Human Design Projectors Get Coaching and Mini Readings

Two wooden mannequins pushing puzzle pieces togetherThe Projector Empowerment Program is evolving! We’re beginning to incorporate mini Human Design readings and coaching into our meetings.  Some of our calls are more educational, and we talk about specific topics such as invitations, working orself-care.  But Projectors have lots of questions  about how to apply all this stuff they’re learning to their specific issues.  Our first brave participant for this coaching/reading/question and answer format had this to say about her experience:

“I loved doing my session with our PEP group today. It felt so good to hear how others in the group had similar feelings and challenges. I loved the feedback I got from you and others in the group.  Before our call, I had a sense of my problem. But as we talked and looked at the different parts of my chart, it became much clearer what my issues were. The solutions we all came up with were really helpful. “
Do you have questions about how to live as a fully empowered Human Design Projector? Not sure where to start?  You can start with the free teleclass “4 Things Human Design Projectors Must Know to Live Like Royalty”, and then consider joining the awesome, wise and wonderful members of the Projector Empowerment Program.