September Projector Teleconference

Wednesday September 17th, 2014

How it Works

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Participation in the teleconference is free and open to all Human Design Projectors who want to attend. The opportunity to make a small monetary contribution is available as an option, however, if you would like to exchange this type of energy to express gratitude and enhance the flow of prosperity in your life. Your optional contribution is greatly appreciated and goes help offset the cost of delivering these teleconferences.

Transits for our meeting:

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2 thoughts on “September Projector Teleconference

  1. kb

    Sandy: What a terrific discussion the teleconference was tonight. I listened to the replay, as I could not make it to the live session. I hope I can make it live someday, (maybe next month). What a amazing group of people we are! I received some helpful information from everyone that talked and wanted to say thank you to them for putting themselves “out there” to talk. I heard helpful tips to move me along during my waiting from the fellow projectors and YOU~! BTW, I really like your “optional contribution” button, and think that is a fantastic idea/way to let the Spirit move. I am not contributing money right now, yet I hope to soon., sending blessings instead !!!! I Just want you to know I thank you for your time, service, expertise to pull us projectors together., it is a yearning of mine to talk with others like me., and has been full-filling to listen in. Thank you all ! , Kaye

  2. SandyFreschi Post author

    Thank you so much for your comment. Energy exchange is energy exchange and your feedback, support and blessings are all part of that. Your presence, whether live or in spirit is valuable and much appreciated.

    Much love, Sandy

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