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When an Invitation Ends – The Beloved Trickster

Last week my invitation to be on a real estate team ended. I have been considering what to tell you about this experience which would be useful to your own journey. After much reflection, it seems that the place to start is to tell you that the end of an invitation is not the end of the world. When an invitation begins well, it can also end well.

When an invitation begins well it can also end well.

If you have ever correctly entered into an invitation and were left scratching your head when it ended, please don’t waste your time (and precious energy) wondering what happened. And by all means, don’t blame yourself or the others involved.

As I was processing this with a very wise Projector (thank you Saeri!), she mentioned the trickster energy that can come into play when you enter into a correct invitation. Sometimes when you go in, it looks like you’re going in to get a certain thing. When you get there it turns out you’re there for an entirely different purpose. If you’re wise to the trickster energy, you can stay unattached to the outcome, and it makes for a much smoother ride.

In this case, the trickster dangled the promise of making a good income (in a way that is correct for me) in front of my face. It looked like that was where I was going. Although my splenic authority resonated deeply with the invitation, I suspected that there was more to the purpose of the experience. I felt it. However my mind would’ve been reluctant to take the bait (and would’ve tortured me with its monkey mind gyrations), had it not been set up in a way that met its expectations. The trickster comes to trick the mind into going along for the ride.

Had the trickster not come to draw us (me and my team mates) into this experience, I would’ve retreated back to my home office, still clueless about a few things that I dearly needed to experience. I would not have received the wisdom that my 3/5 profile is destined to discover. And I would not have some crucial pieces of clarity to share with you and others.

So after a wild year-long ride through the world of the mainstream, what did I get from this experience? There is so much richness here that I hardly know what to share now and what to save for later, so that you are not overwhelmed. I got three main things from my adventure in the real estate world that I would not have gotten by sitting behind my desk at home.

  1. I got a window into the the mainstream generator work world, and came to a deep understanding of what sacral beings must do to have satisfaction in their career. Their systems are challenging, complicated and labor intensive…. and they like it that way!
  2. With regard to sacral beings with a lot of individual circuitry (as my team mates were), I developed a deep appreciation for the struggles that they face. The system is designed for conformity and is stacked in the favor of success through homogenized practices. I watched them struggle between what is truly correct for their individuality and the tried and true practices of the business tribe. In the end what worked for their individuality did not work to sustain the team.
  3. Most importantly I gained a powerful new confidence in the magic of who I am. I felt first hand, what works (and doesn’t work) when it comes to connecting with others. I discovered that the people whom I’m here for already recognize and trust me. They will come to me, regardless of what I do or how I do it. I had insight about this prior to the real estate adventure, but now I that I’ve seen it in action, it’s imbedded in my cells.

So dear Projector, this has been the most liberating and empowering journey yet! Thanks for following my adventures. There is more to come for sure. In the meantime I am returning to my desk in my home office (and to my orchard, and also to some minor new invitations) to gather everything I have learned and channel it back into serving you.

An Autumn Note for Human Design Projectors

Happy Autumn!  Happy Harvest!  

The days and nights here in East Tennessee are becoming deliciously cooler, and the leaves on the trees in the mountains are showing hints of the orange, red and gold coloring which will soon turn into a spectacular display of the kind of art that only nature can create.

Our collective focus in the Northern Hemisphere is beginning to turn to reaping the harvest of the year’s efforts and endeavors.  Where have you placed your energy this year?  What is unfolding for you as a result?

As a Human Design Projector you may not always be able to see the clear connection between the correct focus of your energies and the fruits you receive as a result.  We are (in general) designed to accomplish more by pushing less.  And somehow invitations come when we haven’t pushed to get them, but have instead prepared by cultivating a life of joy, filled with endeavors which deepen our passions and call the best out of us.

Such a thing has happened again … right on time … here in my little world.

My good friend who started a massage school about 3 years ago finally decided that she can’t do it all, and she invited me to teach the business course for her students. When I told her about how each student can benefit from knowing about their Human Design … before they spend a bunch of money on marketing and start up strategies which may not work for them … she was doubly thrilled about our new collaboration.

We had our first conversation about this before the start of her first class a few years ago.  And I see now that the timing could not have been any better for me to start now!  She needed to be ready to release and trust.  And I needed to have a little more Human Design experience (to add to the massage business experience) to really create an awesome, one of a kind course for this particular group of people. 

Many Projectors ask the question “How long does it take to get one of those “big” invitations?”.  Of course there is no answer to the question.  It probably has much to do with the nature of the invitation that is looking for you, and the preparation required to align with yourself and the system you are here to use to guide others. So if you’re asking how long it takes to receive a great invitation, try taking your focus off the desire for the invitation and instead put it on your desire to follow your bliss and live your passions.  

You never know what delightful opportunities will show up at the right time in the right way. … Be Ready!