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A Projector’s Lesson About Prosperity

Wait… Watch … Enjoy the energy … Not everyone is here for you … Stay open … You’ll see…

This is the inner guidance I got when I participated as a provider at a community psychic faire.  I was invited to become part of a local metaphysical community a while back to offer my Human Design and Life Coaching services.  And while I know that my presence holds a valuable space within the community, the money for my work has yet to be steady.  So for now I am planting the seeds of Human Design and practicing my Projector strategy of waiting.

At events like this psychic faire I tend to feel rudderless.  Unless one of the Manifestors in the group introduces me or promotes me I don’t seem to get seen or recognized all that much. I’ve come to accept it because my observations have shown me that I’m only there for certain people… and when we find each other it’s like magic.  There is a recognition, a knowing and that person sticks with me, follows me and grows with me over time. And eventually this causes my business to reach a critical mass where word of mouth kicks in and the income becomes automatic.  It’s a slow trajectory which builds a solid and sustainable foundation.  Now that I know about my strategy I don’t stress too much about the process.

So at this particular psychic faire I was aware of my rudderlessness and intentionally set out to feel good and enjoy myself while waiting.  I didn’t make much money.  In fact I only saw 3 people the first day and none the second day.  To say that my income was spotty is an understatement.  In the past I would have tried to push my way into people’s lives to prove to them that they “need” Human Design.  But that’s not what it’s all about for me these days.  So  since I was really enjoying connecting with the other providers and basking in the energy I relaxed and consciously practiced waiting and watching. What transpired showed me how much I am supported in ways that are so much deeper and meaningful than just money.

The atmosphere was light and joyful.  I started out hopeful that my days would be filled with clients.  I was open and ready to change the world by turning people on to their Human Design strategy… showing them who they really are etc etc etc blah blah blah…..

As I mentioned, I got three clients the whole weekend!  Now in earlier days I would have felt like a failure and the whole weekend would have been seen as a disaster.  I might have even gotten indignant and declared that these things are a waste of time… or I would have strong-armed my way into trying to make more money.  In the end I most likely would have gone home bitter and discouraged… and this would have flung me into days or even months of self-doubt and insecurity.  But this time it was different.  I just stayed open to being my Projector self.

The experience became part of my experiment.  And what I was shown was how prosperity really comes to me when I align with myself and let “what is” be.

necklaceOn the second day one of the other providers came to me with a gift.  She had no explanation for why she was giving me her precious ruby and black pearl pendant … except that the hairs were standing up on her arms and she knew I must have it.  I was touched in the moment .. moved to tears by her generosity.

As I sat in the reading room the rest of the day, watching clients come in and out to see all the other practitioners but me, I wore that pendant with a smile on my face and in my heart.  I sat there waiting and listening to my guidance to stay open and be present.  In my rudderlessness I floated through conversations with some of the other providers and some of the customers and potential clients.   There was a knowing and acceptance that my people were not in that room that day.   

As much as I was ok with it I was still curious as to why the weekend unfolded the way it did.  At the end of the day I went out front to say goodbye and there in the room were some of my clients!  They all greeting me with love.  The magic between us was palpable.  And I was told by each of them how much they appreciate me and how they were planning to get a full session with me rather than the short ones which were offered at the psychic faire.  I also discovered that others were interested in getting longer sessions with me during the week as well. So that was confirmation that the money is coming… in bigger ways than I expected.  That was really cool… but there’s more …

I still wondered about that gift … that beautiful pendant which was given to me by a dear soul who was following her guidance without even knowing why she needed to give it to me or why I needed to receive it.  Later that evening it hit me.  That pendant was indeed a direct gift from the universe… the unseen forces who embrace and support me with their unconditional love. The message went straight to my heart.  … and I was so crystal clear that I teared up all over again at how profoundly rich I truly am.  If I had made just the money, I would have allocated some for my business, some for my household and a little tiny bit would have been mine to spend on me.  This gift was 100% totally mine, and it was given to me in a way that I couldn’t split up, share or divvy up to anyone else.  At that moment I realized my preciousness.  I understood how well supported I am.  And I was reminded that just because “I am”, I am graced and adorned with all that I truly need to be me… That is enough.  I am enough. And I prosper in all kinds of ways.

Several More Reasons Why it’s Hard for Human Design Projectors to Wait


Last week I shared a video about “Why it is So Hard to Wait”.  Of all the things that Human Design Projectors are designed to do, waiting is often the most challenging. There are probably several reasons for that which I didn’t discuss in the video and would like to share with you here.  When you understand what may be hindering your waiting process you might find it easier to settle in to trusting that your strategy could actually work for you.

  1. The right big invitations don’t come along that often.  It’s kind of a no-brainer when you think about it.  You only need one big career change, for example, that is so utterly delicious and engaging that it keeps you enraptured for a long time.  Same holds true for relationships.  Some of us are designed to have variety in our lives… even in relationships.  But for the majority, it only takes one utterly delicious partner to keep us enraptured for many years.  So just the right invitation which offers just the right support or growth opportunity is not necessarily something that needs to come along everyday.  Yet the waiting creates an opening.  And the longer you wait the more you may be tempted to fill that opening.
  2. It takes time to align with your authenticity.  If you’re under 25 and have been raised by someone who is intimately familiar with your Human Design this won’t apply to you.  If you’re older than 30, however, you probably lived a lot of life before you even discovered that there was such a thing as a Human Design Strategy.   Because Projectors are here to know the other, we often don’t know ourselves as well.  So most likely when you found out about your design type and started following your strategy you had a lot of relationships and habits in place which were not a true reflection of you.  It takes time to discover the true you.  And it often takes a lot of changing to turn around the momentum of a life which does not fully support you.  When you let go of those unsupportive relationships and habits, initially you experience gaps and holes which could compel you to fill them up with something… anything… which may not be the right fit for who you really are.
  3. Conditioning in the open centers make you want to take action rather than wait.  Of all the design types, Projectors are often the most susceptible to conditioning.  Our energy fields can be like sponges as we take in and sample other people’s energy.  So here’s how it shows up in your life.  The open sacral center compels you to work and do when you’re around sacral beings.  That is the thing we all have in common.  Then depending on your other open centers, you may feel the desire to take actions to be heard, make others happy or prove your worth to name a few.

Waiting isn’t easy with all these forces and dynamics at play.  If your journey to your true Projector self started with lots of gaps because you let go of a bunch of things that were no longer serving you, remember it’s so important to be mindful of how you’re filling the space.  Is there bitterness in your space, despair, insecurity?  If so, try replacing these heavier energies with hope, healing, and love.  When you clean up your waiting space you will probably be pleasantly surprised at what comes in!

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Why It’s Hard for Human Design Projectors to Wait

As Projectors who have the Human Design strategy to wait for invitations, the wait time is often unnerving and anxiety producing to say the least.  I thought I had become pretty good at waiting until I decided to really pull back and wait for the next thing to come through my business.  What I learned helped me to understand why it’s hard to wait and why it is also very very important to wait with clarity and trust.

This video was made for anyone who is struggling with waiting for someone.  But for Projectors who often have to wait for so long for a big invitation or even for recognition, the message about what you do while you wait could give you something fruitful to consider.

Projectors are Like Transducers

auraOver in the Projector Survival Study Group we’re talking about health and work.  It’s no surprise to any Human Design Projector that running out of money is a common theme among those Projectors who are making the shift from living as their not-self to following their strategy and authority.  In this module of Kyle Curry’s course, “The Projector’s Survival Guide”, Kyle mentions many times the essentials of honoring your strategy and authority as the key to attracting the right invitations which preserves your health.  I’ve listened to this course many times, but this time, as I go through it with this wonderful group of insightful and inquisitive Projectors I got a deeper insight on what this means.

It’s so easy to get distracted by the stuff (like running out of money) that’s happening on the outside… ’cause bills coming due and physical pain have a way of doing that. But Kyle said, and I agree, the work is on the inside. When your inner environment changes, stuff on the outside starts to match it. We’re like little transducers who walk around transforming our world… at least that’s how I experience it.  Projectors have the undefined sacral center and often have a lot of other open energy centers.  We’re made to take in energy, amplify it, and when it comes through the sacral center, we can use it to create all kinds of great things as long as we’re wise about how we’re using it.  Open energy centers transform energy into something bigger than it was before.  When we Projectors are following strategy and authority we enter into the process of becoming aware of how to best use the energies we’re taking in, and by honoring ourselves in this way, it’s like the energy gets modulated into a different frequency.  The degree that we honor ourselves determines the type of frequency we put out there.  The honoring part is what allows us to emit the frequency of what we desire that’s right for us so the right people feel it, recognize us and invite us into work that is so right for us.

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