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Why Play Is Important for Human Design Projectors

sleep-330869_640For the past few weeks on my  Coaching With Sandy blog and on my Facebook page, the talk has been about play.  This is such an important topic for Human Design Projectors.  Did you know that play is like the lifeblood in our veins?  If it were the air we breathed we would all be functioning at our best and living those “royal” lives that we’re here to live.  Let’s get honest.  For all the conditioning that our open sacrals have sustained throughout the years… not to mention the other open centers which cause us to work hard to please others, prove our worth, make our point, or any other number of things … if it were just us Projectors in a room together we would probably all admit that deep down inside we’ve known all along that we were not put on this earth to work hard.  And if we were together long enough we would eventually abolish work as it’s known today and discover a way to make play a primary means of financial support.  Ok stand up and cheer now if you’re ready to play for a living!

I don’t mean to preach to the choir here, because I know that so many of you are already comfortable with the concept of play.  Some of you are even playing for a living.  Woo Hoo!  Big Cheers!  But for the rest of you who may still be struggling with making the shift into the almost insufferable strategy to wait (usually for long periods of time) for a big life-changing invitation, playing more and working less could actually be your saving grace.  Play rejuvenates the spirit, gives the mind a rest and opens up opportunities for deeper social connections.  It’s so essential to the well being of everyone, but for Projectors it holds a special role.  Play makes the waiting way more enjoyable and facilitates your own self discovery.  In other words, when you play you discover more about what you love.  You will be naturally inspired to go deeply into those loves and passions … ’cause that’s just how we roll… And when you go deeply into what you love you’re getting yourself ready for fabulous invitations and recognition.   Play also puts you in tune with the synchronicities which arise from your inner rhythm.  And it’s the synchronicities which put you in the right place at the right time to meet your people who are looking for you… your people who recognize you, adore you, and support you in countless ways.  So playing isn’t just something that a Projector does to kill time while waiting for an invitation.  It’s what gets you in touch with your true nature.

Woman Walking on Treadmill --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

It can be a challenge, when you’ve been on the Generator treadmill for a while, to make the shift into making play a priority.  Invite yourself to try it everyday… a little at a time… Consciously make room for it.  Give yourself permission.  When you give yourself permission to play you give yourself permission to be you!

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