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My Projector Career Experience and the Direction of This Blog

CB055359It has been a while since I posted here. As a Human Design Projector with no throat definition, my ability to express myself in verbal form is inconsistent at best. In 2016 I surrendered to that, and just allowed myself to post when the energy was truly there to do it.

I surrendered to a lot of things about my design (and the direction of my life) in 2016, and it lead me to a clearer understanding of how you can be better served through this blog. Many of you have been talking to me over the past few years about your money and career concerns. To be honest I didn’t have much to offer you in the way of personal wisdom, because I was in the midst of discovering a lot of things that didn’t work. My 3/5 profile portrays me as one who discovers all those things that don’t work so that I can share practical solutions with others. That also leads others to misinterpret or project upon me the expectation that I have the answers. This simply is not true… as those of you who have known me for a while have probably come to discover.

What is true is that I do have experiences which could benefit you. I have been reluctant to share for fear that I might be burned at the stake when whatever I was trying was not working out. But it doesn’t serve the exchange of our energies to keep these experiences (for better or for worse) to myself. So in 2017 I am trying a new experiment. I am going to share with you some of the things that are going on in my work and business life, so that you … if you have been asking … can get a picture of how this 3/5 Splenic Projector with the Right Angle Cross of Service bumps through life’s career opportunities via invitation.

What Happened in 2016

Prior to 2016 I was working hard to try and figure out how to grow an online Human Design coaching practice as a solo practitioner. My endeavor was accompanied by a lot of ups and downs in income, an inconsistent voice and vision, and a struggle to maintain my energy without overworking. I knew that the Generator model for building business was not going to work for me, but at times I was in a big quandary as to how to do this business of mine in a way that is correct for a Projector. As a result of this dilemma, much of my time in front of the computer was fraught with the paralysis of just not knowing what to do next. Have you ever been there?

At the same time, there were family pressures to make more money. I left a steady income (although it was a relatively low income for my skill) of doing massage, to pursue my dream to serve others in a different, less physically demanding way. My husband and I had also been talking about building a new home for a while, and this project would require both of our incomes. When I left massage (the second time around… I left it once and then came back to it.) I really felt that the money would come through my online business passions. It didn’t … not to the level that was needed. And I found myself working harder than a Projector should to keep this dream alive. Much to my husband’s frustrations, we would not build our home in 2016, because my income was not at the place where it needed to be to take the next step.

At the end of 2015 my husband suggested that I would probably be good at selling real estate… He encouraged me to try it to see if I could make enough money to help us get over the hump of new home construction. Initially my ego was offended, and my mind had a field day with this new possibility… “How could he not see that my true love and dream is to be of service to others with Human Design and coaching?”  “My gifts are not like others”… my ego said. “How dare he suggest that I do something different  than the way I think I should do it”…

But here’s what I learned about how my defined head and ajna can work against my splenic authority. I tend to have a lot of pre-conceived notions and fixed ideas about who I think I am. My undefined G center indicates that nothing could be farther from the truth. Yet these notions somehow make me feel secure … It’s like I think I have a fixed identity or something. Then, in comes the small still voice of the spleen. It is truly a primal instinctive response with a split second trigger. When my husband made the suggestion of using my talents in a different way, my head raged on with thoughts of how I was being misunderstood. And while the thinking part of me clung stubbornly to its own ideas, beneath the surface my spleen spoke quietly. It almost felt as though my ears perked up. If I had been a bunny in the woods you could have seen it happen. For just a second or two his suggestion / pre-invitation caught the attention of my instincts. There were no words with this response, just recognition that this was important.

So then my mind conceded, as long as certain conditions were met. It’s funny how the mind needs conditions in order to feel in control. If I did it I would have to go with a certain real estate agency … one that I recognized years ago as a place that I would want to work if I ever got into real estate. (I guess that real estate had been on my unconscious bucket list for a while). I would need to be well trained and well supported. I would continue with my Human Design and coaching work. I would not enter into it unless there was a clear invitation. The last condition was true knowing and recognition. The rest of it was monkey mind blah blah.

For Projectors, opportunities need to be facilitated and invitations need to be direct. My husband was willing to foot the bill for my training, licensure and expenses as I got up and running. A real estate agent I bumped into a while back facilitated the opportunity for me to be interviewed by his agency (which was my agency of choice). A direct invitation did come during that interview. My splenic authority spoke when I felt recognized, and I recognized that this was a good place for me.

But I was also very aware that I was being invited into the training ONLY… not necessarily into the work. Much of 2016 was a huge education in observing the integration all of my skills, knowledge and gifts. I learned to streamline my coaching business, and actually made just as much profit as I did the year before with a lot less effort and worry.  On top of that, I actually sold some houses! I was using my coaching skills in a different and rewarding way to help people purchase a home. And I was sharing Human Design with those agents who wanted to know about it.

Then the tide began to shift in the early fall, and that invitation to learn started to fade. After I sold two homes, I had a really clear idea of what wasn’t working for me in the real estate arena. The lead generation … I still cringe at the word generation, and the paperwork were both draining me. Actually I wasn’t doing much lead generation, because it simply wasn’t correct for me to do it in the way I was trained. I was confused about how to attract people who wanted to buy homes from me in a way that I could use my energy correctly. In fact I didn’t “generate” those two clients who bought the two homes I sold. They were referred to me by another agent. That felt good, but wasn’t a reliable way to create income. Those opportunities are hit or miss unless you’re on a team which does a lot of the lead generation for you. The other aspect of the real estate business that exhausted me was the pressure of getting the paperwork right as you go through a transaction on your own.  If I was to stay in the business, someone would need to to position me so that clients could easily invite me. And then I would need to be free of the exhausting drudgery of paperwork. It’s kind of a tall order right? Keep reading to find out what happened.

As an aside to the real estate story, around the same time that I was getting clear about my future in real estate, I was invited to take the BG5 Business Institute Foundation Training. The training illuminated a lot about how I’m designed to have a career. It also helped me to become very clear about what I needed in order to thrive in the real estate profession.

So back to real estate … I waited and watched for the kind of support I knew I needed. I wanted to be on a team… the right team with the right people and the right Projector-friendly business model. I didn’t see it. Most teams are highly driven versions of the “make it happen, work, work, work” environment that would catapult a sacral being with lots of motors into millionaire real estate status. So I avoided that option like the plague. But those teams which were seemingly laid back were not giving me the time of day. I know now that when an invitation isn’t forthcoming the worst thing that I can do it to try an engineer one.

My motto… If there’s no invitation there’s nothing to do… just wait and be ready.

Just when I was seriously thinking of giving up my license, the right invitation to join a team came! Remember that up to that point I had only had an invitation to learn. Now I needed an invitation to contribute and collaborate. And that’s where I am today… preparing to join a brand new, very small team, whose primary motive is to cultivate an environment where everyone earns a sufficient income and is able to enjoy their lives.

The Direction of This Blog

So what does all of this have to do with the direction of this blog? It seems like there may be things that I can share from my experience… for better or for worse … which may help you in your career journey. So you may be reading a lot on this blog about how a Projector thrives in the mainstream business of real estate.

I may also share some things I’m learning about the online world of business. My online business grew tremendously in 2016 in visibility and stability. New awarenesses are emerging about how to best use my energy.. how to put in less work effort and receive more abundance. There are many take-aways from this journey in two business worlds that I really want to share with you.

You will also begin to get more information about my experiences with the BG5 program. At this point I feel like I want to continue moving toward becoming a certified BG5 consultant. It is such a practical way to share the wisdom of Human Design. But it’s not going to happen overnight. Eventhough I still do Human Design readings and my coaching is often focused on career and business, I am nowhere close to being qualified to provide the service of a BG5 consultant. So if you want to be illuminated, as I was, about how you can have career success as a Projector, you can get started by either taking the foundation training or order your Success Code Report.

April 2015 Projector Teleconference

So Sorry! There is no recording  😥 

Topics covered during our time together were varied.  We discussed how to approach your chart and the journey to be more of yourself when you’re new to Human Design.  We also explored some of the dynamics of self criticism as they relate to conditioning and the ego center.  One participant wanted to know more about the open head and ajna as they relate to vertigo and eyesight issues.  And we concluded our evening with a discussion about manifesting and business.

My apologies go out to those of you who submitted questions ahead of time in hopes of listening to the recording later.  I am so sorry for the slip up.  Here is a synopsis of each topic.

How to Approach the Chart When You’re New to Human Design:

Question –  I’m new in human design, trying to figurate out and learning how to be myself.. its complex i know.. but knowing you are projectors as well.. could you give me an advice, a clue or a few words to understand this chart situation..what im supposed to?? would like to know Type: Projector Profile: 5 / 1 Definition: Single Definition Inner Authority: None Strategy: Wait for the Invitation Theme: Bitterness Incarnation Cross: Left Angle Cross of Wishes (50/3 | 31/41)

  • Start with following your strategy to wait for invitations and listen to your decision making authority
  • If you have no inner authority, it means that you must discuss your decisions with people close to you until you get clarity.
  • Your profile is the way you learn and interact with your environment.
  • All Projectors have the emotional theme of bitterness.  It is what we feel when we’re pushing too hard and not waiting.
  • When you are following your strategy and listening to your authority your incarnation cross… the story line of your life naturally emerges.  It’s not something that I usually go into in depth with my clients until we have covered the other aspects of your chart.
  • If you go back through some of the older teleconferences you will get some insight into the various parts of the chart.
  • Be gentle with yourself and take your time.  There is so much on the chart but it doesn’t have to be taken in at once
  • You may want to consider getting a reading at some point, but for now start with experimenting with the basics of strategy, authority, self-care and discovering what brings you joy


Question:  I truly need to be recognised and invited, it fills my heart with joy…. I have no doubt whatsoever that this is a core aspect of my being. However, when someone genuinely recognises me, I love it, but then a self-critic voice becomes louder than the joy. I feel very uncomfortable, maybe even not deserving of that. it is like “who am I to feel this sense of power?”… it is very masochistic, i suffer with that…. and wonder if that is more of an emotional wound I have, or this can also be one aspect of been a projector in a world that expects people to be slaves. Have you ever experienced that?! if so, have you found a way to deal with it?

  • This actually fairly common among Projectors.
  • Part of the reason for this could be that many of us carry the pain of not being recognized when we misused our non motorized throats, and that affects our self-esteem.  We also carry conditioning from people who were not ok with us sharing our truth.
  • The person who asked this question has an undefined G center and a defined Ego/Will Center.  The undefined G center is very sensitive and struggles with feeling loved.  The defined Ego / Will center has a fixed sense of self worth.  That sense of self worth can be low if the undefined G has been conditioned to feel unloved.

Health, Vertigo, Eyesight and the Open Head and Ajna:

Question – Are there common health traits and/or symptoms for each of the center’s that indicate concerns that you need to work on? Eg: When I had my major health break down some 4+ years ago it started by putting me into this vertigo dizziness whereby I couldn’t even stand up for about two weeks. My ears have been ringing ever since and my eye sight was greatly affected to the point that I rely on glasses to read and still get drained and tired from reading (esp. on computer or mobile screens with light) all the time in this info world. So, I’m wondering if this is an indication of not-self issues and old conditioning/beliefs still up showing in my open head and anja centre’s ? Can you shed light on this please?

  • The open head and ajna are susceptible to the thought processes of others who have definition there.  Depending on the defined gates you are exposed to your open head and ajna are constantly exposed to and are amplifying logical, mutative or sensing thought processes… sometimes all at the same time if several people with definition are in your conditioning field.  If you’re trying to hold onto these thoughts it could be quite overwhelming.
  • The open head and ajna are definitely related to the eyes and the brain, so if you are recovering from a health collapse, it’s easy to see how they would be affected.
  • Also look at where your body may be depleted from a health breakdown and seek expert advice on how to refortify yourself with nutrients or alternative treatments like homeopathy (as one person shared from her own experience with vertigo)
  • Look at the charts of your family members and others in your conditioning field to get insight into how their definition and mindsets may have influenced yours.
  • Don’t hold onto ideas and thoughts.  Let them pass through.  Don’t give them any power.
  • Louise Hay in “You Can Heal Your Life”  suggests that vertigo has to do with scattered thinking and a refusal to look.  She suggests the following affirmations:  “I am deeply centered and peaceful in life.  It is safe for me to be alive and joyous”
  • From a metaphorical standpoint it may be helpful to consider where you are feeling unbalanced or where is is not safe for you to be alive and joyous

 Marketing and Manifesting:


I still really need clarity about Projectors ability to manifest. Am I right when I say that we have to be fully balanced into our joy (not bitterness) and then focused on what we want and then wait? I have found that manifesting is extremely hard. Maybe its just my design. What else do I need to understand about this?

How do I “inform” people / promote / market my new business without not being recognized and/or acting as a go-getter manifesting generator ?

  • One participant shared about how he is a “lazy entrepreneur”, because he waits and follows his inner promptings.  This was so perfect, because manifesting, in life or business, for the Projector is very much about relaxing and waiting.
  • It’s not so much what you do or how you do it but who you do it with.  The right other people and environment are extremely important for manifesting and for marketing
  • Joy is the key. If the inner prompting comes to do something which brings you joy that doesn’t require an invitation, follow it… even if it’s not directly related to what you want to manifest.
  • Joy and enjoyment energize the Projector’s aura.  Other people can recognize us when we’re saturated in joy.  They come to us… so that we really can be “lazy”, relax and wait to be invited.
  • Presence is very important in marketing… your website, your message, your meaningful connections with flesh and bones people.  So blog regularly when you’re inspired.  Do social media if you really love it.  Engage in networking activities that really light you up.  Not the ones you think you should go to.  People find you when you are deeply engaged in what you enjoy.  Do the marketing things which increase your presence and credibility, but only do the ones you absolutely love.
  • If you can’t find your joy you may be tired and depleted.  When you relax… really relax you replenish yourself and are able to open up to the manifestations you have called forth with your intentions which are waiting for you to receive.

At the end of the teleconference, one participant summed it up nicely by reinforcing the importance of self-care.  Self-care is the Projector’s foundation for aligning with strategy, for high self-esteem, for good health, for manifesting a great life (or rather opening to receive it), and for having a business which serves our people and supports us financially.