How Projectors Can Recognize Good Invitations

InvitationWe had our first Projector Empowerment Call on August 8th and I was blown away by the energy. As one of the members put it: “Wow, the energy really picked up pretty easily and quickly and was really high at the end!

Our topic was invitations… How to recognize good ones. I shared some information and examples about the ins and outs of good invitations (which can be found in the pdf handout on the membership page), and then everyone else jumped in. It was an evening of ideas, real life examples, food for thought (and practice) and clarity.

Invitations are essential for success as a Projector.  We can’t do without them.  It’s like getting a big break into your true life.  When you follow your strategy to wait for them you start to attract them with relative ease.  Sometimes the good ones aren’t easily recognizable.  Sometimes you can dismiss an invitation which is really right for you.  And all too often, because at first the are far and few between, you accept invitations which aren’t right for you.

Do you know how to recognize a good invitation which honors the real you and your energy levels?  Have you ever accepted an invitation which seemed like a good idea at first and ended up draining you?

It’s not too late to get really good at finding and accepting the right invitations that allow you to use your Projector magic.  The recorded call and worksheet are archived on our special private membership page.  When you join us in the Projector Empowerment Program you will have access to this and so much more.

So this is your official invitation to join us.  We had so much fun and were so productive and uplifted by this first call that we would really love to keep the love, learning and collaboration alive by sharing it with you!

You are invited to register now and get the first month for the introductory rate of $27

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