Living Your Design Awakening Program for Projectors & Manifestors Starting December 13th

What do Human Design Projectors and Manifestors have in common?  Both energy types have no definition in the sacral center.  This makes both the Projector and Manifestor type prone to exhaustion when trying to sustain the energy to work.  Are you ready to start living your design and stop being exhausted?

Following your strategy and listening to your decision making authority will help you to live correctly in ways that honor your energy, and the “Living Your Design Awakening Program for Projectors & Manifestors” will help you refine your Human Design experiment.

Andrea Abay-Abay, a 3/5 Projector and Alokanand Diaz del Rio, a 1/3 Manifestor, are teaching the Living Your Design Awakening Program for Projectors & Manifestors, to help you get a handle on the essential principles that you need to grasp in order to successfully experiment with your Human Design Strategy and Authority.  Strategy and decision­ making will be covered in depth in this course in addition to other essential information that Projectors and Manifestors must know.


This 8 session webinar series will cover:
● Human Design & How it Works
● The 9 Centers and How they Function
● The Aura Types and Strategies
● The different kinds of Authority
● How to Live Your Design



This series runs from 12/13­/14 to 1/4/15 at 18 GMT (Saturdays & Sundays).  The live 90 minute calls will be recorded. Learn about how to work with your Human Design in the way that Ra Uru Hu taught it!

Tuition: $350 (a 2-part payment plan is available)

Pre-requisite: A foundational reading from a Human Design Analyst

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