How Much Rest Are You Getting?

In the last post we looked at the gate 34 in the transits and how its influence of busyness affects the Human Design Projector.  This week we have an extra boost in the transits which take the 34 theme of busyness to the next level.  The entire 34/20 classic manifesting generator channel will be affecting us all for the next few days!  So if you’re feeling more energetic than normal, thank the 34/20 in the transits.  If you look at the Human Design Chart below you can see the 34/20 going from the sacral center to the throat.

34/20 Manifesting Generator

34/20 Manifesting Generator

The Manifesting Generators who have this energy defined in their charts are typically very busy  people. They have the energy for consistently working through the gate 34, and it runs straight to the throat through the gate 20, enabling their activities to directly manifest into something tangible…. (when they wait to respond)

This is great for a Manifesting Generator who can withstand the drive to continually work, but what does it mean when a Human Design Projector encounters the 34/20 energy in the transits? It means that you may be amplifying one or both of the two gates which make up this channel and feel as though you have the energy to work endlessly.  However!!!!! The Projector doesn’t have the consistent sacral energy to sustain work for long periods of time.  So ultimately it is an opportunity for the Projector to become wise about work by feeling the influence and being wise about how to work with it.

This is an amazing, life on fire, energy boost that we non-sacral beings get to experience.  Personally, my multitasking abilities were on steroids yesterday. But luckily I had nowhere to be this morning, because I slept nearly 10 hours to make up for all the activity.  If you’re enjoying the boost too, consider checking in with yourself regularly to ask yourself “How much rest am I getting?”  Now, more than ever, you can really run yourself ragged.

I’m off to bed now, so that I’m fresh for another rendezvous with the 34/20 tomorrow.