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Andrea Abay Abay – Living Your Human Design Course

Andrea Abayabay

Andrea is an International Human Design School Certified Living Your Design Guide. As a 3/5 Energy Projector with Emotional Authority on the Cross of Contagion, she enjoys sharing her discoveries and feelings as a creative role model in her Human Design Experiment. She writes for and Andrea is also a Professional Analyst Student.

About Living Your Design: In this online Awakening Program, Andrea reveals how Human Design can provide a way for you to wake up to your true nature.

Essential principles that Projectors need to grasp in order to successfully experiment with their Human Design Strategy and Authority in decision making, along with practical tips for Living Your Design, will be shared. Living Your Human Design is for those who are ready to discover their individual potential. Projectors invited!  More Info

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Send Andrea a copy of your id with your birthdate on it and she will sign you up for the Jovian endowment, which gives Projectors 20% off most products on our site (excluding software).


Suzanne Dovey – Healer

Suzanne DoveyAs a 6/2 splenic projector Suzanne loves to work with other projectors. As a healer and projector she has a unique insight into the health issues that many projectors may come up against.

She is also an instructor in The Wonder Method (TWM). TWM is a deceptively gentle and transformative form of energy healing. When you work with Suzanne expect deep change on every level and support through this process. Personal healing sessions include many different healing techniques and intuitive work. Teaching sessions are available in person or by phone/Skype.

Sandy Freschi – Intuitive Energy Guide

Sandy (2)Sandy is the author of this blog and a typical 3/5 Projector. If things suddenly change on this site, you can credit her with trying something new. Sandy’s real strengths and interests lie in guiding others through their journey of self-discovery for the purpose of assisting them in becoming wise about how to work with the precious energy that they have to live a vital and joyful life.

Her eclectic style of working with others reflects her vast array of training and experience. Human Design is the basis for how she understands you, and then from there she gives you what you need at the time that you need it. So private sessions with her will typically start with a Human Design Reading (if you haven’t received one). Subsequent sessions may include energy clearing, coaching, healing or intuitive work, depending on your intentions and needs. The adventure is worth taking when you are ready to work dynamically with your energetic blueprint in very practical ways.

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Carolyn Jayne, MA – Holistic Counselor

Carolyn Jayne

Carolyn Jayne is a 5/1 emotionally defined Projector who has a special affinity for working with fellow Projectors.  She is a holistic counselor, artist and visual journaling expert.

When you work with Carolyn, you go deep within yourself to uncover the truth which lies beyond words. Her personal sessions combine the wisdom of Human Design (both standard and emergent), the Gene Keys and Jungian archetypes.

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Evelyn Levenson – Human Design Specialist & Coach

Evelyn LevensonEvelyn specializes in assisting Projectors in aligning with authentic success. She has a background in the corporate world and also many years of experience as a Human Design Specialist and a Coach. Being a 1/3 Projector, Evelyn is known for the detail and depth that she brings to her Human Design readings and one on one sessions.

Success for Projectors

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