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The Importance of Recognition for Human Design Projectors

This is a personal share about an epiphany I had over the weekend.  Human Design Projectors are here to realize success by being recognized and invited by the right people into the things which allow them to use their gifts and talents to manage, guide and direct.  That’s not the epiphany.  As I’m sure that if you have been studying your design for a while, you already know this.  Success and the recognition / invitations which follow, usually come from mastering a system.  That’s not the epiphany either.  You, like me, may have studied and mastered a lot of systems.  But if something is missing for you, something that makes you feel like you’re not in a place where you fully live in the success you have achieved, this epiphany may make things clearer for you.

Here’s my epiphany:

It’s important as a Projector to have formal recognition for the system you master.  Maybe if you have a lot of individual circuitry in your chart this is not so important (I’m not sure). But I realized this weekend, while sharing Human Design at a ministerial conference where a few ministers were being awarded Doctoral degrees, that it’s not enough for me to master what I study.  I actually need to be formally recognized for it among people who truly see me…. a room full of flesh and bones people who are there to celebrate my success and really get what it means to have achieved the accomplishment.  Maybe you already know this and have done this.  For me it was a deep recognition of myself and what I know at the core of my heart to be the missing piece to feeling ultimately successful.

group recognition

For years I denied that need… perhaps not even recognizing that it was a need … because I kept trying to believe that the formal recognition and celebration aren’t important.  And meanwhile I moved from thing to thing, mastering to a certain degree this technique and that approach, but never getting to where I felt I arrived.  It’s the story of the gate 48 … studying everything under the sun because you don’t feel you know enough.  The truth is I have felt that I have known enough for quite a while actually, but a persistent sense of incompletion has nagged me ever since I quit a Masters Degree program midstream 30 years ago to lick the wounds of a broken heart.  All of these years I have managed to realize some success through studies that allowed me to work around not having that one piece of paper that says “Yes I do know what I know and I mastered it”. As time went on, the formalized programs which would give me the opportunity to complete that degree stopped speaking to me.  And that’s where I picked up the belief that perhaps the recognition wasn’t important.

Then as I sat in that room with those Doctoral candidates over the weekend, the understanding came.  I am a master already, but not one that formalized academic study would recognize without me jumping through a whole bunch of other hoops and overworking myself to learn things I don’t care about to prove what I already know.  This is not something my deconditioning undefined will center feels like doing.  But still the need for formal recognition exists.  When I attended the Doctoral confirmation ceremony I finally realized that my perspective has been too limited. It’s not that I don’t need the recognition for my mastery, it’s just that the mastery has gone beyond the limits of what I think of as formal recognition.  It’s not that I need to complete a degree… or any degree.  It’s that I need to complete the degree that is reflective of the heights I am achieving.  I need to  be formally celebrated and supported by my people in a way where my gate 48 can’t deny that I’m ready, I know and I’m prepared.

The weekend was filled with recognition like I had never experienced before.  One person even thought that she had ordained me into the ministry last year.  I met people whom I know I was destined to meet.  And I made connections at a deep heart level with people I already know and people I had just met.  And then I remembered the invitation I received over a year ago to become a part of this organization.  At the time, my defined head and ajna rejected it because I am already an ordained minister.   Why would I need another accolade like that?  And now I know that I was not being invited to achieve the accolade but to receive the recognition and support from the right group of people, and to allow myself to be fully acknowledged for the mastery I am attaining.

When I shared with some friends that I am pondering the possibility of getting a Doctorate of Divinity, my left brained finally accepted my need for this type of recognition.  … the right brain was already convinced through the feel of the experience … An advanced degree automatically opens doors that just don’t exist before you get the degree.  For a Projector whose success depends on having doors opened for them, it’s only logical to pursue something that would open those doors.

If you’re waiting on doors to open, it may be that you need to pursue your passions in a way that allow you to receive formal recognition from your people. It may be that you need to achieve new heights, not in what you know, but in how you are recognized for who you are. It could take some time to line this up from the inside… to emerge into your true self and to be seen and invited.  It’s my hope that by sharing this, it won’t take you as long as it took me to accept how important recognition is to your success.

You’re invited to share your experiences with success and formal recognition.  Do you feel you need it in order to succeed?  

June Projector Teleconference

You are Invited to Listen to the Replay

The Human Design Projector topics during this call were varied.  They included…

  • Info about the Bitterness to Joy Program :                                    http://humandesignprojector.com/gravity-landing/bitterness-to-joy/
  • Relationships
  • Clarifying the parameters of invitations
  • Even though I have an open spleen and an open will center I don’t have a problem with lateness or keeping promises.  Why?
  • Conserving energy
  • Resources for learning more about colors / tones / motivation / transference: http://www.bhantugh.com
  • How do I recognize bitterness?

Optional Contribution: Participation in the teleconference is open to all Human Design Projectors free of charge. The opportunity to make a small monetary contribution is available as an option if you would like to exchange this type of energy to express gratitude and enhance the flow of prosperity in your life. Your optional contribution is greatly appreciated and goes help offset the cost of delivering these teleconferences. 


April 2015 Projector Teleconference

So Sorry! There is no recording  😥 

Topics covered during our time together were varied.  We discussed how to approach your chart and the journey to be more of yourself when you’re new to Human Design.  We also explored some of the dynamics of self criticism as they relate to conditioning and the ego center.  One participant wanted to know more about the open head and ajna as they relate to vertigo and eyesight issues.  And we concluded our evening with a discussion about manifesting and business.

My apologies go out to those of you who submitted questions ahead of time in hopes of listening to the recording later.  I am so sorry for the slip up.  Here is a synopsis of each topic.

How to Approach the Chart When You’re New to Human Design:

Question –  I’m new in human design, trying to figurate out and learning how to be myself.. its complex i know.. but knowing you are projectors as well.. could you give me an advice, a clue or a few words to understand this chart situation..what im supposed to?? would like to know Type: Projector Profile: 5 / 1 Definition: Single Definition Inner Authority: None Strategy: Wait for the Invitation Theme: Bitterness Incarnation Cross: Left Angle Cross of Wishes (50/3 | 31/41)

  • Start with following your strategy to wait for invitations and listen to your decision making authority
  • If you have no inner authority, it means that you must discuss your decisions with people close to you until you get clarity.
  • Your profile is the way you learn and interact with your environment.
  • All Projectors have the emotional theme of bitterness.  It is what we feel when we’re pushing too hard and not waiting.
  • When you are following your strategy and listening to your authority your incarnation cross… the story line of your life naturally emerges.  It’s not something that I usually go into in depth with my clients until we have covered the other aspects of your chart.
  • If you go back through some of the older teleconferences you will get some insight into the various parts of the chart.
  • Be gentle with yourself and take your time.  There is so much on the chart but it doesn’t have to be taken in at once
  • You may want to consider getting a reading at some point, but for now start with experimenting with the basics of strategy, authority, self-care and discovering what brings you joy


Question:  I truly need to be recognised and invited, it fills my heart with joy…. I have no doubt whatsoever that this is a core aspect of my being. However, when someone genuinely recognises me, I love it, but then a self-critic voice becomes louder than the joy. I feel very uncomfortable, maybe even not deserving of that. it is like “who am I to feel this sense of power?”… it is very masochistic, i suffer with that…. and wonder if that is more of an emotional wound I have, or this can also be one aspect of been a projector in a world that expects people to be slaves. Have you ever experienced that?! if so, have you found a way to deal with it?

  • This actually fairly common among Projectors.
  • Part of the reason for this could be that many of us carry the pain of not being recognized when we misused our non motorized throats, and that affects our self-esteem.  We also carry conditioning from people who were not ok with us sharing our truth.
  • The person who asked this question has an undefined G center and a defined Ego/Will Center.  The undefined G center is very sensitive and struggles with feeling loved.  The defined Ego / Will center has a fixed sense of self worth.  That sense of self worth can be low if the undefined G has been conditioned to feel unloved.

Health, Vertigo, Eyesight and the Open Head and Ajna:

Question – Are there common health traits and/or symptoms for each of the center’s that indicate concerns that you need to work on? Eg: When I had my major health break down some 4+ years ago it started by putting me into this vertigo dizziness whereby I couldn’t even stand up for about two weeks. My ears have been ringing ever since and my eye sight was greatly affected to the point that I rely on glasses to read and still get drained and tired from reading (esp. on computer or mobile screens with light) all the time in this info world. So, I’m wondering if this is an indication of not-self issues and old conditioning/beliefs still up showing in my open head and anja centre’s ? Can you shed light on this please?

  • The open head and ajna are susceptible to the thought processes of others who have definition there.  Depending on the defined gates you are exposed to your open head and ajna are constantly exposed to and are amplifying logical, mutative or sensing thought processes… sometimes all at the same time if several people with definition are in your conditioning field.  If you’re trying to hold onto these thoughts it could be quite overwhelming.
  • The open head and ajna are definitely related to the eyes and the brain, so if you are recovering from a health collapse, it’s easy to see how they would be affected.
  • Also look at where your body may be depleted from a health breakdown and seek expert advice on how to refortify yourself with nutrients or alternative treatments like homeopathy (as one person shared from her own experience with vertigo)
  • Look at the charts of your family members and others in your conditioning field to get insight into how their definition and mindsets may have influenced yours.
  • Don’t hold onto ideas and thoughts.  Let them pass through.  Don’t give them any power.
  • Louise Hay in “You Can Heal Your Life”  suggests that vertigo has to do with scattered thinking and a refusal to look.  She suggests the following affirmations:  “I am deeply centered and peaceful in life.  It is safe for me to be alive and joyous”
  • From a metaphorical standpoint it may be helpful to consider where you are feeling unbalanced or where is is not safe for you to be alive and joyous

 Marketing and Manifesting:


I still really need clarity about Projectors ability to manifest. Am I right when I say that we have to be fully balanced into our joy (not bitterness) and then focused on what we want and then wait? I have found that manifesting is extremely hard. Maybe its just my design. What else do I need to understand about this?

How do I “inform” people / promote / market my new business without not being recognized and/or acting as a go-getter manifesting generator ?

  • One participant shared about how he is a “lazy entrepreneur”, because he waits and follows his inner promptings.  This was so perfect, because manifesting, in life or business, for the Projector is very much about relaxing and waiting.
  • It’s not so much what you do or how you do it but who you do it with.  The right other people and environment are extremely important for manifesting and for marketing
  • Joy is the key. If the inner prompting comes to do something which brings you joy that doesn’t require an invitation, follow it… even if it’s not directly related to what you want to manifest.
  • Joy and enjoyment energize the Projector’s aura.  Other people can recognize us when we’re saturated in joy.  They come to us… so that we really can be “lazy”, relax and wait to be invited.
  • Presence is very important in marketing… your website, your message, your meaningful connections with flesh and bones people.  So blog regularly when you’re inspired.  Do social media if you really love it.  Engage in networking activities that really light you up.  Not the ones you think you should go to.  People find you when you are deeply engaged in what you enjoy.  Do the marketing things which increase your presence and credibility, but only do the ones you absolutely love.
  • If you can’t find your joy you may be tired and depleted.  When you relax… really relax you replenish yourself and are able to open up to the manifestations you have called forth with your intentions which are waiting for you to receive.

At the end of the teleconference, one participant summed it up nicely by reinforcing the importance of self-care.  Self-care is the Projector’s foundation for aligning with strategy, for high self-esteem, for good health, for manifesting a great life (or rather opening to receive it), and for having a business which serves our people and supports us financially.



How Much Rest Are You Getting?

In the last post we looked at the gate 34 in the transits and how its influence of busyness affects the Human Design Projector.  This week we have an extra boost in the transits which take the 34 theme of busyness to the next level.  The entire 34/20 classic manifesting generator channel will be affecting us all for the next few days!  So if you’re feeling more energetic than normal, thank the 34/20 in the transits.  If you look at the Human Design Chart below you can see the 34/20 going from the sacral center to the throat.

34/20 Manifesting Generator

34/20 Manifesting Generator

The Manifesting Generators who have this energy defined in their charts are typically very busy  people. They have the energy for consistently working through the gate 34, and it runs straight to the throat through the gate 20, enabling their activities to directly manifest into something tangible…. (when they wait to respond)

This is great for a Manifesting Generator who can withstand the drive to continually work, but what does it mean when a Human Design Projector encounters the 34/20 energy in the transits? It means that you may be amplifying one or both of the two gates which make up this channel and feel as though you have the energy to work endlessly.  However!!!!! The Projector doesn’t have the consistent sacral energy to sustain work for long periods of time.  So ultimately it is an opportunity for the Projector to become wise about work by feeling the influence and being wise about how to work with it.

This is an amazing, life on fire, energy boost that we non-sacral beings get to experience.  Personally, my multitasking abilities were on steroids yesterday. But luckily I had nowhere to be this morning, because I slept nearly 10 hours to make up for all the activity.  If you’re enjoying the boost too, consider checking in with yourself regularly to ask yourself “How much rest am I getting?”  Now, more than ever, you can really run yourself ragged.

I’m off to bed now, so that I’m fresh for another rendezvous with the 34/20 tomorrow.



Being Wise About Being Busy

The Gate 34 and What That Means for Human Design Projectors

Have you been  busier than normal lately?  Are you in a cycle of busy … busy … busy … crash?  It’s not unusual for Projectors to have incredible bursts of energy which sets them up for a crash. The undefined sacral center gives us the capacity to amplify the work energy of our Generator friends with the sacral motors.  And because all that work energy doesn’t belong to us, we can’t sustain it.   We push ourselves further than is good for us and then we crash.

If you have been working with your precious Projector energy for a while you are well aware of this dynamic and have probably refined your self-care practices to a fine art.  But there is something in the Human Design transits which can still make you vulnerable to burning out your body by being overly busy.

If you aren’t familiar with what I mean by transits, here are some resources which will fill you in. They came from a conversation that we had on one of our Projector community calls back in September:


gate 34 transit March 31The Gate 34, which is known as the gate of power, is currently transiting Saturn.  It has been for a while and will continue until almost the middle of June.  The gate 34 is one half of the 34/20 channel, which is the classic channel for Manifesting Generators.  The 34/20 is the sacral’s direct energy link to the throat.  If you have ever been around a 34/20 Manifesting Generator you know how much multitasking, step skipping, gotta get it done energy they exude.  The gate 34 is like the direct outlet for the strong sacral motor energy that they embody.  By itself the gate 34 carries the theme of busyness.  So what does it mean when the gate 34 is in the transits?  It means that the theme of being busy is affecting all of us, regardless of energy type.  And when you do not have a sacral motor that desire to be busy can really wear you out.  To understand how it may be affecting you, take a look at your personal Human Design Chart.

Is the gate 34 undefined in your personal chart?  You are likely to experience this transit quite strongly.  Remember that the lack of definition in your chart allows you to take in the influence of that particular energy and amplify it.  So if you have had problems sleeping, or feel an extra push to get things done, it could be the amplified experience of the gate 34 which is creating the pressure.  You may also find that you have extra energy or extra desire to multitask right now.  And if you are around your friends with sacral motors this energy can be particularly intense.  So take great care of yourself during this powerful transit.

Do you have the gate 34 defined in your personal chart?  You may not experience much of a difference in the push to be busy, because you already embody the tendency to be a multitasking person on the go, especially when you are around sacral beings.  The busy … busy … busy … crash cycle may be a part of your daily experience.  And hopefully you have learned the hard way about the importance of resting, discharging energy, and waiting for the right invitations.

There is a great opportunity with this transit to become wise about being busy and being powerful.  The taskmaster influence of Saturn on the gate 34 pushes us toward mastery as we examine if we are using our energy and power in ways that truly serve us.  Projectors are here to become wise about how work can be done in efficient ways which bring order and fulfillment to our lives and the lives of others.  As you journey through your experience of the gate 34 for the next few months, I invite you to consider how its pushy, busy, power inducing influence is affecting your life.  Pay attention to how you are leveraging your energy.  Observe how you experience your own sense of power and whether or not that brings you closer to your life’s innate desires.  Reflect on where you can stop, rest and make space for the openings and invitations to emerge which call forth your wisdom in very powerful ways.



March 2015 Projector Teleconference

You’re Invited to Listen to the Replay!  

The Human Design Projector themes which emerged in this teleconference were about bitterness, business and the G authority.  Many insights arose and those who contributed their questions and comments were wise, inspiring and brilliant as usual!

Recorded: Wednesday, March 25th at 7:00pm Eastern

Donation-Tips 2 Optional Contribution: Participation in the teleconference is open to all Human Design Projectors free of charge. The opportunity to make a small monetary contribution is available as an option if you would like to exchange this type of energy to express gratitude and enhance the flow of prosperity in your life. Your optional contribution is greatly appreciated and goes help offset the cost of delivering these teleconferences. 



How to Know When You’re Being Conditioned

Here is a great video from Zeno (a Human Design Projector) about how to recognize when you’re being conditioned.  She starts by talking about how to recognize conditioning in the heart / will center and makes some suggestions about how to deal with it. Zeno brings up a very valuable question in this video.

“How are you reacting to being conditioned?”

Conditioning is a fact of life.  We are all conditioned, either by others or by the transits, all the time.  Awareness of how you are reacting to being conditioned is a key to successfully dealing with the Projector not-self theme of bitterness.  Mismanaged conditioning is a huge source of pain for all Human Design types.  And for Projectors it can fuel bitterness to the point where it throws you out of balance with your true nature.

In the Bitterness to Joy Program you get to explore how you are reacting to conditioning  in your life (past and present) in order to understand how it is fueling your bitterness.  

Is bitterness keeping you from your joy?

You’re invited to join us for the Bitterness to Joy Program!

Human Design G Authority

On our last Human Design Projector teleconference there were some questions about the G or Self Authority. When you have a G authority the correctness of your decision can be heard powerfully in your voice.  Here is a video from John Martin which explains G authority very clearly.

Starting March 10th!

A program for overcoming Human Design Projector Bitterness…

Transform Bitterness to Embrace Joy

butterfly flower

Do you hate feeling bitter?

Is waiting making your bitterness worse?

Is bitterness keeping you from feeling your joy?

What if you could transform your bitterness so it could guide you to your joy?

Read More

Projector Bitterness Is Not a Curse

barbed wire fenceWhen Human Design Projectors experience the not-self theme of bitterness it’s like a barbed wire fence which hinders the flow of connection and invitations.  Recently a Projector asked me how to get rid of bitterness.  She saw it very clearly in herself and it was eating her up.  As we worked together it became clear that the deep conditioning in her open centers was fueling much of her bitterness.  Because she was newly embarking upon her Human Design experiment much of this conditioning was coming up in technicolor to facilitate her awareness of it.  In time the bitterness will abate, but for now it is her best friend that let’s her know when and how she is out of balance with her true nature.  It’s not a curse or a punishment.  It’s an integral part of the Projector’s guidance system.

The not-self theme is always present.  It’s like the underlying go-to emotion in everyone’s life regardless of your Human Design type.  It doesn’t matter how “good” you get at following your strategy.  It never goes away.  I have observed the natural frustration in Generators, the anger which rises in Manifestors and of course the bitterness which exudes from Projectors, sometimes when they don’t know it themselves.  Regardless of your type, when you’re following your strategy the emotional ground substance embodied in your theme will eventually no longer control you.  It will become a very valuable part of you which lets you know when you’re off track or not taking care of yourself.

As a Projector it’s not always easy to see when bitterness is coming up.  And depending on the baggage of past conditioning that you’re experiencing in the present moment, it’s not always easy to identify or deal with bitterness as it crops up.  Sometimes it consumes you, and unlike the client who knew it was eating her up, it may just be the sea that you swim in without even knowing.  We’re not here to know ourselves.  We’re here to know others.  But the knowing of others can get way out of balance when you have a lot of openness in your chart or unhealed pain from the past.  When you carry your conditioning unconsciously, or when you are weighed down by years of painful baggage, bitterness becomes a poison rather than a truth serum.

Do you feel like bitterness is a curse?  Does it overwhelm or elude you?  You’re invited to join us for a four part course especially for Human Design Projectors:

“Transform Bitterness to Embrace Joy”

butterfly flower