he has taken markedly fewer vacation days than any other modern day president, it doesn’t seem to Improve upon the widespread perception that he is not doing his job.  Could it be that the lack of vacation time is actually working against him?

Regardless of your political feelings about President Barack Obama, there is much that can be learned from observing this 6/2 Projector’s experience.  So I’m going to put a few observations out here which are pertinent to all Human Design Projectors.

Unsustainable Work-Force Energy

In essence, the Projector’s purpose on earth is to guide and direct the people who actually have the sacral energy to do sustainable work in the world.  A Projector’s workflow needs to incorporate lots of space and time to recharge themselves, because it’s not about putting the nose to the grindstone for the Projector.  It’s about lightening up to let the innate wisdom that the Projector embodies surface and unfold.

We live in a world where 70% of the population has sustainable sacral energy to do the day to day, nose to the grindstone work.  That’s what they’re here for.  And if they are in work that’s right for them they can continue to do that work day after day, week after week, year after year with no problems.  It will actually energize them.  But it’s because the majority of people have this ability that our collective belief systems reinforce the idea that everyone must work relentlessly in order get something accomplished.  If you’re built that way it works for you.  If you’re not, you ultimately bring something else to the world that the sacral beings don’t have… a wisdom about what is worth working for, and how to go about doing it in the most beneficial ways.

As an open sacral being, Mr. Obama (as well as other Projectors) need their down-time. When the Projector doesn’t get the time to relax and play they get very burned out.  This burnout isn’t something that is easy to come back from.  It has the potential to affect the Projector at very deep physical and emotional levels.  Now here’s the interesting catch 22. Often the Projector knows deep down inside what they need in order to do their best.  But if they’re in a traditional situation which expects them to show up day after day and keep working and working and working like everyone else they may be reticent to honor their own needs.  If they’re caught doing what’s right for them by taking a break when others are working, they’re often heavily criticized for it, judged as lazy, and in many cases deeply resented.  And if the Projector keeps working in the way everyone else is working they ultimately become burned out and ineffective.  This subjects them to more criticism and judgement.

Is that what’s happening here?  What do you think?

Open Energy Centers and Burnout

The ability to take breaks from work is essential for the Projector, especially one who has as many open energy centers as Barack Obama.  All of those open energy centers are taking  in and amplifying energy from other people.  With this much openness, the potential to fry yourself out is huge!  This president is absorbing a multitude of influences from other people and the environment around him … work behaviors, fears, varying ideas and opinions .. just to name a few.  When Projectors don’t have sufficient alone time to discharge all this energetic “stuff”, they don’t ever fully get back to themselves and the true wisdom within them. They start to act like those around them in intensified ways.  And eventually they just crash.

Do you think this President is in the midst of a crash?

Energy Comes With the Right Invitations

Projectors are here to manage, guide and direct others when invited.  If ever there was a position of leadership for managing, guiding and directing, it is the office of the president of the United States.  The issue of invitation is, in my opinion, the most fascinating thing about Barack Obama’s presidency.  Half of the American population invited him to be president and the other half dramatically opposed him.

When Projectors enter into large things which require a lot of time, energy and commitment they need to be invited into it.  The more formal the invitation the better.  And just because the Projector was invited doesn’t mean that it’s the correct invitation.  The correct invitation recognizes and upholds the innate gifts that the Projector has and sets the stage for them to use those gifts for the benefit of those who invited him.  Inherent in the invitation are the resources, support and sustenance to carry out that role.

So did he enter into he presidency in the correct way?  Was he really invited?  Is this the correct invitation for him?  And does he truly have the support that the right invitation would afford him to be a success at his work?

Of course there are other markers in Barack Obama’s Human Design chart which are very specific to him and the dynamics that he is here to live out.  But the issues discussed in this post today can set up any Projector for burn out.  So as you read this and get your own insights about potential burnout and the presidency, ask yourself how you may be experiencing these issues in your own life.

Are you a burnt out Projector?  What dynamics contributed to your burnout?  What issues in this post do you see in your own life?

You are invited to share your insights and comments on this blog post.  Remember that this is a forum for the empowerment and support of Human Design Projectors.  Political opinion and inflammatory comments will be deleted.

Here is a thorough look at Barack Obama’s Human Design chart by

Projector Teleconference – August 2014

All Human Design Projectors are Invited!

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August 20th – 7:00 p.m. Eastern


Why I’m Shaking in My Boots

For the past few weeks I’ve been working one-on-one with a lot of Human Design Projectors and the nudge I’ve been getting for a while now has finally become strong enough that I’m ready to offer this invitation to the Human Design Projector community.    This is a total experiment which I hope will serve you in the ways you have expressed that you want and need to be served.  And to be quite honest, I’m kind of shaking in my boots about it … for two reasons.

  1.  This teleconference is going to be different from the other programs which are offered here.  Instead of focusing on how to survive as a Projector or doing the deeper work of introspection and personal growth, this meeting will be about connecting with others and just being.  It’s about relaxing into being you and getting in touch with your personal energy flow.  So not only will we talk a little about Human Design and Projector issues, but I will also work with you through guided meditation and distance energy work.  It requires me to come out of the closet and offer some my other skills to you. So I’m feeling kind of vulnerable… deep breath…
  2. The second reason I’m shaking in my boots is that the pricing structure is … well… optional.  I’ve never offered a program where you can either come for free or pay if you want.  But after talking to many of you my heart was moved to make this teleconference (and hopefully many others) financially accessible to everyone.  And after much introspection, contemplation and prayer about it I was nudged to offer the option for you to exchange energy, if you so choose, through a small monetary contribution.  My heart sings with the freedom I feel from doing it this way.  Yet my head still tries to control the process by periodically asking me if I’ve lost my mind by departing from the traditional way business is done.

Any who… You’re invited to join this teleconference to connect with others and yourself.  And if you like it and find it valuable we will continue to have them.  I hope you join me in this experiment.  It’s exciting to offer it to you.

More Details Here

What Human Design Projectors Do While Waiting for Invitations

Hello and Happy New Year to all the Human Design Projectors in the house! The Human Design New Year brings influences which will challenge Projectors to become more empowered, but the temptation is there to initiate and act without an invitation.This video addresses the biggest question Projectors ask about their strategy to wait for invitations.  Watch and get some insight on how to make your waiting less frustrating and more productive.


Mindset Affirmation for Human Design Projectors – New Beginnings

Karen Curry, my teacher and author of “Understanding Human Design”, just posted this week’s Evolution Report.  We were in a cycle of struggle most of the year, while discovering what’s worth fighting for.  Now we are in a cycle of new beginnings.  She says in the video that it is important now to pay attention to your thoughts and mindset.  This will influence what unfolds in this time of new beginnings.

Even before I got Karen’s video update I was feeling this energy very strongly.  I’ve noticed that my mind has recently opened to thinking about new possibilities for my personal and work life.  This is no easy feat for a Human Design Projector with a defined head and ajna, but over that last few days I’ve begun to see new ways that I could go about creating a better work environment in my home, and also other possibilities for deepening business and social connections which I hadn’t seriously considered before.  Have you felt the shift of energy in your life too?

Of course for a Projector, the ideas are just ideas until there is an invitation to make a big shift.  And it sounds like we are just starting this cycle of new beginnings, so there is time to define and refine what is really wanted.  There is time to clarify and build the energy around your intentions.  A good way to do that is to anchor your focus with an affirmation.  Try this one on for size:

“I am open to new invitations which nurture and affirm the true me”

What affirmation can you formulate to keep your mindset open to a new beginning?