New Expanded Projector Survival Study Program!

copy-cropped-sandy-freschi-mandala-cropped.jpgThe Human Design Projector community spoke and I listened.  You told me that you wanted more flexibility and support while studying “The Projector’s Survival Guide”.  You value the group support but can’t always make the structured meeting dates.   You are interested in more individual support.  And you want it to stay affordable.

Your input inspired the new expanded version of the Projector Survival Study Program.  You can now get the convenience and support of a guided self-study program, combined with group support and individual mentoring.  This is the only program of its type for Human Design Projectors!

“The Projector’s Survival Guide” is an extremely valuable course on its own.  And when you get the amazing support from this program you have everything you need to apply this vital information to your life in a transformative way. It is one thing to gather knowledge.  It is entirely another thing to transform your life with it.  Begin with the Projector Survival Study Program.

Don’t waste time wondering how to live as an empowered Projector. Start living now!

You’re Invited to Read About the Projector Survival Study Program HERE