The Projector’s Path to Success Webinar

successThis webinar is about how Projectors can create unbelievable success in their lives by knowing how to wait for invitations. I have had some insights about this that I want to share with you.

When I put these insights into practice, an invitation to participate in a high profile metaphysical conference just fell into my lap.  It’s something I had been waiting for for a while, and when I did just a couple of simple things, the people who could facilitate that invitation recognized me and brought the right person to me who could invite me to this “invitation only” event!Like so many Projectors, I had been unclear for a while about when to take action and when to wait.  Then I realized that there are certain actions that can and MUST be taken at different phases of the journey toward the success of a big invitation.  I realized that success is not only the ultimate reward for a Projector, but that there are different successes which must be experienced in each phase of the journey toward a big invitation in order to be moved toward greater fulfillment and recognition. Each built upon the other and propelled me more deeply into a place of authenticity and inner power.

If you are discouraged or confused about following your strategy to wait for invitations it could be that you’re not clear about how to wait or how and when to act to bring about the success at each phase of your journey.   You may not even be aware of where you are along your journey to success. There are some actions you can take in certain phases of your journey which take you further down the road to success without violating your strategy of waiting.  There are some actions which are ESSENTIAL to take to make sure you get to the next phase of your journey.

This is where a lot of Projectors get stalled.  Either they’re out there trying to “make things happen”  like Manifestors, working like crazy at things that aren’t right for them like out-of-balance Generators, or they’re just plain paralyzed from the information that they must wait.

  • Take yourself out of paralysis and more deeply into the nuances of your strategy.
  • Know where you are in your Projector Empowerment Process
  • Learn what successes you need to experience at each phase of your process
  • Discover what you must do or not do to get the type of recognition and invitations which are right for you!

You are invited to the replay of this special class which was presented to the Projector Empowerment Mentoring Group in Oct 2013.   “The Projector’s Path to Success”  If you find yourself wondering what to do while you’re waiting for an invitation or getting fed up because you haven’t seen the success you want, you will really benefit from this call.

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