Human Design Projectors and Profiles

hexagram logoYour profile (or your learning style) tells you so much about your style for interacting with and learning from the world around you.

When the profile is not fully understood, you may unintentionally stifle your life expression, and place harsh judgements on yourself.  This may keep you from clearly seeing the beauty of your unfolding role on the planet.

As Projectors, we spend a lot of time waiting.  So it is important to understand and embrace the way we approach our day to day experiences, and ultimately how this approach colors the emergence of our authentic path and purpose.

In this class we will explore the 6 lines which make up 12 possible profiles of the Human Design system, in the context of what it means to be a Projector energy type.

What You Get from Taking this Class:

  • A deeper understanding of your personal profile, which will enhance the quality of your observations of your general approach to your environment.
  • A feel for how you’re designed to relate to other people, approach challenges and to learn about yourself and the world.
  • Add more depth to your framework of self-exploration as you deepen your personal experiment with your Human Design blueprint.
  • By becoming aware of how you are designed to engage with others and move through your life, you will cultivate a deeper level of compassion and acceptance for yourself… and other people.

“Projectors and Profiles” 

One Hour Recorded Video Class


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*Included in the “Bitterness to Joy” program