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Living Your Design With Andrea Abay-Abay

In December, Andrea Abay-Abay , a 3/5 Emotional Projector who is affiliated with the International Human Design School (IHDS), will be teaching an online version of the “Living Your Design” course.  Living Your Design (LYD) is an introductory course which empowers you to live according to your true nature.

If you are ready to discover the awarenesses which awaken you to your Projector nature, this course will assist you in the transformational process of becoming truly you.  In addition, you will get the opportunity to look at the charts of those closest to you.  By seeing yourself and others with different eyes you can come into your relationships with a new and transformative perspective.

The Living Your Design (LYD) courses are certified by the IHDS, International Human Design School.  This the first course in their curriculum of learning Human Design.

More information about this course can be found at www.humandesignlife.com