Is Bitterness Ruining Your Life?

Don’t let bitterness keep you from living as a fully empowered Human Design Projector!


You Can Transform Bitterness to Embrace Joy

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Bitterness is Not Your Fault


Bitterness is part of your inner guidance system. It tells you when your actions and attitudes are not aligned with the true magnificence of who you really are. When you stepped into your experiment to consciously live as a Projector, your guidance system was overjoyed.  If it was a person it would have scooped you up in it's arms and given you a big hug and kiss... because finally someone wants to listen to it!  ... Because someone (YOU) are ready to explore what it means to let go of outside influences and trust yourself to live in the way which honors and empowers you.


Stop Beating Yourself Up!


When you feel bitterness, it doesn't mean that you screwed up.  You're not broken.  You're not a failure.  You are just feeling very deeply the signal from your guidance system to make an inner adjustment to be more of who you are.  You are being triggered so you can release what you learned and absorbed from the well meaning world and people around you who probably unintentionally misguided away from your true self.  Those triggers alert you to opportunities to live from a place of greater understanding and acceptance of yourself. 


 Bitterness is meant to help you find you ...

Bitterness was never meant to control you. But it can sure feel that way when you're triggered.  When you don't know how to handle these triggers, bitterness can wreak havoc on your inner peace, relationships, and even your finances!  And it never gets the chance to serve you by being your guide.


Let's face it, bitterness feels icky. It's debilitating. And it can be downright ugly. But when you deny its true power, it will control and limit your ability to live fully and receive the best invitations that are looking for you.  


The more you try to control bitterness (by denying it or beating it into submission) ... and the more you let it overwhelm you and steal your power ... the more it controls your life.


Bitterness is controlling your life and causing damage when...


  • You’re resentful of your strategy to wait for invitations
  • You walk around angry or upset a lot of the time because you feel invisible or undervalued
  • You can’t escape the cycle of low self-esteem because other people seem to have it better than you
  • You can’t identify your bitterness but you know that something is keeping you from the success you seek

How to Keep Bitterness from Ruining Your Life

By following your Human Design strategy you begin the process of awakening to the power of your true nature and aligning with the way you are designed to thrive.  But in the meantime the road to inner awareness can be filled with hard knocks as you struggle to keep your bitterness from consuming you.


You can make peace with bitterness and put it in its place!

You can stop the damaging effects of the waiting / bitterness cycle!

You can embrace the joy of success that you're here to have!  


  • When you understand your internal guidance system and the role bitterness plays to support you
  • When you discover your unique bitterness triggers and know what to do about them
  • When you release the backlog of bitterness you have from years of feeling misunderstood and unrecognized
  • When you get the support to recognize how precious and valuable you truly are

smiley facesImagine how much better your life will feel when bitterness no longer runs it.


Your relationships become more supportive and enjoyable because you're not pushing people away.


Prosperity and joyful abundance flow into your life because you are relaxed and trust yourself.  


Your body is vibrant because you know how to take care of yourself.  


You are attuned to your wisdom and you follow the cues that your guidance system gives you through the gift of bitterness!

Please Join Us For This Learning and Healing Program for Human Design Projectors




  • Learn to recognize bitterness in your life and transform it
  • Learn about the bitterness triggers in your Human Design chart and how to deal with them
  • Learn how your history fuels feelings of bitterness in your present life
  • Learn how to fine tune your strategy and decision making authority to protect your aura from bitterness enhancing situations
  • Learn about various techniques to let go of the past, live in the present moment and embrace the joy you're here to have




  • Identify and heal from the baggage of the past
  • Awaken your inner healing forces to guide your unique process
  • Resolve feelings of resentment, inadequacy, anger and pain
  • Develop your unique awakening and healing process
Sandy Freschi, Professional Life Coach & Human Design Specialist

Sandy Freschi, Professional Life Coach & Human Design Specialist

My name is Sandy Freschi, and I'm a 3/5 Splenic Projector.


I really wish I could tell you that bitterness no longer affects my life, but that would be a lie. What I can tell you is that I no longer get paralyzed by it. I'm less likely to succumb to the illusion that someone else or my circumstances have the power to determine how I feel. I've learned in my journey of living my design that the way I feel, and how my life forms around me is all an inside job. And in the "Bitterness to Joy" program I want you to come to that powerful conclusion for yourself! Not only that, but I want you to discover and sharpen your tools for staying awake to your process. I want you to open up to your place of power within yourself. And I want you to find the joy that is waiting there for you.


Bitterness doesn't have to overtake your journey. You don't have to be thrown off course by it. In fact you can be reoriented even more quickly to your course when you understand what bitterness is trying to tell you and you discover how to follow its guidance.


I promise to give you the best I have to offer during our time together in this course... my best coaching and guidance ... the best of what I have learned through my study of Human Design ... and the best of my 24 years of experience in the healing arts. And above all things I promise to give you support and care straight from my heart, because I really want you to succeed!



4 Video Lessons (approximate 50 minutes in length): You get 4 pre-recorded video lessons which cover the vital things that you need to know about conditioning, bitterness and your Human Design chart. Each lesson is just under an hour long and is packed with information about Human Design.

4 Recorded Q&A Calls (approximately 90 minutes each): Each Q&A call loosely corresponds to the video which precedes it.  Learn by listening to the questions and discussions of group members as they assimilate information from the course videos into their own lives.


Unlimited Email Support (for the first month): As you go through the recorded videos you may have personal questions about how to apply the information to your specific situation.  You have the opportunity to ask your questions via email during the first month of your enrollment. Get customized support so that you can make the most of the material in this course. 

Secret Facebook Group Support: Ask questions, bare your soul and get support in complete confidentiality and privacy.  This group is secret, which means that no one even knows it exists on Facebook.  Participation in the Secret Facebook Group is optional but extremely valuable.  Those who are in the group get to develop relationships with fellow Projectors who are are studying the same material and having similar experiences.  

Periodic Support Calls: We come together via video conference to connect, share, clear energy and elevate the frequency of each other and the group. This is a time to heal and also a time to explore your energy body as it relates to your design.

Library of Healing Resources:  This collection of healing resources compliments Human Design, and gives you valuable tools to heal your energy system, so that you can live from your design more fully! 


*Learn about subtle energy balancing and forgiveness techniques.

*Listen to guided meditations which were created especially for Projectors.  

*Tap along with Rosemary Zazu, energy healing expert and "Bitterness to Joy" alum, to dissolve bitterness through EFT tapping.  

Lifetime Access to All Materials:  When you register you get permanent access to all course materials.  There is no time limit for completion, and you can interact with and continue to receive support from the members of the Secret Facebook Group for as long as you like.

Special Prices and Invitations to Upcoming Projector Events:  As a "Bitterness to Joy" community member you will be invited to bring your wisdom to the workshops, classes and events that are sponsored by .  You may receive a special rate for participation, or the event may become a part of the "Bitterness to Joy" archives.

Bonus 1

20% off of up to 3 hours of private sessions!


Get Special Pricing on Private Sessions: Get additional personalized support with private coaching sessions and Human Design readings at a significantly reduced price.  

Bonus 2

"Projector Basics" Course Included! (as it becomes available)

"Projector Basics" Course Included (Coming in 2017!):  Whether you are new to Human Design or if you have been in your experiment for a while, it's always helpful to return to the basics. "Projector Basics" is a quick 6-part course which gives you an overview of the main things you need to know to get started with living in alignment with your Projector design. Even if you have been working with your design for a while, you will benefit from this reminders in this course. 


Watch Video #1 Here:


"Sandy I just wanted to say that I really love the way you listen to us, your big-hearted unfaltering compassion, how you have broken the Human Design information down into bit size pieces for us to digest & assimilate and most of all that you 'give' constantly with feedback that we so need from someone that truly understands the life of a Projector. I realise that we are all probably bordering on "neediness" but I see this not as neediness but as essential life tools for a Projector to feel connected to each other, be helped life this crazy life of "just do it" and it is most of all an awesome gift, one that we have all been searching for our whole life. Thank you so much for give my life a shot of hope and clarity. I can't wait for more of your programs. Hugs of Love, Karen"

"I found the reminder about the relationship about Projector bitterness and the consistent ongoing need for great self care timely. I most appreciated the information specifically about the different centers and their correlation with the propensity for bitterness-the specifics of HD as related to bitterness. I also appreciated your low key safe, supportive and insightful coaching style."

- Rosemary Zazu, MA
Coach, Consultant and Creator of the Flow Play Power Program-A Blue Print for Professional Women Who Push Too Hard to Achieve Powerful Results So That They Can Do It With More Feminine Grace and Ease.

"The Facebook page was great as it gave an opportunity to interact between calls...Thank you Sandy!" 

- Julie H.

"Connecting to and going through the process of 'joy' transformation with other Projectors is the ONLY way. Its like I feel like I have found my family. Invaluable sharing of stories and experiences just exponentially added to the programs already amazing content."

- Karen L.

How much energy and time does this course require?

You are encouraged to honor your energy levels at all times during this course.  Explore the assignments which resonate with you and allow yourself time and space to digest the materials at your own pace.


How long do I have access to the materials?

You may keep everything that you are sent for as long as you like.  You will have indefinite access to your student page, but you may also want to save the materials to your computer for future reference and bookmark the links you are given.


I can't afford to pay the full tuition up front.  Do you have a payment plan?

Yes.  See the "Sign Up Today!" section for details.


Will I get professional counseling or psychotherapy?

No.  This is not a counseling group.  It is a learning and healing program.  If your insights lead you to the understanding that you could benefit from professional counseling or psychotherapy, you are encouraged to seek out a professional who is qualified to work with you on that level.  It will not interfere with your participation in this program.


What is the difference between this program and counseling / psychotherapy?

The purpose of this program is to assist you in acquiring information and tools to enhance your personal awareness and your journey from your present life into a more fulfilling future.  The framework is appropriate for people who are functioning at a relatively high level and want to fine tune and strengthen their sense of empowerment.

The focus of counseling / psychotherapy is to recover from significant past trauma and emotional injury by going deeply into your past to uncover its roots and heal them.  In cases of severe abuse or long standing mental health issues counseling / psychotherapy may be more appropriate than a learning and healing program.


What if I want more personalized support?

The opportunity to purchase private sessions at a significantly reduced rate is available for this purpose.  You can use your sessions to get insight about your Human Design chart, or to receive coaching or healing for your specific issues.


How many private sessions may I purchase?

You can purchase up to 3 hours of private sessions for 20% off the regular rate. This is a great way to build a coaching package for support during and after the course.


How long do I have to purchase and use the private sessions?

Upon registration you will be given a link where you can go and purchase your sessions.  The link does not expire, but you will only be able to make the allotted number of purchases through that link.  It is recommended that you purchase as soon as possible so that you don't forget the procedure. You will have a year to use your sessions, but you are encouraged to use them within 6 months of purchase to make the most of the momentum from the course.


May I purchase sessions for other people at this special rate?

Yes and No.  You may use some of your sessions to explore relationship dynamics between you and the significant people in your life.  Those people may be present on those calls with you, but the focus will be on giving you what you need to function better within the relationship. If you wish to purchase private sessions for others you may do so at the full rate.


What are your current rates for private sessions?

Go to my services page and click on the "book now" button to see my current rates.

One Payment - $187 


Two Payments - $99 


Add a One Hour Private Session - Special Pricing!!!