Work Like a Projector

Excerpts from the August 21, 2013 Projector Empowerment Meeting

As a Human Design Projector you have probably found that your strategy is challenging to implement in the area of your work and career. Most Projectors who have been raised to believe that they are Generators are at a loss when they find out that their strategy is to wait to be invited into big things like career.

You are not designed to work like other people, and if you have done the 9-5 Forty Hours a week grind for a decade or two you’re probably convinced by now that it’s not right for you. But what do you do instead? ……

…Take a look at how differently the sacrals and non-sacrals are when it comes to work. When you look at the sacral side of the chart, make note of the statements which either resonate with you or which reflect something you learned at an early age. These are the areas where you have been conditioned to work like a Generator rather than a Projector….


Handout: Work Like a Projector & Leave the Guilt Behind