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Several More Reasons Why it’s Hard for Human Design Projectors to Wait


Last week I shared a video about “Why it is So Hard to Wait”.  Of all the things that Human Design Projectors are designed to do, waiting is often the most challenging. There are probably several reasons for that which I didn’t discuss in the video and would like to share with you here.  When you understand what may be hindering your waiting process you might find it easier to settle in to trusting that your strategy could actually work for you.

  1. The right big invitations don’t come along that often.  It’s kind of a no-brainer when you think about it.  You only need one big career change, for example, that is so utterly delicious and engaging that it keeps you enraptured for a long time.  Same holds true for relationships.  Some of us are designed to have variety in our lives… even in relationships.  But for the majority, it only takes one utterly delicious partner to keep us enraptured for many years.  So just the right invitation which offers just the right support or growth opportunity is not necessarily something that needs to come along everyday.  Yet the waiting creates an opening.  And the longer you wait the more you may be tempted to fill that opening.
  2. It takes time to align with your authenticity.  If you’re under 25 and have been raised by someone who is intimately familiar with your Human Design this won’t apply to you.  If you’re older than 30, however, you probably lived a lot of life before you even discovered that there was such a thing as a Human Design Strategy.   Because Projectors are here to know the other, we often don’t know ourselves as well.  So most likely when you found out about your design type and started following your strategy you had a lot of relationships and habits in place which were not a true reflection of you.  It takes time to discover the true you.  And it often takes a lot of changing to turn around the momentum of a life which does not fully support you.  When you let go of those unsupportive relationships and habits, initially you experience gaps and holes which could compel you to fill them up with something… anything… which may not be the right fit for who you really are.
  3. Conditioning in the open centers make you want to take action rather than wait.  Of all the design types, Projectors are often the most susceptible to conditioning.  Our energy fields can be like sponges as we take in and sample other people’s energy.  So here’s how it shows up in your life.  The open sacral center compels you to work and do when you’re around sacral beings.  That is the thing we all have in common.  Then depending on your other open centers, you may feel the desire to take actions to be heard, make others happy or prove your worth to name a few.

Waiting isn’t easy with all these forces and dynamics at play.  If your journey to your true Projector self started with lots of gaps because you let go of a bunch of things that were no longer serving you, remember it’s so important to be mindful of how you’re filling the space.  Is there bitterness in your space, despair, insecurity?  If so, try replacing these heavier energies with hope, healing, and love.  When you clean up your waiting space you will probably be pleasantly surprised at what comes in!

Having trouble waiting?  Consider a private session with Sandy Freschi