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Did You Miss Out on the Human Design Projector Teleconference?

Woman Listening to Music With HeadphonesWe had a great turn out for the first ever Projector Teleconference where we did a little energy clearing, some guided meditation and talked about Projector experiences.  It was so well received that we will have another one toward the end of September… details TBA…

In the meantime if you missed out on attending live, you can still catch the replay here:


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Projector Teleconference – August 2014

All Human Design Projectors are Invited!

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August 20th – 7:00 p.m. Eastern


Why I’m Shaking in My Boots

For the past few weeks I’ve been working one-on-one with a lot of Human Design Projectors and the nudge I’ve been getting for a while now has finally become strong enough that I’m ready to offer this invitation to the Human Design Projector community.    This is a total experiment which I hope will serve you in the ways you have expressed that you want and need to be served.  And to be quite honest, I’m kind of shaking in my boots about it … for two reasons.

  1.  This teleconference is going to be different from the other programs which are offered here.  Instead of focusing on how to survive as a Projector or doing the deeper work of introspection and personal growth, this meeting will be about connecting with others and just being.  It’s about relaxing into being you and getting in touch with your personal energy flow.  So not only will we talk a little about Human Design and Projector issues, but I will also work with you through guided meditation and distance energy work.  It requires me to come out of the closet and offer some my other skills to you. So I’m feeling kind of vulnerable… deep breath…
  2. The second reason I’m shaking in my boots is that the pricing structure is … well… optional.  I’ve never offered a program where you can either come for free or pay if you want.  But after talking to many of you my heart was moved to make this teleconference (and hopefully many others) financially accessible to everyone.  And after much introspection, contemplation and prayer about it I was nudged to offer the option for you to exchange energy, if you so choose, through a small monetary contribution.  My heart sings with the freedom I feel from doing it this way.  Yet my head still tries to control the process by periodically asking me if I’ve lost my mind by departing from the traditional way business is done.

Any who… You’re invited to join this teleconference to connect with others and yourself.  And if you like it and find it valuable we will continue to have them.  I hope you join me in this experiment.  It’s exciting to offer it to you.

More Details Here