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Discovering what authority really feels like…

Another great post from by Ethan Emerson

Originally Written April 7, 2012

Pencil with "Y" Circled For YesThe more I still my mind and create spaces for myself where I am thoughtless, the more in touch with my body I become. In combination with using my inner authority to make decisions (Solar Plex) I have been experiencing something very interesting… (I have no conscious access to my emotions, btw).

What I’ve found is that when I am presented with a situation to make a decision on, when my mind is still (meaning I am not mentally processing the decision) I either get hit with an immediate physical feeling that to me is NO or an immediate physical feeling that to me is a YES. Or, I get nothing at all. And I’ve found that getting nothing is what happens when I consciously try to access how I feel. You know, consciously forcing myself to think about the decision maybe by looking at a list of “decisions I need to make” or what have you. The only times I get a YES or a NO are when the subject pops into my mind at random times – unplanned, it just happens. In the shower, while I’m eating dinner, in the middle of a movie. Randomly.

The “YES” feeling feels like an enhanced, fast-paced, intense surge of my own aura for a brief moment flowing in it’s natural state almost like it’s a fast, intense “pulse” of my natural auric energy.

The “NO” feeling feels like a momentary block in the flow of my aura. Like for that moment, everything shrinks into the middle in resistance and it pulses the same physical sensation through my body from head to toe that I feel when I am in a situation where I feel fear.

What happens is that I take, say, a week or two to make a decision. Each day I randomly check-in with myself on the decision to be made. And each time I check in, I get one of the two feelings described above. When I randomly think of the decisions to be made (they just end up in my thoughts) I get hit with the feeling more intensely than if I were to just purposely try to put the decision in my awareness to feel the feeling. Perhaps that’s due to not having conscious access to my emotions. I’m not sure.

But over the last month I’ve been allowing myself to think about my decisions more and more from a place of non-judgment where the thought just enters my mind at random times and I get the intense feeling. But now I’m able to really distinguish what that feeling is – and I’m blown away by the feeling of my own aura flowing at a momentarily increased intensity literally like a PULSE of energy – and I’m just starting to discover this process in a new way.

Previously I would just “test the air” so to speak about how I felt about decisions. But that never worked. I didn’t know how I felt. And it wasn’t until I realized I don’t have conscious access to my emotions did I realize why I wasn’t able to access my inner authority by just choosing to think about my decision.

I’ve found that sitting out in the sun with no purpose helps me in decision making. I just sit outside, soak up the sun, meditate on nothing and it hits me – literally. Maybe this is key for me to allow my decisions to process unconsciously?

And so the journey continues… one day at a time…!

Want to know more about your decision making authority?…..

Projector Survival Study Program

New Expanded Projector Survival Study Program!

copy-cropped-sandy-freschi-mandala-cropped.jpgThe Human Design Projector community spoke and I listened.  You told me that you wanted more flexibility and support while studying “The Projector’s Survival Guide”.  You value the group support but can’t always make the structured meeting dates.   You are interested in more individual support.  And you want it to stay affordable.

Your input inspired the new expanded version of the Projector Survival Study Program.  You can now get the convenience and support of a guided self-study program, combined with group support and individual mentoring.  This is the only program of its type for Human Design Projectors!

“The Projector’s Survival Guide” is an extremely valuable course on its own.  And when you get the amazing support from this program you have everything you need to apply this vital information to your life in a transformative way. It is one thing to gather knowledge.  It is entirely another thing to transform your life with it.  Begin with the Projector Survival Study Program.

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You’re Invited to the Projector’s Survival Study Group

copy-copy-Sandy-Freschi-Mandala-cropped.pngDo you have questions about strategy, work, health, relationships? Get them answered and move into your Projector success with the “Projector’s Survival Study Group”.

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Projector Authority Health and More

Over in the Projector’s Survival Study Group we have discussed the first two modules of Kyle Curry’s course “The Projector’s Survival Guide”.  The main questions that many of the participants are answering for themselves is how to know when their authority speaks.  Projectors will either have a splenic, self, emotional or no authority and each one speaks in a different way to guide you to knowing if an invitation is correct for you.  We spent much of our last meeting discussing and getting clear about each person’s authority and this showed me that decision making authority for Human Design Projectors is a pivotal piece of the puzzle for how we are to work, live and maintain our health.

People with the splenic authority seemed to grapple the most with getting in touch with knowing when the spleen speaks.  Even though the spleen gives a full body response when a decision is correct or not it is subtle at first.  One participant realized during our last meeting that she had probably overlooked her splenic response a lot.  This awareness put her on the path to connecting more with her inner wisdom so she no longer unknowingly holds herself back from the opportunities which are really right and satisfying for her.

Are you holding yourself back by being unclear about your decision making authority? Are you confused about how you can manage your work life, health or relationships as a Human Design Projector?

A new Projector’s Survival Study Group is starting soon!