2 thoughts on “Projector Survival Study Program Update

  1. Peggy Sprague

    Thanks Sandi! I think this will be a big help for many. Anytime you can supply information in an easy format it is a plus!

    In my own experience I was so thankful for the survival guide. When I listened to Kyle’s recordings so much of my life made sense. I know I had lived from massive conditioning as a generator lifestyle. And for me my whole life has been go go go crash – go go go crash.
    I am now in a recovery period from a big crash. I am so grateful to have the projector knowledge so I can re-condition myself and to know there is nothing wrong with me- and to not take so much personally of how other designs relate to me. It is not easy, but I know that being conscious of what I am doing is the first step.

    Super grateful,

  2. SandyFreschi Post author


    Thanks so much for your comments. Your experience is valuable for all Projectors. Awareness is the first step, and I’m glad the Projector’s Survival Guide helped you.

    Take Care,

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