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An Amazing Human Design Projector Empowerment Group

Colorful-Lines-and-Dots-Vector-BackgroundOn July 2nd we finished the first round of the new 90 day Projector Empowerment Group format, and boy was it powerful!

If you have been with us for a while you know that the Projector Empowerment Group started about a year ago as a monthly membership program.  By the Spring of this year the regular members were ready for something more.  They had become well versed and well practiced on following their strategy and listening to their authority.  Some of them had gone through the Projector Survival Study Program and they wanted to experiment with how to apply the information in the Projector’s Survival Guide to transform their lives.  We worked with the concept of cultivating life-balance and awareness from the inside – out.  It was so inspiring to watch the participants blossom.  Those who really focused on their inner awareness made huge positive changes in their lives.  They got intimate with how to make great decisions and what it really feels like to be recognized and invited.  They let go of pre-conceived limiting ideas about themselves.  They healed bitterness.  They surrendered to the trust that is so necessary for living as a fully empowered Projector.

Here are a couple of comments (edited for privacy) that the participants shared in the private 90 Day Projector Empowerment Facebook group:

 “Having breakthrough!! … Transforming and trusting in being true to my projector self!”P

“Because of the information Sandy gave me on our call, I have been able to give separation between me and the voices/feelings that run around inside me. … Now I can differentiate  “me” “not me”. I am so grateful.” – RRG

It just goes to show that what you do while you wait for recognition and invitations makes a huge difference!  Waiting is hard, especially for Projectors, but support can not only make the waiting easier but it will also make it productive.  

Speaking of waiting… The Projector Empowerment Program is on a little break while more Projectors get ready to join.  If you’re interested just go over to the Projector Empowerment webpage and enter your name and email into the sign up box.  DON’T PANIC you’re not committing to anything yet.  When enough people have signed up I will contact you for an interview to make sure you’re ready for the deeper work that’s required to succeed in this group.  In the meantime, here are some ways to begin to prepare:

  1. Get into the Projector Survival Study Program or study the Projector’s Survival Guide on your own (contact me to see how you can get a copy)
  2. Get a Human Design Reading and perhaps coaching sessions from me or another practitioner
  3. *****Start practicing your strategy and listening to your authority*****

Most of all do number 3 and discover how your life starts to transform even before you play more deeply in your own self discovery.

Projector Authority Health and More

Over in the Projector’s Survival Study Group we have discussed the first two modules of Kyle Curry’s course “The Projector’s Survival Guide”.  The main questions that many of the participants are answering for themselves is how to know when their authority speaks.  Projectors will either have a splenic, self, emotional or no authority and each one speaks in a different way to guide you to knowing if an invitation is correct for you.  We spent much of our last meeting discussing and getting clear about each person’s authority and this showed me that decision making authority for Human Design Projectors is a pivotal piece of the puzzle for how we are to work, live and maintain our health.

People with the splenic authority seemed to grapple the most with getting in touch with knowing when the spleen speaks.  Even though the spleen gives a full body response when a decision is correct or not it is subtle at first.  One participant realized during our last meeting that she had probably overlooked her splenic response a lot.  This awareness put her on the path to connecting more with her inner wisdom so she no longer unknowingly holds herself back from the opportunities which are really right and satisfying for her.

Are you holding yourself back by being unclear about your decision making authority? Are you confused about how you can manage your work life, health or relationships as a Human Design Projector?

A new Projector’s Survival Study Group is starting soon!

Projectors are Like Transducers

auraOver in the Projector Survival Study Group we’re talking about health and work.  It’s no surprise to any Human Design Projector that running out of money is a common theme among those Projectors who are making the shift from living as their not-self to following their strategy and authority.  In this module of Kyle Curry’s course, “The Projector’s Survival Guide”, Kyle mentions many times the essentials of honoring your strategy and authority as the key to attracting the right invitations which preserves your health.  I’ve listened to this course many times, but this time, as I go through it with this wonderful group of insightful and inquisitive Projectors I got a deeper insight on what this means.

It’s so easy to get distracted by the stuff (like running out of money) that’s happening on the outside… ’cause bills coming due and physical pain have a way of doing that. But Kyle said, and I agree, the work is on the inside. When your inner environment changes, stuff on the outside starts to match it. We’re like little transducers who walk around transforming our world… at least that’s how I experience it.  Projectors have the undefined sacral center and often have a lot of other open energy centers.  We’re made to take in energy, amplify it, and when it comes through the sacral center, we can use it to create all kinds of great things as long as we’re wise about how we’re using it.  Open energy centers transform energy into something bigger than it was before.  When we Projectors are following strategy and authority we enter into the process of becoming aware of how to best use the energies we’re taking in, and by honoring ourselves in this way, it’s like the energy gets modulated into a different frequency.  The degree that we honor ourselves determines the type of frequency we put out there.  The honoring part is what allows us to emit the frequency of what we desire that’s right for us so the right people feel it, recognize us and invite us into work that is so right for us.

Want to get in on the next Projector Survival Study Group? Go Here

Projector’s Survival Study Group

Human Design Projectors – The Projector’s Survival Study Group is starting in January. This is an affordable way to move beyond survival to thriving as your true Projector self.  Watch the video and see if this is right for you.  Read more information here.